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Chapter 1~Edward

"Fuck!" I screamed as I slammed down the phone; part of me wanting to worry that I may have broken it and the other part not giving a damn.

I couldn't believe that my father would expect me to change my plans without checking with me first; I mean our plans, the guys and I. We have been planning this trip for almost four months, and have it all mapped out, right down to where we are staying, what we are seeing, what beaches we will stop at and every-damn-thing. How could he expect me to change it all this late in the game?

I grabbed my towel and headed down to the gym to meet with Em and Jas. We planned to workout, shower, pack, and then leave. I really hoped the guys wouldn't be too pissed off about the change.

I waved to Jasper and Emmett as I entered the gym. They were already in the midst of their weight routines so I hopped on the treadmill to run. I figure that may help to work off some of the anger that I was feeling at the moment. I definitely needed to cool down before I told the other two about what was going on, knowing that it would help things go over a little smoother. I hoped that it would anyway.

The last quarter of a mile in my run was really a cool down. So, it was easy to talk when Em and Jas dropped down on the bench in front of me and began to chat.

"Okay, so I took the Sub and gassed it up, the fucker cost me almost one hundred and thirty dollars! You two owe me your part of that, don't forget." Emmett's eyes almost popped out of his head as Jasper spoke about the cost.

"Why the fuck did you fill up both tanks? We could have stopped for gas along the way and not spent so much at once!" I shouted at Jasper. I knew my beast would not get us there cheap but damn there was no point blowing my budget all at one fill up.

"Look, I got it pretty cheap with my mom and dad's credit card. They gave me some of their reward points or whatever they are called. So I used it, don't bitch at me that you keep a twenty year old piece of shit and call it your car. Now, when are we rolling the fuck out of here? I can't wait to feel the sand between my toes and waves on my back." Emmett still looked shell shocked from the gas revelation so I wasn't sure this was the time to drop another bomb but it had to be done now or else I had to lie to them.

"Okay well that is the thing. We have to make a slight detour now." Jasper dropped his towel and Emmett sat unmoving, very unusual for him. "I talked with Carlisle and he needs us to stop by Forks to do him a favor; we actually need to pick up three strays and help to transport them to California with us."

"Strays? What the hell Edward, since when did we become a damn delivery service?" Emmett finally snapped out of his coma and joined us.

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