A/N: Originally prompted by bitchboughtmycookies on Tumblr. Blind!Blaine and Kurt's wedding day.

Their wedding ceremony wasn't your typical wedding ceremony, but then, their relationship had never been very typical either.

Blaine had trusted Kurt to design everything perfectly, from choosing a color scheme, to picking out their suits, to the types of flowers that were going to be in the vases at their reception. When Kurt had finalized every last detail, he'd shared them all with Blaine, painting him the picture of their fairytale day, and his fiance had smiled so wide it nearly made Kurt's heart shatter from too much love.

"It's gonna be so beautiful, even I'll be able to see it," he had said.

They both knew it was an exaggeration—Blaine's world had been dark since birth—but Kurt had accepted the compliment with a grin, setting down the fabric samples he'd brought for Blaine to touch and leaning over to capture the other man's lips in a kiss.

Two months later, Kurt stood at the alter of the nondenominational New York City church they'd selected for their venue. Though neither of them were particularly religious, Kurt had loved the way the sunlight streamed through the stained-glass windows, and Blaine had appreciated the quiet atmosphere. The last thing he needed was an outdoor wedding where he might miss a single word because of a blaring car horn or group of babbling tourists in Central Park.

"Ready, little brother?" Cooper asked, straightening Blaine's bow tie one last time.

"Yes," he replied, a little breathlessly, "I've been waiting for this day forever."

"Come on," Cooper smiled, moving to Blaine's side to get a grip on his arm, "Let's get you down that aisle to Prince Charming." Blaine took a steadying breath as Cooper led the way. He could tell when they stepped into the sanctuary. Cooper gently pulled him to a stop, and the soft murmur of voices met his ear. Their company was a small group of family and friends from high school and college, all the most important people in their lives.

He waited for a few quiet minutes, holding onto his brother's sleeve with a sweaty hand. Then soft piano music began to play, and Cooper murmured, "That's our cue, Blainey." Blaine walked along at his brother's side, feeling his heart clench and pound and race in his chest. Kurt hadn't told him that the pianist would playing "Teenage Dream," the Katy Perry hit that had been their song since high school, the one that had blared from Blaine's phone every time Kurt called for nearly a decade. The surprise made him feel warm all over, and with every step, Blaine could feel his heart tugging him forward, pulling him closer to the man who waited for him at the end of the aisle.

No one had questioned either of them about why Blaine was the one walking down the aisle. It wasn't based on any ridiculous determination of who was more "the bride" of the couple. Blaine had chosen this himself.

Kurt had known, from the very beginning of their relationship, that committing to Blaine meant committing to things that normal couples never had to deal with. Kurt had known it from their very first date, when he'd had to guide Blaine through Breadstix to their table and read items off the menu for him. He'd known it when Blaine had trouble with some of his assignments in school and Kurt had been forced to find ways to help explain pre-cal without being able to show him examples on paper. He knew it every day when he woke up and made them each a cup of coffee, unable to help but listen closely while Blaine showered, always a little nervous that he might slip in the dark.

Kurt knew it wasn't always going to be easy, but he'd stuck by Blaine every step of the way. When the darkness had grown heavy during Blaine's senior year, making him afraid—"How am I supposed to live a normal life, Kurt? High school is one thing, but it's about to be over, and the real world might be too much."—Kurt had held him and reassured him and promised him that everything would work out. He'd never given up on Blaine, and though the world remained dark around him, Kurt was his light, helping him pull through every challenge and over every bump in the road.

So today, on one of their most important days together, Blaine chose to walk to his light through the darkness. In a way, his journey down the aisle was symbolic of every day they'd spent together.

"Is it beautiful, Coop?" Blaine dared to whisper.

His brother squeezed his arm, "Gorgeous," he confirmed, "It's bright. Lots of white everywhere, with shades of dark red that match the flowers on both of your tuxedos. Everyone's watching you with big smiles. Mom's already started crying." Blaine chuckled under his breath.

"What about him?" There was no question to who he was referring to.

"Kurt's as handsome as ever. You can see the hearts in his eyes from here," Cooper told him, "I think he might just be in love with you, squirt." Blaine gave his best man a playful shove as they took their last few steps and paused. The music faded into a conclusion and Cooper squeezed Blaine's shoulder one last time before moving away. Blaine reached out a knowing hand into the darkness and felt Kurt's familiar fingers immediately threading through his own.

"Hi," the soft voice greeted.

"Hey," Blaine replied.

"You look incredible."

"You do, too." Blaine didn't have to be able to see to know that he spoke the truth.

Kurt helped Blaine up the four steps to where the preacher stood, and they took their places, hands held between them as they faced each other. Kurt stared, and Blaine's thumbs stroked over the back of Kurt's hands, each taking in the other in the best way they could.

The preacher spoke through the introductions and formalities before each groom shared their personal vows. Kurt had memorized his own as well, determined not to read off a paper since Blaine didn't have that luxury. By the time he'd finished, Blaine's hazel eyes were swimming with tears, and he laughed quietly when the preacher asked for him to share his vows.

"Now that Kurt's got me all emotional!" he exclaimed. Laughter echoed through the church as their audience chuckled along with him. Blaine composed himself enough to get through his vows, even as a few tears slid down his cheeks. When he'd finished, Kurt lifted his fiance's hand up to his face, tracing Blaine's fingers across his cheek to show that he too, had started to cry.

Their simple silver wedding rings were each inscribed with two words that they'd chosen for each other, a delicate script on the inside and Braille on the outside. Kurt slid Blaine's onto his finger first: My Inspiration. Then Blaine took Kurt's hand and carefully slid the second ring on, tracing his index finger around the band once it was in place: My Light.

The couple waited as the preacher got through a few more sentences, and finally they were pronounced to be "partners in love, life, and heart, united in marriage from this day forward," and allowed to share their first kiss, not as awkward teenagers, not as longtime boyfriends, not as fiances, but as husbands, committed to each other for the rest of their lives.

Blaine slid his hands over Kurt's arms and up his shoulders and neck to cradle his face. Kurt pressed their bodies together, holding Blaine's waist, and their lips crushed together in a familiar, if a little tearful, display of comfort, love, and affection. Their friends and family cheered as they kissed, and when they finally broke apart, Kurt pulled Blaine into his arms for a tight hug.

"I love you so much," he whispered.

"I love you more," Blaine countered.

"Not possible," Kurt pressed a kiss against his neck, "Can we just agree that it's a tie?"

"Yes," Blaine laughed, "We can do that."

Their wedding rings: bit. ly /KVUXGL (take out the spaces)