Chap. 1

He could feel it, the cold and hard mask of a Hollow forming on his face. Thanks to his admirable determination he was in a position not so admirable. As soon as he turned, he'd be struck down ruthlessly. Ichigo closed his eyes to calm his self.

"How long you gonna' keep your eyes closed Ichigo?" asked a small girlish voice. Ichigo opened his eyes and found himself in front of two little girls in a rusted village. One looked happy as could be, while the other looked so naturally angry Ichigo could almost swear she wasn't human.

"… Who are you two?"

"We're your real zanpaktou you idiot."


"Yep! Since that Byakuya fool sliced your Soul Sleep and Chain your natural powers have emerged!"


"Anyway, we have a problem here. You're turning into a Hollow so you need to find our zanpaktou form quickly."

"How do I do that?"

"You know how! Just search!"

Ichigo nodded slowly. He tried to remember anything that could help him in his search. Didn't Uryuu say something about the difference between shinigami and others? Something about colors and ribbons?

"Ribbons… ribbons… color? Red? Red …ribbon… Red ribbon! Shinigami have red ribbons instead of white!" exclaimed Ichigo. So Ichigo, once again, closed his eyes and concentrated. He let the world fade to black until only ribbons existed. He quickly located the odd red ribbon and let it guide him to where his zanpaktou was.

The ribbon led him to an elevator in a debilitated hospital. Ichigo looked at the buttons on the elevator and noticed only one button was glowing, so he pressed the button to the basement. After an impossibly long ride down the orange-haired teen came in a hallway filled with some statues. To his left was an undead dog with patches of fur and skin missing. To his right was a humanoid dragon-lizard that had an axe hand.

Ichigo nervously walked down the hallway and he could feel eyes on him as he passed. Needless to say the walk wasn't like a stroll on the beach. He nearly sighed in relief when he entered the door at the end! The hybrid opened the door and found both versions of the girl standing over a serrated zanbatou.

"Well?Aren't you gonna' pick up that zanpaktou?"

Ichigo gave a firm nod then he picked up the zanbatou like zanpaktou and saw the world explode around him. The last thing he heard was," If you ever need help ask us/her."