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The Satisfaction in the Slayings

The itch was starting again. I knew I was running out of time. I knew eventually, I would have to kill again. The peace only lasted so long, until I again, felt the overwhelming urge to kill, before it took over my mind, and I had to succumb.

It had been seven years, the longest period yet between kills. I had moved several times, and changed my name twice since the last time. Although the urge only happened occasionally, it took more and more kills to satisfy it. I knew I only had days until it took over my mind and made me kill, and then it wouldn't end until I was done. It wouldn't be satisfied until the bodies totaled seven. One for each year, I went without the kill.

At the most, I had two days to set the game in motion. Two days to plan. Two days until the fever took over my body, and I had to satisfy this craving inside.

The internet was a wonderful thing, because I could find anything on the internet. Names and addresses, even directions, and for a fee, I could obtain even more information. People were so stupid; they never understood how reveling the internet could be.

Now, I had to select a method, because every time had to be different. Each set of kills had to be based on a game, but what game should I use? I walked toward the bookshelf where I stored the games, and placed them on the floor in front of me. I lined them up in rows, seven across and seven down. I realized that I would need to buy more before my next set of kills, because I only had 49, and next time the number would be larger. Each time the number grew, because each time the years between grew.

As I looked down at the games, I waited for the knowing to take over, that inner voice that told me which one to pick. Sometimes it would take a day or two, but the right game always called to me. It always told me what to do, and then the fun would begin. Then the peace would begin to settle over me, and I would begin to prepare. I would plan according to the game that I selected, because every kill had to follow the games outline.

I sat on the floor near them, and waited. Waited for the knowing, waited to choose the method. Hours passed, but I never moved. I knew it would take time, it always took time, but I was patient, just as I would be patient when I killed. Patience was important, because then I wouldn't be caught. Patience was the key.

Evening came, and I went to bed, knowing that I would continue waiting tomorrow after work. It was difficult to work once the fever took over, but if I changed my routine, someone may notice, and I can't create suspicion.


Peace settled over me as I sat down looking at the games arranged on the floor. Work was difficult today, and I looked forward to the weekend. Once I make my choice, and begin to arrange the kills, it would be easier to work, but for now, it was challenging. I had to fight the urge to leave several times during the day, but I was able to resist, and now I could sit and wait for the knowing.

Three hours later, it came to me. I felt the pull toward the game, and when I picked it up, I knew it was the right choice. I opened the cover and looked at the pieces, realizing that this was going to be fun. I was going to enjoy the killing this time. I put away the games, and sat down with my laptop, to plan the first kill.

First, I need to find the right person, then the weapon, and last the place. The arrangements had to be made in the correct order each time, so I logged onto the internet, and started looking. As soon as I logged on, a peace settled over me. Tomorrow was going to be a good day. Tomorrow I start tracking my first kill. Tomorrow everything will be set in motion.



Work was difficult today, because I didn't get enough sleep. I was up late trying to find the first kill, but at one o'clock in the morning, I finally found him. He lives in Virginia so the distance is going to be difficult, but I knew I could do it. Once the fever took over, I slept very little, so I had extra time to do the things I needed.

Tonight after work, I will begin watching him. I need to see what his schedule is so I can grab him when he is vulnerable. After I know his schedule, I will go home to find the place to leave the body. I am so excited that it is difficult to concentrate at work. I have to be careful, so they don't know anything.

I located my first kill, and I have been following him for the past three days. Every day he gets out of work, and stops at the same store, before going home. He lives alone, and he is small and weak, so I shouldn't have too much trouble grabbing him. I think I'll get him on Friday night.

I found the weapon today. I found it in the basement of the house that I am renting. I bought the next three weapons; because the fifth is at my house and the sixth is a gun, so I need to be sure, it can't be traced. The seventh I will buy in a store in another state, because I don't want it to be traced either.

One more day until, I grab the man. Then I will bring him to the killing place, and torture him. The fever will begin to ebb after the first kill, but it won't be completely gone until I am done. I have already started looking for my second kill. She should be easier to find, but I need to distance it far enough from the first, so I won't be caught. One more day. Just one more day.



I left work and went straight to capture my first kill. I waited outside his house, and when he arrived and disabled the alarm system, I entered by the bedroom window. I waited for him to relax and turn on the television, and then I came up behind him and struck him with the pipe, knocking him out cold. I tied him up, gagged him, and carried him out to my car. He was heavy, but I managed to carry him the whole way. The forecast said there would be severe thunderstorms later tonight, so I knew any evidence would be washed away.

In preparation for moving the body, I had lined the back of my car with plastic, so there would not be any evidence left behind. I would dispose of the plastic after I dumped the body.

I sedated him, by injecting him in the thigh, before loading him in my trunk. The medication only took fifteen minutes to take effect, so he shouldn't wake up before it started working.

I drove to the killing place. It was only fifty miles from his home, which was risky I know, but this one was hard to find, so I had no choice. The next one would be easier, because I already found her, and I know she lives far away from here.

When I arrived at the killing place, I brought the body into the shack. I tied him up in the chair, and waited for him to wake up. I knew he would scream, but that was ok. I enjoyed the screaming. It fed the fever, and we were so far away from civilization, no one would hear.

Waiting was easy; I am a very patient man. I went to the other side of the shack and lifted weights; I needed to be strong so I could carry the victims. About an hour later, he awoke, and he began struggling against the restraints. He kept trying to talk to me, but the gag prevented any communication. I approached him with the first of the torture implements. I knew it wouldn't be long before the screaming started. I began the torture.

Pleasure filled me as I finished torturing the kill. All that needed to be done was to finish the job, and dump the body. I retrieved the pipe from the trunk, and beat him until he was dead. The feeling that I achieved was almost orgasmic. I sat on the floor, and breathed deeply until I was calm enough to drive.

I wrapped the body in plastic, and placed him back in the trunk, and then I went back inside to wash. I needed to rid myself of the blood, before I started to drive. I changed into new clothes, put on the plastic jumpsuit, went back to the car, and drove to the house.

The house was abandoned, and I carried the body into the kitchen, and then dropped it on the floor, being very careful not to leave any evidence, except the note. The note was my touch. The note was my fun.

My whole body was encased in plastic, so I knew I wouldn't leave any trace behind. I would burn my clothes and all evidence upon returning home. Then place the bags of garbage in the trunk to hide the scent of the dead body.

Driving to work for the next few days would be difficult, because of the smell. However, I could handle anything after a kill. When I arrived at home, I took a shower, and burned all my clothes in the incinerator. Then I went to bed.

I slept all night, and most of the next day, as a calming peace settled over me. Two weeks and I would kill again, but for now, I am satisfied. For now, I am at peace.