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The play was going well, the audience unsure of what was to come next. They were very pleased with the Hi-skool students' performance. Even Zim and Gaz were satisfied. But they did not know that some unplanned drama was headed their way. The play's finale had finally arrived, the biggest moment of all. Mr. Elliott decided to give a ten minute intermission to let the students change costumes and give their voices a break. Gaz, after having changed, leaned against a wall as she downed a bottle of water. Zim walked up and she smiled, but he frowned.

"What's wrong?" she questioned.

"Have you noticed Keef has been behaving rather oddly ever since we last spoke with him?" Zim asked, looking over his shoulder at the usually chipper kid. Only this time, Keef was not smiling. When Keef was not smiling, you knew that meant something was up.

"I don't know what his problem is," she shrugged. "Don't let it bother you, though. Just forget about him," she said while tugging him towards the stage once more.

"Yes I suppose…" He glanced one last time at Keef before following Gaz. Keef glared at the alien angrily. Zim shrugged the thought off and prepared for the finale. The next song was Past the Point of No Return and Gaz was all ready on the stage after the beginning was sung. Now, it was time for the Phantom to come. Dib looked over at him, completely in character, and raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

"Master?" he asked.

Zim smiled from behind the cape he had draped over his arm and currently hiding his face. He gestured behind him and sang, Passarino - go away, for the trap is set and waits for its

Gaz was seated on the stage, nervously picking at one of the roses the Phantom had given her earlier in the musical so Zim continued.

You have come here
in pursuit of
your deepest urge,
in pursuit of
that wish,
which till now
has been silent,
silent . . .

Gaz turned, recognizing his voice and he smiled charmingly. With each lyric, he stepped closer, his eyes and his voice hypnotizing her. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She loved the feelings she experienced each time Zim looked at her. A part of her loved the dangerous, passionate look in his eyes while another part could see the tender being she knew was there.

I have brought you,
that our passions
may fuse and merge -
in your mind
you've already
succumbed to me
dropped all defenses
completely succumbed to me -
now you are here with me:
no second thoughts,
you've decided,
decided . . .

She rose from her seat and stepped slightly, hesitatingly towards him. He watched her closely, wanting her, feeling the need to touch her growing, but held himself back for the sake of the musical.

Past the point
of no return -
no backward glances:
our games of make believe
are at an end . . .
Past all thought
of "if" or "when" -
no use resisting:
abandon thought,
and let the dream
descend . . .

He was getting closer and closer. As he pulled her near, once again placing his hands gently around her waist, the pair was unaware that Keef was watching bitterly from the sidelines. He was not in the place the script had directed him to be, though no one seemed to notice.

What raging fire
shall flood the soul?
What rich desire
unlocks its door?
What sweet seduction
lies before
us . . .?

He released her and stepped back, allowing her to make her choice of whether or not to sing with him.

Past the point
of no return,
the final threshold -
what warm,
unspoken secrets
will we learn?
Beyond the point
of no return . . .

Gaz listened to his voice die down slowly until he stopped singing all together, eagerly awaiting the sound of her voice. When she did sing, he closed his eyes and listened with delight.

You have brought me
to that moment
where words run dry,
to that moment
where speech
into silence,
silence . . .

She glanced over at one of the balconies on the sides of the fake Opera House, expecting to see Keef/Raoul watching her in shock, but she did not see him. She turned to face Zim again, ignoring the fact that he was absent and continued.

I have come here,
hardly knowing
the reason why . . .
In my mind,
I've already
imagined our
bodies entwining
defenseless and silent -
and now I am
here with you:
no second thoughts,

She stepped in front of him and he loved the courage he saw in her.

I've decided,
decided . . .

The Phantom eyed Christine, wondering whether or not she was tricking him, yet she went on.

Past the point
of no return -
no going back now:
our passion-play
has now, at last,
begun . . .

They turned and started climbing the two separate staircases behind them that would lead to a bridge and eventually bring the pair together.

Past all thought
of right or wrong -
one final question:
how long should we
two wait, before
we're one . . .?

Dib watched from behind the setting and nodded approvingly, but he stopped when he too noticed Keef was gone.

When will the blood
begin to race
the sleeping bud
burst into bloom?
When will the flames,
at last, consume
us . . .?

They met at the top and the time for their duet had arrived. As they sang, they walked closer to one another.

Past the point
of no return
the final threshold –

As planned, Zim grabbed her quickly and brought the back of body up against his chest. This time though, Gaz noticed he had done it more passionately than ever. Zim hoped she knew how much he had been longing for her touch.

The bridge
is crossed, so stand
and watch it burn . . .

The music began slowly dying down, preparing for the next scene. Zim nuzzled his face into her hair as she ran a hand up his neck and onto his cheek.

We've passed the point
of no return . . .

Usually, the room would have been filled with applause but, like the rest of the cast of the musical, everyone was speechless. They could feel the love radiating off of the pair and they knew that the feelings they felt for one another were not staged. Gaz breathed in sadly when she thought of the next scene. It was the part where Christine grabs the mask off of the Phantom's face, revealing it to everyone else. Each time, she felt as if she were betraying him. She knew he expected it so she swallowed her guilt and prepared to continue. Zim, his face still buried in her hair, dropped his voice down so low, it was nearly a whisper.

Say you'll share with me
One love, one lifetime
Lead me, save me from my solitude

They were so absorbed in each other that they did not notice Keef in the corner of the stage, up at the top of the stairs.

Say you'll want me
With you here
Beside you
Anywhere you go
Let me go too
Christine that's all I ask of you—

Gaz turned to grab the mask off, but she was shoved out of the way by Keef. She looked at him as if he were insane, but gasped when he ripped the mask off, along with Zim's contacts and wig. The cast and the entire crowd gasped audibly and stared at the odd being.

"Look at this! What do you think this is?" Keef hollered as he shook the wig in his clenched fist violently. "It is a disguise. A disguise to hide this hideous space monster!" He pointed at Zim angrily.

Zim's eyebrows furrowed, but he glanced around frantically as whisper began filling the auditorium. Just like in the musical, the crowd was beginning to judge Zim because he looked different. Just like the Phantom…

Dib, eyes wide and mouth hanging, glanced at his father. His heart skipped a beat as he saw that his dad was with a few of his fellow scientists. He knew that if Keef somehow managed to persuade everyone that Zim was an alien, he would be immediately shipped to his father's lab and strapped to an autopsy table. His eyes swung up to meet Zim's and he could see that the Irken was thinking the same thing. His antennas twitched nervously and he faced Gaz, a look of horror in his eyes. Her lower lip trembled in fear for him and she stepped in front of him protectively, willing to fight off anyone who would think of taking him away. But she would not have too.


She looked down at the familiar voice and saw her brother step up to the front of the stage.

"Everyone. Calm down! It is just effects for the musical!"

Keef's mouth dropped as he heard the ridiculing whispers die down.

"No, it isn't! He is an alien. An alien!"

Dib ignored him and went on. "In the musical, the Phantom is supposed to look different. Remember? He is supposed to have a distorted face. Well this is all just for the play."

Keef stuttered, seeing the crowd buying the excuse. Zim, also seeing the crowd distracted by the lie, grabbed Keef by the collar of his shirt.

"I warned you…" he growled. "You will suffer. I can guarantee you that!"

Keef stared fearfully up at him while Zim brought his hand up slowly.

"Give me the disguise," he spat.

He put the contacts back in, the wig on his head, and faced the audience.

"I want everybody's attention," he called into the crowd but they were too distracted. "Give me your filthy, dirt-monster attention!" he screamed. Everyone stopped abruptly and Gaz face-palmed at her odd boyfriend.

"Due to this unexpected intrusion in the play, we will have a five minute intermission as we prepare for the next scene."

He began walking away, dragging Keef with him, but Gaz grabbed his other hand.

"Where are you going? It only takes a few seconds to change settings because of your device," she questioned.

He glared bitterly at Keef.

"I need to take care of something…"

She picked up the sudden, dangerous tone in his voice, but stepped to the side to allow him to pass. Why do I have a feeling something bad is going to happen? She thought to herself.

Keef tripped, though Zim continued to drag him to the very back of the stage. Down dark halls, far away from anyone's notice, he practically threw him inside a room which he also stepped inside and locked the door behind him. Keef stumbled against a wall and looked up pleadingly at Zim.

"Wait. Z-Zim, I-I didn't mean—"

"Oh, yes you did, Keef. Yes you did…" he walked up to him, an arm snaking around behind his back and into his PAK.

"No! Stop!" Keef screamed, but he stopped when he saw Zim present a small gift box to him.

"I have something for you," he said lowly.

He continued to hold the box until Keef, unsure of what to do, retrieved it and began tugging at the string that held it closed. Zim smirked, a shadow casting across his eyes, as screams filled the room and the shadowy outline of robotic arms attaching to the child's eyes flashed across his face.

Gaz, who had been waiting in the back for Zim, jumped when she heard the screams. She glanced down the long hallway and saw a door swing open slowly. Keef stepped out, but something was wrong. She watched him in confusion as he faced her and she gasped.

"Hello, Gaz! Ready to do the play?"

But instead of answering, she continued to stare in horror. Instead of his usually, chipper green eyes, they were replaced with robotic, blood-red eyes. It was then that she remembered what the alien had done to him before when he had wanted to get rid of him. She nodded absentmindedly and he grinned, skipping away to prepare for the finale. Zim stepped up behind her, yet she did not hear him. She jumped when a claw rested on her shoulder and she felt breathing on her neck.

"I have solved our problem," he said lowly, nearly sounding ashamed. He was used to doing similar actions in his past, though he knew she was not used to the violence. He did not enjoy displeasing her and felt as though she would be afraid of him afterwards.

"Yeah, I saw that," she replied nervously.

"Are you afraid of me now?"

She turned and looked up at his face, seeing that he was reluctant to hear her answer.

"Of course not." With that, she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him lightly on the forehead. "Now, come on. We have a show to finish."

The last song drew to an end and roaring applause echoed in the auditorium. The entire cast gathered on the stage, including Mr. Elliott, and everyone took a well deserved bow. Zim held Gaz's hand and she smiled up at him. He smiled contently as he rested his head atop of hers. Never before had he seen her so happy. And never before had he loved someone's smile as much as he did hers. Everyone began to leave for their homes and after half an hour, the skool was nearly completely empty. Zim zipped up the bag he had brought to carry his and Gaz's costumes when he felt a sudden pat on the back. He turned and smirked.

"Hello, Dib-worm."

"You were pretty good tonight, space-boy," Dib joked.

"I must admit: you gave a good performance yourself."

"Did you expect anything else?" Dib grinned.

Zim chuckled and nodded. He then crossed his arms and smiled smugly. The big-headed boy raised an eyebrow at his green companion and shrugged.


"You defended me tonight, Dib-beast. Why is that?"

Dib shrugged once more and looked down.

"I don't know. I guess I just didn't think you deserved that. Keef shouldn't have done that. And no one needs to be tied down to an autopsy table."

Zim nodded, but Dib continued. "Besides, if anyone is going to win victory over you, it's going to be me!"

He smiled triumphantly and laughed at the Irken's fake anger.

"Go home before we see who would win, Dib," Zim smiled.

Dib nodded and waved goodbye before heading towards the exit.

"See you on Monday, Big-head!" he hollered after him. He laughed manically when he heard Dib scream, "My head is not big!"

"Sure it isn't," he muttered, still smiling.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder suddenly and he knew who it was right away. He turned to face Gaz and right as she opened her mouth to say something, he pulled her into a kiss. After a minute he let her go, but his arms remained securely around her petite frame.

"We did it…" Gaz smiled.

"Yes we did…" he purred.

They stayed in each other's arms before Zim poked her in the side, received a squeak from the tickle spot he had discovered, took advantage of it, and pointed at the doors.

"Let's go. I'll give you a ride home."

She nodded and a few minutes later, they were in the Voot Cruiser flying away. He headed towards her house, but she tapped him lightly on the shoulder.

"Take me to our hill," she whispered suggestively.

He looked up, thinking of what she meant, before returning the devilish gaze and piloting the Cruiser to their special place. He could not wait for the hill though when he pushed 'auto pilot' and practically tackled her, pulling her into a deep, passionate kiss.

Oh, I hope the learning facility has more of those plays, he thought to himself as he continued to kiss Gaz.


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