~~~Story start~~~

Naruto returned to the tower after mind... I mean convincing the chief of police that his police had gotten soft with a super team in the area and needed to step it up to the point where there should be able to handle low class super villians. He came in to see all of the titans looking right next to him on both sides. Turning his head he saw Superman, Batman, and Supergirl looking at him.

"Whatever I did i'm blaming traffic cone over there." Naruto said before anyone said anything causing all the girls to giggle(and a boat near the island to blow up cause of Rae's powers), Robin to shout HEY while the rest excluding Batman(he never shows emotion as batman. EVER.) just looked at him in shock.

"No it wasn't 'traffic cone'(OH COME ON) that did anything it was you and your team killing Cinderblock." Superman said causing Naruto to do a deadpan stare at the three of them to the point where even Batman was uncomfortable.

"He was a villian and if you saw the news cast you'll see my and my team's reasons for doing so."

"No No we understand that and while we may disagree on this you do bring up a good merit, we're actually looking into the crime records from over the years to see why they weren't killed/death sentence."

"So why are you here then, I doubt with Bats over there it's a friendly visit." Naruto bluntly stated.

"Your right." The gruff voice of Batman said"We want you to take Supergirl here into your team and help her gain experiance in fighting villians."

This caused Naruto to look over Supergirl with his Omnigan activated eye and see anything the normal eye would have missed. To the normal eye she had long blonde hair that reached around mid-back, crystal clear blue eyes, long legs and C cup breasts. She wore a long sleaved shirt with the superman S on it that stopped above her stomach, a cape and a sort red mini skirt that showed of her thighs. To Naruto's eyes he coulds see her heart beating faster than average"Good, she's anxious, that means she's not cocky." He also saw that her muscle's were strained the same way ones would after excersising"So she's not a slacker." He also saw that she was wearing black lingerie panties and a black lingerie bra that was a size too small making what was already a C cup even larger.

"Alright we'll allow her on the team for set time, if she shows she can be a team player and work well with the other's she can stay if she chooses." Naruto stated after thinking it over some.

"Hold up." Batman interupted"We want to make sre she can actually learn something here so I have a test for you to complete."

This caused naruto to raise an eyebrow."They ask US to help her and they have the balls to say WE might not be worthy." "Let me descuss this with my team before going on then, it's one thing to accept a new member it's another thing completely to accept a test that may hurt them." With that said Naruto went to the descussion/interrigation room with the Titans." Well what do you guys think we should do?"

Robin replied first "We should show them what we can do and take that test. If we beat that test we even het Supergirl on our team, that would help our city and us alot."

"Yes but it would also attract all of her enemies to our city as well." Naruto countered

"If she could beat them alone then as a team we should be able to kick their asses!"

Naruto reached over to Robin and whacked him in the back of the head" No being cocky got it. Powerful beings have gotten cocky than got their asses sodomized by opponents weaker then them."

"Naruto has a point, but I agree with Robin on taking the test."Cyborg said with B.B. nodding his head without stop.
"We should totally take this test dude." B.B. shouted with his usual euthisiasim(Sp?)

"Well it looks were doing it since the majority of you guys are up for it. I don't even need to ask Star since I know she won't back down from a challenge and no matter what me or Raven say we're out voted." Nauto said with a smirk, showing he was amused." Now everyone except Rae leave. I need to talk with her for a sec." He then proceded to sound proof the room through seals placed into the walls." Alright what's wrong, you've been more quiet then usual since that time I teleported out of the tower." Naruto stated looking at his teamate with concern(Just cause he's evil doesn't make him care about his teamates any less than before, he is still Naruto after all).

"Nothing's wrong" Raven stated in her usual monotone voice.

"Rae I KNOW something's wrong so tell me so I can help you."

"Help me you can't HELP ME!" Raven shouted, her emotions taking control. As a result naruto was flung into the wall."Naruto" Raven said the second her emotions were under control.
"No sweat Rae but why didn't tell me you couldn't control your demonic energies." Naruto stated has he got up causing Raven to both widen her eyes and go stiff.

"How are you in control?" Rae quietly sobbed out after a few tense moments of silence.

"Will power and seals." Naruto answered in his most caring voice.

"What?"Rae looked at him confused. Naruto just smiled and pointed to around the room which raven now noticed to be covered in glowing seals.

"Didn't you notice that you were crying and nothing bad happened?" Naruto questioned"I can create seals that stop the flow of demon energy, just stopping the destruction caused by emotions will be easy since I have a base to work off of."

Raven jumped into Naruto crying" Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you." Nonsop with naruto activating a hiddden seal to slow down time outside the room.


I know Raven seams more emotional than usualy but that was the stress of figuring out how naruto controlled the demon energy and finally being able to show emotion without blowing shit up.