It should be no secret that Knock Out and Breakdown are my favorite pairing right next to Prowl and Jazz. I simply eat it up when either of these two hot 'Cons are running around on the screen!

So this prompt was post over on LJ Kink Meme and I couldn't resist!

Everybody knows Knockout judges mechs by their appearance and thinks shiny and flawless means perfection, so it throws him for a loop when he 'faces with a mech he finds really unattractive and turns out to be the best frag he's ever had. Maybe Knockout had a series of disappointing frags with sexy mechs he thought would be good. Maybe he's stuck on patrol with the unattractive mech and too desperate to wait anymore. So he decides to have a quick frag, expecting it to be whatever, but it's awesome. Whatever scenario you can think of, doesn't have to be this. It doesn't have to be a mech readers find ugly, just someone whose not Knockout's type. Ex: plain/boring/scratched whatever. The mech's personality could increase Knockout's misinterpretation of them too.

And of course, my mind goes straight to Knock Out/Breakdown and doing a kind of how they first met and how this duo started out. I wrote to fill the prompt and realized the bunnies weren't done and I've wanted to write a story on how these two came to be partners. So that's what I'm doing! :)

This is the "non sticky" version of this. I'll be posting the sticky version in my LJ, I know not everyone's a fan of sticky and I'm still too embarassed to actually post sticky here.

Warnings: Mech on Mech (you know the drill)

Regular talk

::Comm Link::

Chapter One:

When Knock Out met Breakdown

Knock Out reclined on the berth with a happy hum, shifting against the soft padded surface till he was comfortable. His optics were darkened, pleasured, smoldering red jewels that narrowed to slits as he looked down the length of his own beautiful body splayed on the berth. He wouldn't off line his optics, no, no, not yet. To do that would mean he'd miss the intoxicating sight of the gorgeously shiny yellow body above him. Miss watching that limber form with delicious glossy curves slowly touch, kiss, and lick up his own frame.

Knock Out trailed fingers teasingly up the satiny smooth plating of one yellow armored arm as the other mech leaned into him, carefully pressing their frames flush together. One perfectly sculpted mouth seeking its equal. He leaned into the kiss, moaning softly as he hooked a leg around the other's thigh, pulling him closer.

The mech above him pulled away from the kiss slightly, just enough to gaze admiringly down. His lips quirking into a slight smile while his fingertips teased a seam along red hips, "Yes?"

Knock Out groaned, both arms falling back above his helm, as he squirmed playfully against yellow hips, "Yes." A smug grin played on the other mech's mouth as he explored. Fingers tracing seams then caressing over his glossy plating. His sensor net prickled, coming online, a wave of delicious warmth rippling through him.

Relaxing back, Knock Out sighed enjoyably as he watched the mech above him. Watched the dim light roll and glint off the high gloss and smooth curves of his frame with every movement. The way the others languid gaze roamed over him, hot and wanting. There was really nothing better than getting fragged by a mech who was as attractive as himself.

Knock Out shuttered his optics for a moment, this…this he enjoyed. Savoring the waves of pleasure as they started to build, rolling through him as sensations heightening, slowly edging him toward overload.

Then his comm link crackled to life. Both mechs stilling.

::Knock Out, report to entrance 5B for patrol shift.::

Optics snapped opened as Knock Out frowned, sitting up to lean on an elbow. What?

The yellow mech frowned as well, "You didn't tell me you had a...patrol shift."

"I don't." He didn't run patrol...ever. That was a chore for lesser mechs. Not him.

::Sir, Knock Out here, I'm afraid I may have heard incorrectly. Did you just ask me to go on a patrol shift?::

::You did hear incorrectly, Knock Out. You aren't being asked to go on patrol shift, you're being ordered to go on patrol shift.::

::But - ::

::If you are not here in 5 breems I'll be directing security to your location and they will forcefully bring you here. Do I make myself clear?::

::Yes, Sir.::

Knock Out snarled clicking the comm link off, slamming a fist fitfully against the berth as the other mech pushed away from him, already off the berth, turning toward the door.

Glowering, a seething anger swirling inside, Knock Out stormed down the hall toward the entrance he'd been directed to. His body still buzzed, sensors still pulsing and tingling from the interrupted interface.

It was ridiculous asking him, him, to do a patrol. And, sure enough, when he rounded the corner the commanding officer, Stripnine, was waiting for him. His smile nasty.

"Knock Out. I do hope I wasn't interrupting anything."

Knock Out smiled nastily back, "Nothing I can't start back up later." Or sooner if he could wiggle out of this. "I wasn't aware it was procedure now to have medics running patrols."

"It's not. I just like you."

Knock Out sneered at Stripnine's tone, "I have patents in the medical wing. I can't -"

"Are any of them in critical condition?"

"No, but -"

"Then no one requires your immediate attention, therefore, you will not be missed."

"And what if something were to happen while I'm out on patrol that requires my medical expertise?"

Stripnine leaned in toward Knock Out, speaking low, as through he were sharing secret information. "We have these wonderful inventions call "comm links". It's an amazing system. It allows us to contact anyone almost instantly despite distances. You might have heard of it? Furthermore, you're on the short patrol, so should anything happen and we need you, you won't be any great distance away."

Knock Out glared, drawing a breath, he wasn't giving up so easy. But Stripnine cut him off, "I realize, Knock Out, that you're…..shall we say, favored by some of the commanding officers. Even by Lord Megatron himself."

At that admission, Knock Out couldn't suppress the smug smirk that inched itself across his face. After all, Megatron didn't let just any medic work on him, only ones he trusted.

Stripnine smiled as well, leaning in again toward the medic, "However, I'm not Megatron. And he's not here." That…wiped the smirk right off Knock Out's face. "And I don't favor you."

Turning, Stripnine snatched up a rifle that was leaning against the wall and thrust the weapon into the smaller mech's chest plate, hands coming up automatically, gripping the gun. "You're on patrol. Now, do as you're told."

Swallowing a snarl, Knock Out turned and walked stiffly out of entrance 5B. Stripnine following behind him. Out in the now abandoned streets of Iacon, Stripnine stepped to the side, calling a mech over.

"Breakdown. Here. Your partner for this patrol has arrived."

Knock Out watched the other mech approach. Large bulky frame, a warrior model. Built for power, strength, with little else in mind. And it showed. Warrior frames were boring. No sweeping plating, no graceful curves, just mostly hard angles and flat blocky surfaces. On top of that, warriors were generally careless about their appearances and general maintenance.

This one was no exception.

Dust and grit clinging to the mech's plating. He could see scuffs, scrapes, and scratches in at least a dozen places. Patchy paint job. Disgusting. How could any self respecting mech walk around like that?

Either ignoring or ignorant of Knock Out's scrutiny, the warrior, Breakdown, came to stand by him and the medic had to fight the urge to pull out his polishing cloth and start polishing himself right then and there. As though just by standing this close, his own appearance might be affected by the larger mech, some how soiled by his proximity.

"My apologizes, Breakdown." Stripnine addressed his fellow warrior as he nodded toward Knock Out, "We're short able bodies so you're stuck with the trinket."

Breakdown make no comment, remaining silent, though Knock Out bristled at the insult. Trinket. As though he were useless outside the medical wing or couldn't handle himself in the field. Preferring not to be in the field didn't make him incapable of being in the field. There was a difference.

"Knock Out, follow Breakdown. He's run this patrol before."

Biting back all retorts, they wouldn't change the situation now, Knock Out turned and followed Breakdown down a street.

Abandoned buildings loomed over them. They walked, almost silently, in between crumbling structures, down side streets, cutting across a few back alleyways. Knock Out turned inward, content for now to silently follow Breakdown's lead.

Authors Notes

Ok, I've based Breakdown off of his Bio on Wikiapediawhatever. Which states he's extermely young. So, so far, Breakdown is still just an average soldier, he hasn't even started to climb the ranks yet. Knock Out will eventually speed that up. But right now, he pretty much obeys just about anyone who gives him an order because at this point he's out ranked by...just about everyone.
Reading and reviewing is always loved and appreciated! :)