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I'm No Hero

Gibbs had stayed with Tony inside the hospital. Abby, Ziva, Jimmy, Ducky and McGee had come by everyday too. While Gibbs was in the cafeteria Jimmy Palmer had been with Tony. Somebody was always with Tony. The antibiotics still weren't doing very good and it looked like it was getting worse.

"Tony, I have to tell you something. You are my friend and I really want you to get better. Please you have to get better soon. Gibbs is not himself. I can tell you that Gibbs cares for you like a son and I know that Abby cares for you like a brother. Ziva and McGee also care for you. They've both been here everyday either sitting with you while Gibbs goes to get food, or sit with Gibbs. They all want you to get better and so do I. Ducky cares for you too. He's been here everyday and has been talking to your Doctor and the nurses. You see everybody loves you and wants you to get better.

Gibbs had already called Tony's father, but was told that he was busy and couldn't go see his son. Even after he had told them that he might be dying they told him that DiNozzo Senior and was told that he was in the middle of a deal and couldn't get out of it. Gibbs had told them that, but had called back when no call had come back. That was when he was told that and DiNozzo Senior told it through the man on the phone. He couldn't believe that. If his son were laying in a hospital in trouble he would do anything to be by his son's side. There would be no way that he wouldn't be by his side keeping an eye on him. DiNozzo Senior didn't deserve Tony as a son. He remembered the time that Tony told them that he had been left in a hotel room in Hawaii for two days by himself. How could a father leave his twelve-year-old child alone in a hotel full of strangers? When he was a father to Kelly he never left her alone not even in the house. Either he, or Shannon had been with her if one of them were busy.

Gibbs came back into the room and watched Jimmy talk to Tony. He knew by Ducky that Tony and Jimmy had become friends while he was in Mexico.

"Hello, Gibbs." Jimmy said as he looked up.


"I'll leave now."

"You don't have to Palmer. You can stay here too."

"I have to get back to Autopsy anyways." Jimmy said as he headed out. He hoped for all of their sakes that Tony would get better.

Gibbs watched as Jimmy made his exit and then turned towards Tony's prone form. He wasn't getting better. They had switched the antibiotics and still they weren't working. It was during the early morning that it all went bad. Tony's heart stopped and Gibbs was pushed out of the room while they worked on Tony. They tried for ten minutes and then they called the time.

"I'm sorry, Sir. We tried to resuscitate him, but we couldn't."

"No." He sat down on the nearest chair and placed his head into his hands. Tears started to run down his face and then got himself under control. He didn't want to make these calls, but he knew that he had to do this. The team needed to know and they would be angry with him for not telling them. Then he called DiNozzo Senior and told him that his son had died. He was in a meeting and couldn't be contacted. When he called later he was told that he was sorry that his son died, but he was in another deal and couldn't get out of it. He would send flowers.

Gibbs shook his head and couldn't believe Tony's father. He looked up as the team made their way towards Gibbs. Abby had tears running down her face and hugged Gibbs and Gibbs hugged back. Each of the team went inside and gave their goodbyes to their teammate. Gibbs went in last.

"I'm so sorry, Tony. I never should have gone there on my own. I should have told the team and because of that you died. I never told you that you are like a son to me." Gibbs said as he ran a hand through his son's hair and then leaned down to kiss Tony's head. "Goodbye, son."

The funeral arrangements were made and the funeral was four days from now. When it was time Abby had her stuffed hippo Bert in her arms and laid it next to Tony. "Goodbye Big Brother. I will miss you. I'm going to take care of our Dad for you. Make sure that he's okay." They had a wake the day before and each of the team members said their goodbyes again.

"Tony, I want you to know that I will miss you. You are like a big brother to me and I'm sorry that I never told you. Goodbye big brother." McGee said as he laid a hand on Tony's and then turned to leave.

"I'm going to miss our talks Tony. I will miss you. Goodbye my friend." Jimmy said as he said his goodbye.

"I'm going to miss you my little hairy butt. I'm going to miss you correcting my mistakes at English, your jokes and your movie references. Goodbye Tony." Ziva said as a tear made it's way down her cheek. She wiped it away and turned to leave too.

"Goodbye, dear boy. I'm going to miss you." Ducky said as he said his goodbye.

"Goodbye son. I will miss you my sweet child." Gibbs said and once again kissed Tony's forehead.

The next day they stood in the cemetery and watched as the casket was lowered. Gibbs had made sure that Tony was buried with his wife and daughter. "Take care of him girls. He's very special to me." Gibbs said and turned to leave. They all left, but didn't see the silhouette of three beings near the tombstone. Kelly and Shannon had a hand on each of Tony's shoulders. "We will take care of him for you, Jethro." Shannon said and then they were all gone.

Gibbs didn't kill himself over his guilt of Tony's death. Abby had convinced him not to do anything because she needed him as a father figure and the team needed their leader. Every now again Gibbs would think of Tony and feel the guilt, but as days went by it went away.

The End