A/N: Alright, so after writing quite a few Glee fics, I have become obsessed with Bella/Damon fics. So I felt compelled (no pun intended) to give one a shot.

Please be kind since this is my first at writing anything for Twilight/VD.

Summary: Two years after Bella loses her husband, child and best friend, a friend invites her to start fresh in Mystic Falls.

Brief Explanation: This is partially AU, Damon is not and has never been in love with Elena. I am a huge shipper of the two so it would be difficult for my writing to even think about it existing.

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Bella POV

"Are you absolutely sure about this Bella? I just can't imagine you not being with us anymore."

I took Esme into a warm embrace trying to hold in my tears, "It's what's best. There are too many memories here. I know I need to do this for me. It's what Edward would want me to do."

I choked on my late husband's name. The pain was still in my un-beating heart. Losing my husband, daughter and best friend at once nearly drove me insane.

2 years ago

Rosalie and I laughed as we watched Emmett finally tackle the bear he had been stalking.

"Took you long enough Em," I laughed as he made his way to us in the trees.

"Shut the hell up Bells, someone pissed in that things cornflakes this morning."

As we made our way back home, I felt a sudden urge to see Edward. Something was wrong, I knew it, I could feel it.

The moment we made it back to the Cullen home, I could see Alice on the front step. Jasper was holding her tightly and looked up as we approached.

When Carlisle and Esme walked out of the house, I could see the anguish and pain in their faces.

"Where's my husband? Where is Jacob? Where is my CHILD!" I screamed so loudly the birds could be heard flying from the treetops.

Alice was crying uncontrollably and suddenly I fell to the ground, "No, no, please."

Carlisle was at my side quickly, "It was a surprise attack. The Volturi, they…they told Edward that Aro demanded he and Nessie come to Italy. They were instantly attacked when they refused…"

"I didn't see them Bella. Jacob was there…I'm so…I'm so sorry."

Carlise grabbed my hand, "Bella, they are gone."


Now here I am, leaving Forks. Leaving my family. To try my best to live my eternal life without the three loves of my life.

I pulled out of the driveway in my newly purchased SUV. I knew it was bad for the environment, but driving cross country, I felt safest in a large vehicle. I would have loved to drive my old truck, from my human life, but my poor baby probably wouldn't even make it over the state line.

I drove straight through, not stopping except to hunt. I kept the music blaring to keep my mind off of my family. Elena had called a few times to check on me, which I was truly grateful. Alice and the other Cullens made sure to check in on me as well.

I had met Stefan and Elena a year before the tragedy. Edward and Stefan had crossed paths in Chicago back in the sixties and kept touch as much as possible. Stefan was not like the Cullen's. He was a different type of vampire. Not being born from an original, he was what was considered a half blood.

They were on their honeymoon, traveling the country. Elena was still human then, planning to turn when they had made their way back home. We bonded quickly over the fact that we had fallen in love with our vampires as humans, choosing eternal life to be with them forever.

Of course, the events of that day had made forever seem like a cruel joke.

Elena was wonderful with Nessie. She treated her as if she was a niece and often sent her gifts.

When I called Elena, I could barely speak.

"Hi Bella! Stefan and I were just talking about….Bella, are you, what's wrong?"

"Their, their g-gone…."

"Bells, what? Who?"

"Eddie, Nessi, Jake…they…they were killed by the Volturi."

I can still hear Elena's cries over the phone. I remember Stefan coming on the line and trying to speak, but I couldn't. I didn't have to, he knew from the pain in my voice.

It was just a few months ago when Elena had sent me the email. The email that would make me chose. Chose to keep living in pain with memories at every turn or move on as my family would want me to do. To stop being miserable and to finally live on the best I could.


Stefan and I have decided that we would like for you to come stay with us in Mystic Falls. I hope you don't mind, but I have spoken with Carlisle and Esme about this and while they will hate to let you go, they know it's what would be best for you.

Being in Forks only makes the pain harder. You need new surroundings but with people who know and love you as Stefan and I do.

We have spoken of this to Damon and he is more than okay with you moving into the boarding house with us. I know you don't know him, but I know he feels horrible about what happened to you. He is a bit rough around the edges, but with time, I'm sure you can be great friends.

You are one of my best and dearest friends and I hate that you are still hurting so much. We hope that a new home will help ease some of that.

Please consider our offer and know we are always here for you.

With all my love,


It took me so long to make the decision. Leaving Forks meant leaving those places that I could still feel their presence. But it was while I lay in the meadow, mine and Edward's meadow that a cool breeze washed over me. I could hear his voice telling me that I needed to live. To stop hurting so much. To be happy. Then I heard Nessie, telling me she loved me and to be with Auntie E. Jake's voice echoed quickly after, of course telling me to stop being a punk and live life to the fullest. To jump cliffs into the Atlantic, not the Pacific.

After a full two days drive, I found myself standing in front of the Salvatore Boarding House. Ready to make a new life. To be free of all the hurt .To be the true me once again.