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Warning: Wincest! Sam/Dean. Bobby/John. Angel Love. Some language, graphic imagery. Sexual Content.

Look, even the Wincest free chapters are good, and if you skip them to get to smutty ones, you will be missing a lot of important parts and when you get to the Wincest chapters, you will just end up confused and lost. So please take the time to read the unWincest chapters or nothing will make sense, or skip the whole thing all together. I want you to read it but if you are only reading it to read the Wincest and nothing else, then I am not the author you should be reading.

Okay, people, there will be Wincest but the first 15 chapters won't have it since I hadn't thought to add it until Chapter 16. So, not teasing. NO WINCEST UNTIL CHAPTER 16, until then, it is a story about the boys being reunited with their father who is now an angel.

Yes, John is the main character. The story isn't 'Our Sons the Angels', it's 'Our Father the Angel' and yes, he will have a sex life; a really graphic one if I have my way. So, that being said, he is lovers with Bobby and there will be major sex scenes between our two favorite older Hunters, some may make you blush and run in horror at how detailed I get.

So, now that I have explained those parts, let's get down to brass tacks:

One, John will be having lots and lots of sex with Bobby so if this is too awkward for you and you think John should be a monk, you are reading the wrong story. Yes, he is an older man and I believe he should have lots of sex, too. Bobby, too! Just because you're old, doesn't mean you can't get an erection and fuck something!

Two, the story started out as a Wincest free story, and I didn't add it until Chapter 16, shoot me! I didn't see the story going that direction until then. It wrote itself in by then but not before. So I'm not teasing, it's just not added until later. It's eventual Wincest not immediate!

Three, don't skip chapter for lack of Wincest because I include major plot points in them that carry over and through the story, so it will make no sense if you skip the important bits.

Four, please read if you like Bobby and John Love, and don't mind not reading Wincest until Chapter 16 (the story is the thing, not the Wincest, you should be reading it for the storyline and if you're only in it to read Wincest, then you need to know I always work up to Wincest after working on the plot. Sex needs plot, is my motto. In context, so to speak,) and you don't mind taking your time getting familiar with characters, then I'm your author.

If you don't like Wincest, don't read! I get graphic with most of my Wincest and I don't want to offend you. Also Bobby does have sex with the Winchesters in this, so also don't read if that bothers you.

Plot: The group of Archangels get a mission from God himself and they are sent to another world to deal with a pending Apocalypse there. An old ally is drawn into the fight they never thought would be.

(Crossing over to another story for a bit so they won't be in chapters for "Our Father" for a while. Check out "Muttverse". They come in toward the end of "Claiming Their Hunters". (I did have to tone down the Wincest for Muttverse since it is one of my non-Wincest storylines, but there will be hinted at sex but not full sex like usual. I will be sending them back to this story as soon as the arc there is done, promise!)

Warning: there is no sex in this chapter. It is a lead in to a crossover to another story they are going to visit for a while. There will be lots when they get back, I'll make it up to you naughtier readers later.


They were eating breakfast when God popped in. He was in a human form but still shimmered. They knew who he was by the tugging in their chests that demanded they worship him and they did, bowing to him. "I have a mission for you." God said and motioned for them stand now.

"Yes, Lord?" John asked and listened attentively.

"There is another world where you are in different forms. My children are trying to free Lucifer and start another apocalypse there. There was not meant to be one in that world and I need you to stop it. They have already started on the seals and my Angels are killing each other again. I don't get why they think this is such a great idea but…it must be stopped! Michael of that world is leading the battle and will be dealt with when it is done. I will not permit that world to be damaged the way this one was or you boys hurt the way you were here. It is the one you visited recently, I believe. The one where you are dogs not men. They have gathered the hunters I need there to help you stop the seals. John, you are the General of them all there. You lead them in this fight and save them; you are more powerful than any other Archangel, even Michael. Bobby and the boys, too. You can do this. Deal with the seals and stop them from killing each other, stop Lucifer from rising and do not, under any circumstances, let the horsemen rise! You will not be back here until it is finished, so say your goodbyes to Jodi so she will watch the place for you, man the phones and help the hunters with the research stuff; that is why I brought her to you to begin with. Explain everything and make sure she knows all that you do, don't leave anything out. I expect her to do this and will make her do it if I have to ask her myself. You have three hours to get ready to go and then I will send you there immediately, wherever or whatever you are doing or who you are with." God said.

"I'll go now but do as I say and do not fail me. Their world is at stake if you do and so are your doggy sons, John. They must live!" He summoned a book and sent it to John's hands. "Those are the seals they will go after. I have marked out what seals they have already broken. The ones that are not marked out are the ones you need to save if you can. Use the troops assembled there and keep the dogs and their families out of the fight, I mean it! Keep them safe in the yard and they do not leave it, under any circumstances! You save the dogs, you save their entire world. Remember that. They are the key to saving it or destroying it and I hate that they have been put in that position. They were meant to be left alone; this was my reward for them helping stop Azazel. They are good men; they earned this peaceful life, even as dogs. It saved Sam from his demon blood, too. I couldn't stop the demon blood from turning him but I could turn into something good not evil. Hence the hellhound transformation not the demonic one. Hellhounds are not evil, they get used to do evil but they themselves are not good or evil; they are above such concepts. Dante will be a good king to them and they will not serve him to do evil as the demons used to."

"Serve me well, my Warriors, I expect you to do this or you will doom their world to destruction." God ordered. "Three hours, that's all you get!" Then he was gone.

Then they called Jodi to come visit, they needed another favor.

Jodi came to visit right after they called. "What's up?"

"We have something to tell you. You have to listen and then you have to do what we say, there is no choice for any of us here. Sit down please?" Bobby said and she did, looking worried, then told her everything; even the illegal stuff they did. Then told her what God wanted her to do. Then about their mission in the other world coming up. It took close to an hour but she got it all. They ran to pack while she digested it. They came down bags in hand and Bobby sat down to let her speak.

"So I am going to do the research, and fake I'm with other state agencies when people check other hunter's stories?" Jodi asked in disbelief. "Um, I can't…"

"Yes, you can. They need to do their hunts and sometimes lying is necessary to protecting their covers." Bobby said impatiently, eying his watch. "Time runs short and God expects you to do this. As I said before, there is no choice here."

"Fine, I suppose I have to stay here while you go…do your thing. Save those doggy versions of yourselves from the apocalypse…right?" Jodi asked, "From Angels?"

"Yes, not all angels are as nice as us." Sam joked then frowned, writing down a number. "Ask for Pat if you get in over your head. He's a friend, he'll help you." She looked at it and sighed.

"He'll bug me until I agree, won't he? God? This, all this stuff you do, it allows other hunters to save others and to fight evil the way they need to. Doesn't it?" She sighed in resignation. "The way you need to so you can do your jobs right?"

"Yes, it's necessary." Bobby said and felt a pulling beginning in his chest, and looked to see the others having the same pull as well. "Will you do it? You have to do this!"

"I'll do it." She said hugging him and them goodbye. "Don't worry, I'll do my part. Tell God I'll do his Will." She opened the door and the pups ran in, and they held them close. "Keep those kids safe, okay?" she asked eying the pups worried, kissing and petting them, and they licked her hands and face.

'We'll miss you, Jodi!' Mary said sadly. 'We'll be okay. Don't worry, okay? They'll take good care of us. I'll be visiting my family, my parents. The real ones. They won't let us be hurt, they love us.' And nuzzled her cheek and licked it.

'See you soon, boss.' Apollo yipped and nuzzled her as well. 'Love you, Jodi.'

'Yeah, we'll be fine. Be back in no time. Love you, Jodi.' Sebastian whuffed and licked her until she laughed.

"I love you, kids, too." She said softly, tears in her eyes. "You sure they have to go? I can keep them safe here…" Her hands stroked their little heads lovingly, and sighed as she gave them back to their Hunters again.

"No, they have to go, we promised they could be with the parents as much as we could allow." John said. "Or we would. Next hunt, they can stay with you, promise, Jodi. Maybe for a weekend, they'd like that. Okay?" His eyes were hopeful; he didn't want her to think they didn't love her as much as them…

"All weekend?" She asked hopefully back, it did sound nice and she had missed them lately…they were like her own kids. She loved them and so they were hunters and lied a lot. They didn't hurt humans or abuse them so she could do this.

"All weekend, as soon as we get back." John promised. She nodded and held out a hand.

"Deal, I'll hold down the fort. You all just come back safe." Jodi agreed.

"Jodi, if anything ever happens to us, you take the pups and raise them, okay? If we die, will you be their parent for us?" John begged worried for the pups' future if this went bad on them.

"Won't happen but, if it did, I'd take good care them, don't you worry. I love them like my own kids." She agreed. Then smiling she kissed the pups goodbye and hugged the men as well. "Do well and come back, that's all I ask."

"We will." John promised and they vanished from sight, pups and all. Jodi went back and took a leave of absence from work and took some vacation time, then packed up some stuff for a week or two and headed back in her own car. She was still digesting the fact that Bobby and them did more illegal things than she had ever suspected they did. And now, she was going to do them, too. Some good sheriff she was, she thought and chuckled.

It was what she had to do to serve God and take care of those she loved. It was worth it if she succeeded and didn't let Bobby and them down.

She chuckled now as she booted up her laptop and looked at the list and stacks of files that Bobby had left her to deal with. Taking the first one, she looked at the details he needed her to look up. And began to do a search on the web then grabbed some books for that might relate to it. Humming softly, she sent up a prayer for their success and safety, and to bring them back to her, and began to read a passage.

She sure hoped the others of that other World appreciated the men that were coming to help them.

Because she sure did.


Okay, the men and the pups have went over to my "Muttverse" Story for a bit. Look for them there in the "Claiming Their Hunters" chapter.

They will be back soon, so forgive their absence and enjoy the new part they play in the "Muttverse" if you like, it's another Apocalypse and they are going to have some work ahead of them there.