Hey guys! Ok so this is my first Kuroshitsuji fanfiction. All my other ones are shugo chara, EW! Anyway, I hope you enjoy. If you get confused...I was trying to be funny.

That doesn't always workA

(Normal Pov.)

Tap Tap Tap...


Tap Tap Tap...

"Honestly, Master, It's perfectly normal."


"I hardly think it is a reason to be so up-" A certain butler said to his master, while serving tea.

The master, Ciel, interjected.

"I'M NOT UPSET. I DON'T CARE." He shouted, while tapping his finger on his desk.

"You haven't spoken to me for three days."

'T...three days ago...' Ciel thought and shuddered.

"Though...Dare I say, I was shocked. Who was it you were thinking about? Miss Elizabeth, perhaps? Or maybe..." Sebastian said and chuckled.

"Was my young master thinking about me, perha-" He continued, until a very large book made impact with his face.

The book fell to the ground.

"I will take that as a yes. I will be back later with some imported sweets, master." He said, bowed, and exited the room.

Ciel huffed and remembered "The incident" that occured three days ago.


"Young master, I have brought your te-"

His butler stopped, stared, and remained silent.

Ciel was sitting his desk chair, panting, head down on his desk.

"Master...Please stop your...work for a moment. It's tea time" His butler chimed.

"T...tea..?" Ciel said, almost to himself. He hadn't noticed sebastian there, until he spoke.

Ciel looked up.

Ciel stared at sebastian, who had a big smile on his face.

It only took Ciel a second to get out of his office chair and hide under his desk, all the while screaming "KNOCK BEFORE YOU ENTER."

"But I did, master. You were too busy to hear me."


"Is that an order?"

"HELL YES, IT'S AN ORDER." Ciel shouted, still under the desk, pants around his ankles.

"Yes, My lord." With a bow, and left.


"Young master" Finny said, entering his study.


"Sebastian sent me. He said you might need help with your work! I thought it was strange, he also told me not to knock...Oh! What did you need help with, young master?"

'Why that...SEBASTIAN...I'll kill that damned demon!' Ciel thought as he fumed.

"Though I don't really need help...Can you ask sebastian to help me?" Ciel asked Finny and smirked evilly.

"Huh? Well Sure, young master." He said and left the room.


"I just don't understand. Sebastian told me to help the young master, but Ciel told me to ask Sebastian. Not to mention, when I asked him...he got a funny look on his face!" Finnian told the cook.

"Oh, Yeah. They were both acting funny...actually they both have been acting weird for a while."

The cook added.

"When I walked by the young master's bedroom...I heard strange sounds coming from it. You don't think they're..." The maid chimed in.

"FIGHTING?" They all said at once.

OK! Yeah, Stupid, right? Well...I got the idea...But when I wrote it, I was like "How do I write this without being HORRIBLY(Or greatly;D) innapropriate? Well, I tried. Read the last part on my profile- This is the stuff prisoners wouldn't read!