Hello my lovelies, I hope I didn't disappoint you by not having the real story update, but I wanted to tell you all something that you might enjoy!~ I WILL be updating the story. Starting very soon. I hope to have the next chapter done by the end of the week, and the chapters following coming within two weeks at most of the previous. Hopefully you are all okay with this. In the mean time! If your a fan of Hetalia, and the pairing of FrUs, I recently posted a story, which is a oneshot that's about halfway done. {What's with me and not getting my work done?... Ha!} That story will as well be updated by the end of the week hopefully, and there is a new one also in the midst of Inuyasha and Shippo, *cough* that one will NOT be smut. Thanks. XD I hope to have all my work done by the dates provided,[by the way, my writing style has changed slightly so I hope you all don't hate it...] However, I'm just a yaoi loving fan boy with my boyfriend as inspiration and... demonstration... TMI XDDDDD Haha, any suggestions, pm me!~ Bye bye for now, loves. :3