Naruto was Flying/Floating through a rift in dimensions thinking" uh figures with my luck I practice some of my justus and I hit the remnant of a kamui and am stuck here"

"Your not stuck."

"And why aren't I?"

"Becuase you can still move meaning you can touch the different universes and if your in them you can absorb them and their knowlegde.


" You touch the streams and absorb the justus and abilities from other yous."

"Thanks Fox" Naruto looked around and saw streams of what looked like chakra going to and fro. He reached out and touched one that had a purple and redish tint to it. The second he touched it he was covered in a flash of light and memories of sex and half demons filled is head(naruhinasukafan1's piles of lemons universe).When the light died down naruto had more muscles and his eyes had a slit like a fox. Naruto looked at himself and grinned feeling the power and memories he realized the opurtunity he had and started touching the streams left and right.


Naruto looked at the changes wrought from the the chakra/dimension streams his eyes were were slitted like a fox, he had two furry red fox ears and 9 fluffy tails behind him, he stood 5 6 with muscles packed into mucsles and had seals and scrolls placed all over, apparently he could also gained the items he had from the streams has well with 2 or more of the same copies fusing( headbands, clothes and weapons.). "This is great I have all this stuff for.. when..i.. leave... SHIT." "YO Fox i'm coming in."

Naruto immediatly appeared in a massive field with two houses in the backround."what the hell where's the sewer and furball?

"oh he's in the house on the right."

" oh" naruto said as he turned round and saw a red haired woman he remembered from the streams. "hey your the female kyuubi!"

"Pleased to see you remember me come inside and we will explain what happened.