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Author's Note for Here's To The Hero's, Death Fic and Guilt Challenge on NFA. Tony's heroic dip into the water could prove bad for Tony.

I'm No Hero.

Tony stepped out of the car and walked up to the chain-linked fence. He stood there for a minute until he saw the car that Gibbs had been driving go backwards towards the lake. He didn't think at all as he ran towards the warehouse with his gun already out and pointed to the two men who were there. He shot them and watched as they fell as he flew by them and then he threw his gun not caring where it landed. He didn't even think about he was doing as he dived into the water and dived down towards the car that was sinking. He banged the windshield and finally got it to break. He grabbed Maddie and swam to the surface and laid her down on the pier. He then jumped back into the cold water. He tried to grab Gibbs, but he was stuck. He grabbed the steering wheel and yanked it away from Gibbs. He then grabbed him and made his way towards the surface once again. He gently laid his boss on the pier next to Maddie and tried CPR on Gibbs.

"Come on, Boss don't make me kiss you." He told Gibbs as he continued CPR on his boss. Finally Gibbs's blue eyes opened and Tony watched as Maddie moved her hand and grabbed Gibbs's hand. They both held on and Tony leaned back. His work was done and he had saved his Boss and his daughter's childhood friend.

The water was literally running off of him. He looked up as a car screeched to a stop and Ziva and McGee stepped out onto the pier.

Tony was breathing heavily after his heroic dive to get Gibbs and Maddie. He hoped he didn't get sick because of this, but he knew that he would do this again for anyone of his team. His team was his family and there was no way that he would not save them. He looked at Maddie and Gibbs and then suddenly started coughing and it was hard for him to breath and then suddenly he fell over.

Ziva and McGee suddenly came running towards the three on the pier. McGee grabbed his cell phone and called the EMT's. They said they would be there in a moment. Ziva was already kneeling besides Tony and checked for a pulse. It was there, but it was very low.

"What happened?"

"I came here and got Maddie back. We got into the car and started going backwards and we hit the water. I thought that if we hit the water we could evade the shooters and then get out after we hit, but I was stuck by the steering wheel and couldn't get us out. I saw Tony dive in and grab Maddie and then I guess he came back to get me. The next thing I know was that I was laying here with Maddie and Tony." Gibbs finished and heard the sirens in the distance and they were coming closer and closer. He hoped they get here soon because Tony needed them. How could he be so stupid to go alone and let his Senior Field Agent get into trouble like this? He knows about his lungs because of the Plague and yet he put Tony in danger.

"How is he?" Gibbs said as he got up and made his way towards Tony.

"I don't know, Gibbs. It looks like he passed out."

"Tony, come on son wake up. I need to tell you thank you for being our hero."

Tony woke up for a minute "I'm No Hero." Said as he slipped back into the darkness.

"Yes, Tony you are. You are Maddie's and my hero. Without you both of us would of died. I'll tell you again just like when you had the Plague you will not die."

The EMT's finally got there and they rushed towards the three on the pier. They took Tony and of course Gibbs and Maddie went with them to get checked out as well. Gibbs turned to the medic "Take us to Bethesda. He's had the Plague and his Doctor's there."

The got inside and made their way towards Bethesda Naval Hospital. When Gibbs and Maddie were cleared to go Gibbs asked where Tony had been taken.

"I'm sorry, but we can't tell you anything. We can only tell his next of kin."

"I'm his next of kin. It's in his papers that I should be called if anything happens to him."

The nurse turned to Tony's medical records and asked. "Sir, what's your name?"

"Leroy Jethro Gibbs."

"Okay, sorry. Mr. DiNozzo was taken to the ICU and the room number is 114. He's hooked up to help him breathing. He also looks like he slipped into a coma and it looks like he's getting phenomena. Doctor Pitt should be here soon and fill you in."

"Thank you." Gibbs said as he was led towards the ICU and into Tony's room. Tony looked pale and he was very still. He never thought he would see Tony so still, but here he was. He slipped into the hospital chair and sat down.

"What did I do? I'm so sorry, Tony. I never meant to harm you. I know that I never say sorry and it's a rule, but not between friends. I have to tell you something Tony. You are like a son to me and I need you, no the team and I need you to get better. Please wake up, son." Gibbs said as he grabbed Tony's hand.

Ziva and McGee walked into the room and saw Tony and Gibbs. Gibbs had gotten up and walked towards the window. Because of him his son could have more damage to his already damaged lungs, or he could die. The guilt was washing over him like a tidal wave.

"Gibbs how is he?"

"He's not doing very good. They said that he's in a coma and looks like he might be developing phenomena. The nurse said Doctor Pitt should be here soon."

The others looked at Gibbs. "It's not your fault, Gibbs." Ziva said. She knew that Gibbs was probably blaming himself because of Tony's predicament.

"Yes, it was. If I didn't go by myself and brought all of you in this would of never happened. Tony wouldn't need to be in the hospital because of me."

Suddenly Doctor Pitt made an appearance. They took him for different kinds of tests. Gibbs wanted to run away, but he knew that he couldn't abandon Tony again. He had to be brave and not be a coward. He had to be here for Tony, so he waited for the test results. McGee had already called Abby and Ducky and they were making their way to Bethesda.

Abby with her black pigtails and black clothes ran towards Gibbs and gave him a hug. "Tony's a fighter and he'll fight to come back to us."

"It's my fault that he's here in the first place. If I didn't go alone he wouldn't need to go into freezing water to get to us. Not only I put Tony in danger, but I put Maddie in danger as well. What was I thinking?"

"You were thinking of helping your daughter's best friend. You couldn't protect your wife, or daughter, so you helped her friend."

"And because of that Tony's in a coma and fighting for his life. I told him that he was our hero. Did you know that he regained consciousness for a minute and told he he's no hero. He dived into the cold water with no consequences to himself. He just jumped in and got us out."

"Tony will come back to us, Gibbs. He will fight to come back. He's my big brother. I mean he's not my big brother as in biologically, but in my heart he's my brother and my big brother has to come back to us."

Gibbs hugged Abby and let her cry on his shoulder. She let her emotions come out and cried for what her big brother was going through. He just had to come back to us. Life would not be good if he didn't, or if he died."

Ducky had heard the conversation between the two and then saw Gibbs hugged Abby and then comfort her. When Abby pulled away she went into the nearest bathroom to clean up. She knew that her mascara would be running down her face because she had been crying.

Ducky went up to Gibbs and put a hand on his arm. "Abby's right our Tony is a fighter. He'll fight to come back to us."

Doctor Pitt came by with Tony and put him into his room once again. "I don't know why he's in a coma. He does have phenomena and I will be hooking him up to antibiotics."

"Thank you, Doctor Pitt." Gibbs said as he made his way towards Tony's bedside.

"Come on and fight." Gibbs said as he laid a hand on Tony hand and gave it a squeeze. Tony had to get better. If he died he wouldn't know what to do. He lost his wife and child when he was fighting and he could barely hang on because of their deaths. He had wanted to end his life, but something stopped him and then went after the man who had killed his wife and little girl. Tony was like a son and he couldn't take it if his son died and it was his fault.