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Warning: Wincest! Sam/Dean. Bobby/John. Angel Love. Some language, graphic imagery. Sexual Content.

Look, even the Wincest free chapters are good, and if you skip them to get to smutty ones, you will be missing a lot of important parts and when you get to the Wincest chapters, you will just end up confused and lost. So please take the time to read the unWincest chapters or nothing will make sense, or skip the whole thing all together. I want you to read it but if you are only reading it to read the Wincest and nothing else, then I am not the author you should be reading.

Okay, people, there will be Wincest but the first 15 chapters won't have it since I hadn't thought to add it until Chapter 16. So, not teasing. NO WINCEST UNTIL CHAPTER 16, until then, it is a story about the boys being reunited with their father who is now an angel.

Yes, John is the main character. The story isn't 'Our Sons The Angels', it's 'Our Father the Angel' and yes, he will have a sex life, a really graphic one if I have my way. So, that being said, he is lovers with Bobby and there will be major sex scenes between our two favorite older Hunters, some may make you blush and run in horror at how detailed I get.

So, now that I have explained those parts, let's get down to brass tacks:

One, John will be having lots and lots of sex with Bobby so if this is too awkward for you and you think John should be a monk, you are reading the wrong story. Yes, he is an older man and I believe he should have lots of sex, too. Bobby, too! Just because you're old, doesn't mean you can't get an erection and fuck something!

Two, the story started out as a Wincest free story, and I didn't add it until Chapter 16, shoot me! I didn't see the story going that direction until then. It wrote itself in by then but not before. So I'm not teasing, it's just not added until later. It's eventual Wincest not immediate!

Three, don't skip chapter for lack of Wincest because I include major plot points in them that carry over and through the story, so it will make no sense if you skip the important bits.

Four, please read if you like Bobby and John Love, don't mind not reading Wincest until Chapter 16 (the story is the thing, not the Wincest, you should be reading it for the storyline and if you're only in it to read Wincest, then you need to know I always work up to Wincest after working on the plot. Sex needs plot, is my motto. In context, so to speak,) and you don't mind taking your time getting familiar with characters, then I'm your author.

If you don't like Wincest, don't read! I get graphic with most of my Wincest and I don't want to offend you. Also Bobby does have sex with the Winchesters in this, so also don't read if that bothers you.

Plot: The boys are on a hunt and meet a familiar being. Who knew they'd make him an angel? I sure didn't.


Sam and Dean picked their way through the dilapidated house. It looked like if they so much as sneezed the rafters would collapse in on themselves. Sam again questioned his brother's sanity. 'There's a ghost, people think that their friends disappeared here. Not sure, they can't remember much after entering the house.' Sam reflected on how the hunt was described by Mr. Awesome himself.

"It could be possession, Dean." Sam huffed, dust tickling his nose and fighting a sneeze, "We need to do more research, we are so not prepared."

"Relax, Sammy, " Dean grinned, excited at a hunt after surviving his friend Cas turning into the new god and the old God showing up and taking him away, after sending the souls back of course. Demons took a hiatus after that and finally after months of nothing, they had a possible hunt. He had to agree that he might have used a little more research in this case. It was turning into more of nothing.

"This is our third trip here and no sign of demonic activity or emf signals. This is a bust." Sam insisted, watching the ceiling as some dust shook loose and landed on his head. He brushed as much out of his hair as he could.

"I guess you're right. Let's go back and get a hold of Bobby. Maybe he has something that could help." Dean accepted with bad grace and they headed out the door. Before they could get there the ceiling began to creak and boards began to fall. It blocked their way and the boys resigned themselves to climbing out through the hole in the roof.

About that time, a red haired man kicked in the door and scowled at them. The boys scowled back and then smiled. "Bobby, we were just going to call you." Dean said, happy to see him. Bobby just shook his head at the sight of them, dusty and embarrassed.

"Kinda figured. You idjits did not do nearly enough research or you would have known that I exorcised this house a year ago." Bobby said and headed back out to his car, mumbling 'idjits' under his breath.

He turned to face the boys and said, "Follow me, boys, I got something I need to show you."

The boys looked surprised at this but shrugged. They got in the car and proceeded to follow Bobby back to their motel. Bobby followed them into their room, smirking like he knew something they didn't and they did not like that one bit.

"Okay, Bobby, what do you need to show us?" Sam asked, frustrated that they had messed up the only hunt they had done in weeks.

"Boys, have a seat." They looked at him, puzzled. He waited until they had sat down and motioned behind him. He looked up and muttered, "Come on, idjit, I got them here, now show."

There was a light so bright they had to shield their eyes and a high pitched whistle that shattered the windows and TV screen. They groaned inwardly, more angels, just what they needed. They moved their arms from their eyes and gasped in surprise.

There stood John Winchester in dark blue jean, gray t-shirt and a blue jean jacket. They gasped and went for the holy water and silver. Bobby stopped them short and told them to stand down. "I done checked, believe me, it's him, sorta."

The boys were weary of the 'sorta' in that sentence. John sighed and closed his eyes. His form seemed to shimmer and the boys nearly passed out in shock.

Their father gave off a silvery glow, ephemeral, and there were wings flowing out of his shoulders, the feathers were white with silver tips, they gave off their own glow as well.

"Dad?" Sam asked and they both stared in disbelief. Not only was their dad back but he was an angel, too. Wow. They ran to their dad and hugged him hard, tears shimmering in their eyes. He smiled back at each of them and smiled, "I missed you, too. I will explain everything, I promise."

"How?" Dean stammered and still had trouble believing his eyes, Sam looked like he had been slammed between the eyes, really hard.

"When I helped killed the yellow eyed demon, I was taken to heaven. I was informed I was to be a new archangel in training, and eventually would be a true warrior of God like the others. I would get to see you boys again. I jumped at it." John informed them, so glad to be able to talk with his boys after watching them suffer through so much. "When Cas went rogue, I was called to God's throne room and given my archangel wings and given an assignment. Well, two of them." He smiled fondly at his sons, so happy to be with them again.

"What assignment?" They dared not think of what that assignment was or what the implications of that decision were.

"You boys." John said proudly, still smiling widely. "I am your own personal helper angel. I have been charged with helping you fight Heaven's battle, at least the part that is here on Earth. "

"Battle, here?" Dean gasped, great more heaven's battles, just what they needed. If it weren't one thing or another.

"Why us? Why again?" Sam sighed sadly, "I am still dealing with my hell memories, and we just averted an apocalypse…again. Why do we have this job? Can't someone else do this?" The boys were worn out and tired of this apocalypse already. Someone else could do it this time.

"We're Winchesters, it's what we are meant to do." John wished it were not so, but he could not lie, angels couldn't lie. "We are of the Nephilum line. Our line descends from the mating of angels and human women, that was forbidden and we are cursed because of that fact. So now we are doomed to finish what our angel ancestors failed to do, protect the Earth."

"It's not fair!" Dean said furiously, "We lose everything and everyone we love or care for. No one can get close to us without dying, with a few exceptions," He nodded at Bobby, "and now we are meant to Heaven's flunkies for the rest of our lives!"

"Yes." John nodded, wishing he could lie just this once but he had been given a sacred duty by God himself and he would do it, no matter how much he wished he did not have to.

"And then what? We go to hell or our own heaven? Oh, wait, we just keep getting sent to hell, is that it? "Dean shouted angrily, he couldn't help, he was tired of being Heaven butt monkey!

"No, if you fulfill your duty, with my help and connection to Heaven, You will assume your place in Heaven." John informed them solemnly, and finished, "as new archangels. That will be your reward."

"Both of us?" Sam could not believe he would be included. He was tainted and he was coming apart at the seams as it was.

"Yes, both of you." John smiled sadly again wishing his sons could be spared this but since they couldn't, he would be there for them every step of the way from now on. He had missed out on so much of their lives and couldn't help when they needed it most. It broke his heart to think of their pain at the moment.

"I have a gift for you Sam." He approached his youngest son and smiled softly. Sam was afraid, was he being smited? Dean tensed for attack if the angel tried it, Dad or no Dad. John mere laid hands on Sam's head, a bright glow emitted under their touch. Sam gasped in pain and passed out, Dean rammed into his father and fell flat on his butt as he bounced off of him.

" What did you do? If you hurt Sam, I will make you pay!" He screamed at him, fury at losing his brother overwhelming his common sense. He ran to his brother and cradled his head in his arms. "Sam? Can you hear me? Sam, please open your eyes, please?" He begged his brother, who lay limply in his arms. He was overjoyed when Sam's eyes popped open and Sam smiled.

"They're gone." He sighed happily. Dean just looked down at his brother in confusion. He helped Sam sit up and then jumped back as Sam stood suddenly and embraced his angel father, crying.

Dean and Bobby just looked at each other in confusion and proceeded to watch Sam cry on his father's shoulder, like he had needed to so many times when they were kids. It made Bobby feel warm inside to see it. Maybe the Winchesters would catch a break after all. Maybe their luck wasn't all bad.

Sam sat down on the bed again and Dean went to sit by him, nudging his shoulder, showing his support. Sam's eyes were red from crying but he looked happy and relieved.

"What's gone?" Dean asked, worried.

"The hell memories and the pain. I can remember what I did without my soul of course. But I can't remember Hell anymore, I feel like it's not there anymore." Sam smiled, glad not to feel the pain and torment of those memories eating at his sanity anymore. He still had a lot to make up for but he could live with that if Dean could.

"Another wall? Really? That is so not the answer." Dean glared at their father again, "He scratches, a lot! Remember when he had chicken pox and we had to tape oven mitts to his hands? It's worse than that! He can't resist scratching the wall, it will just come down again." He growled, angry they had to go through that again.

"No wall no barricaded memories." John said, happy he could help his son, who had suffered so much, who had felt so different, who had believed himself so unworthy of good things just because some demon tried to make him that way. Sam was none of those things, he was good, he was noble, he was the most honest and true soul John had ever seen, he was his son, he loved him.

"So they are really gone? As in gone, gone, 'removed for all time' gone?" Dean asked and Sam waited for the answer too.

"Yes, gone. You were never meant to go to hell at all, either of you. The demons orchestrated that part, you were meant to go up to heaven." John reassured them and smiled as the truth sunk in. "Unfortunately that also removed any demon blood or taint from your entire being, that is why it hurt so much."

"So I'm straight human now?" Sam asked, happy beyond measure to be free of that horrible demon curse forever. He felt lighter and normal again.

"Yes, your soul has been healed, cleansed, and purified." John smiled, he felt like he would never stop smiling ever again. "You are human again."

Sam began to cry softly again and his brother hugged him close, glad to have his brother back to the way he was meant to be, whole and complete. Bobby mumbled something about 'chick flick moment' and 'idjit Winchesters' as he wiped moisture from his eyes.

He then continued with his gifts, he had been given to pass on to the boys. He held out long boxes of carved Alabaster stone smoothed to perfect smoothness. The Boys opened them and saw the long swords within them and gasped. The blades glowed with a heavenly light and the handles were of obsidian, hardened and shined with shiny sheer black fabric that was soft to the touch wrapped around it to give them better grip. They were the most beautiful weapons they had ever seen. It was almost a shame to have to use them. They noticed small writing on them and asked what it said.

"See for yourselves." John said and touched their heads gently, a light glow flowing out of him and into them. The glow filled them with such warmth and peace, and love like they had never felt before and then just as suddenly as it filled them up and then it subsided and returned back into John once more. They looked up questioningly.

"Another gift from him. Only the person who is named on the weapon can wield it, no one else. They can kill anything in Heaven, in Hell, and on Earth itself. They are unbreakable and sealed with God's own Grace. The inscriptions were carved by him personally. I do not know what they say, he told me not to try to read them. Just give them to you and give you the gifts. The light you just absorbed was a piece of God's own Grace, it allows you to know all that the Angels now, to understand them when they speak, and to be able to see their true forms without being destroyed. It also lets you know all the sigils and all the knowledge of Heaven, as you will need it later. You will find it is all there in your heads and written in your souls. All you have to do is look for it." He smiled widely at them. God had blessed these boys more than he had ever blessed any other mortals. They were meant for great things. He'd always known that anyway. It was nice to see someone else recognizing that fact too.

John felt moisture on his cheeks and put a hand to his face. Apparently angels could cry, it was nice to know.

The boys hugged Bobby, who struggled a little but was glad to hug them back. The boys needed this, they had been through so much in the past year or so. They deserved some happiness, even if it didn't last too long, even if it was just this one moment in time, they got their happy moment and Bobby sent a silent prayer of 'thank you' to God for this.

John let them calm down. Their next hunt would be hard and they had a hard road ahead but with his help, his boys would make it through. That was what he was here for after all.

He was here for his boys.