This is a work of fiction and I own no part or parcel of Shonen Jump, Bleach, Shueisha, or Studio Pierrot, mores the pity. I wrote this piece as a birthday present to my koishii. This story is a two part series, featuring a Hichigo/Orihime pairing in the first chapter and an Ichigo/Orihime pairing in the second. If you do not like these pairings, I suggest you find other stories to suit your tastes.

This is an alternate timeline in which Ichigo never lost his powers and no full bringers were introduced.

As with most of my stories, sexual situations present. If you want the unedited version, you can find it on my Mediaminer account on my profile page. So if you like the water downed version, sit back and enjoy!

Two Sided Heart Part 1

Dreams. For many they come and go in flashing images and convoluted tangents. For others, it is a gateway into the recesses of the mind, dragging our basest desires and needs to the forefront, letting the dreamer experience in the subconscious, what would be impossible to do in the waking state. For Inoue Orihime, tonight's dream will take her to a realm she never knew existed, pitting her into a fight for survival and the attention of the one with no name.

It had been a long day at Karakura high school for Inoue. Between the furious note taking for each class, the intense banter between Ichigo and Uryu during lunch time, which Orihime had to diffuse before fists flew, and the exhausting workout with Tatsuki for self defense, she barely had enough energy to leave the school grounds.

I really should work on my stamina. Orihime thought to her self as she began the trek back to her apartment, her mind wandering off on lovely little tangents. In one she imagined herself flying like a superhero over the city, saving citizens from the cruel injustices of the world. In another she was a famous pastry chef and the star of the food circuit, opening several pastry and candy themed eateries to appease the insatiable hunger of the sugar addicted masses. In still another she was a singer who captured the world's hearts with her uplifting ballads, always smiling, always happy to sing to the crowd and to share in the joy of love and hope. A sigh of longing escaped her lips as her thoughts formed other images. Ichigo was dressed in the armor of a medieval knight, sword in hand, slaying the dragon that looked suspiciously like Aizen before turning around to face her, his hard features softening as he rested the blade upon his shoulder and came over to her.

"My lady…" He began, using his sword to cut her free of the sacrificial post the villagers had tied her to, dropping the sword to catch her as she swooned. "Kurosaki-kun.." She whispered, reaching out to touch his face. The Ichigo in her dream leaned into her touch, voice silken with love and desire as he spoke, "Inoue.. Inoue.. Inoue, hey!"

"Ah!" Orihime cried out in surprise, jumping at the sudden intrusion of the real Ichigo's voice into her fantasy, book bag flying up into the air and landing onto the young man's head. Ichigo stumbled a bit at the impact, cursing as he reached up to rub the growing bump before bending down to scoop up his friend's bag.

"Sorry for startling you, Inoue," Ichigo began, coming around to face her. "But you were about to run right into a telephone pole and I didn't want you to get hurt."

Orihime blushed, peering around him to see that she would have run smack dab into the telephone pole. Her gaze came back to the orange-haired man that she loved, an apologetic smile on her lips as she spoke quickly, embarrassment evident in her tone. "Thank you, Kurosaki-kun." Lifting her hand she gave a soft tap with her fist to the side of her head. "I'm so ditzy that I get lost in my thoughts sometimes and lose sight of where I'm going."

Ichigo frowned as she tapped her head. I really wish she wouldn't put herself down like that. He thought as he studied her. He'd known the petite orange-haired girl for years and always felt fiercely protective of her. She had always cheered him up when he was down, had stuck by him through thick and thin and motivated him to succeed in all he did. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have the resolve to win my battles.

Still, they had not spent much time alone with each other and Ichigo felt a sudden desire to walk her home. Not that he wouldn't of anyway, but this feeling was particularly strong and he wondered if something unusual or bad was about to happen. "Orihime, there's nothing wrong with getting lost in your thoughts." He replied, still holding Inoue's book bag as he moved to stand beside her. "I just don't want you to get hurt. So why don't I walk you the rest of the way home? I promise to keep you safe." He flashed her a grin meant to ease her embarrassment, blinking when she blushed even darker and lowered her gaze. "Uh… did I say something wrong?"

Orihime felt her heart flutter at his words. Does he even realize how he makes me feel? She wondered, biting her lip and lowering her eyes to hide the desire she felt for him. He was like the knight in her fantasy, only unaware of her feelings for him and perhaps how he might feel for her. He had never really noticed her as a woman. Just as a friend. But that was how Ichigo was with girls. He was usually so wrapped up in fighting and improving his skills and power that female companionship remained in the realm of friend and helper.

Orihime wanted more. Wanted to hold him and kiss him. To tell him that she loved him and wanted him. Wanted to feel his body above hers. Feel his lips, his hands, his skin, his.. She blushed darkly, mind trailing off on a sexual tangent that made her glad her gaze was lowered. "No.." she whispered at his question. "I would be happy if you would walk with me, Kurosaki-kun."

Ichigo nodded, waiting patiently for Orihime to begin walking. They fell into a casual stride, talking about light subjects like school and dinner. "I was thinking, Inoue," Kurosaki began as they stopped at the foot of the stairs that led up to Orihime's apartment. "Would you like to come have dinner with my family sometime? Yuzu makes some awesome Kushikatsu that I think you'd enjoy."

Orihime about drooled at the prospect. She loved the deep fried skewers of meats and vegetables. It was one of the few normal things she enjoyed eating. Plus, she'd get to be around Ichigo and his family. Bonus! "I would like that very much, Kurosaki-kun!" she replied, beaming up at him.

Now this was the Orihime he wanted to see! He loved her smile and her happy demeanor and something in him latched on to that joy and he beamed a smile back at her. "Cool! How about tomorrow night? Or is that too soon?"

Orihime blushed again, unable to stop herself from squealing inside. "That would be great, Kurosaki-kun." She answered as the pair climbed up the steps and walked over the door of her apartment. Digging out her key she unlocked and opened the door, pushing it open gently, turning to face him. "Should I bring over anything? Some tea or dessert?" Her voice trailed off as she noticed Ichigo staring off hard in the distance. "Is something wrong?" She asked, sensing his spike in reiatsu.

Ichigo scanned the surroundings, feeling a momentary blip of something usual and dark. But it left as quickly as it came and he lowered his defenses and turned back to Orihime. "No. It's all right. Thought I felt something strange for a moment but I guess I'm just tired." He paused then added, "Are you sure you're alright like this, Inoue? I wish you weren't so alone."

Orihime looked up at him in surprise. His troubled look of concern made her want to reach out and touch his face to calm him. Instead she replied with a happy smile that belied her sadness. "I am used to living alone, Kurosaki-kun. I will be fine. So do not worry about me."

"Yeah, but.. Inoue," Ichigo started then stopped, blinking in surprise when Orihime leaned in and gave him a hug. Dropping the girl's book bag, he returned it without thought, going with his instinct as he listened to her speak.

"Thank you, Kurosaki-kun." Orihime muffled against his shoulder, inhaling the scent of him she knew so well. "Thank you for taking the time to walk home with me and make sure I'm okay."

Are you really okay, Inoue? Ichigo thought, his body welcoming the feel of hers against his. He didn't think it odd to hold her or that she had hugged him. But he was confused over how it made him feel. He never really took the time to notice girls. He had an innocence about him that made it nearly impossible to think in a sexual way. But with Orihime, right then and now, he felt something less than pure and it made him blush. Before he could say anything, Orihime pulled away and let him go. Wait.. don't go.. His body cried as he lifted a hand to pull her back to him only to drop it as Orihime turned and entered her apartment.

"Goodnight, Kurosaki-kun. I look forward to dinner with you, tomorrow." Orihime whispered, looking up at him with a happy smile.

Ichigo found it a bit hard to speak as he struggled to cope with this new sensation. Looking down at his feet, he spied the bag and swooped down to pick it back up, handing it to her, clearing his throat as she took it gently from him, her fingertips lightly brushing against his, causing him to stammer a bit. "I.. that is.. um.. goodnight, Inoue.. I can come.. get you tomorrow.. if you wish.." God, why do I feel like a jackass? He berated himself, looking down at his friend who beamed and bowed a bit. "That would be great!"

The substitute shinigami smiled back as he turned to go, his need to hold her again fading temporarily as he looked over his shoulder and waved. "Bye, Inoue, see you tomorrow."

Orihime waved back. "Bye, Kurosaki-kun!" She watched him head down the stairs and out into the street, closing her door only when he was no longer in sight. Another pair of eyes watched Ichigo leave, his form cloaked in shadow, save for a flash of pointed white teeth. The only threat to his mission had left the target alone. Foolish boy, you should have stayed. No one can protect your woman from me now. The creature thought gleefully, excited over what was to come as he disappeared into thin air, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Night fell soon upon Karakura town, bringing with it the quiet darkness that brings sleep. Orihime yawned as she sat upon the sofa in her living room. Feeling a heavy weariness baring down on her, she rose, stretching, then adjusted her 1-up mushroom pj's as she walked over to the tv. The images of knights fighting for the love of a lady fading as she pushed the off button, heading down the dimly lit corridor to her bedroom.

Pulling the covers back, Orihime slid in, nestling in the light yellow soft cotton sheets, her multi colored comforter nearly pulled over her head, a habit from a childhood she did not remember but instinctively knew. Bad things happened at night when the lights were down low and the house was quiet. Still, her fears would not stop her from her sleep and she soon drifted off, drawn deeper into her sub consciousness almost as if it were against her will. She was falling, falling, falling, the wind whipping through her hair, the blackness growing brighter and brighter until it flashed, blinding Inoue who covered her face, her scream stifled as gravity seemed to release her and she floated down, her feet touching something solid and tall.

Lowering her hands, Orihime blinked, adjusting to her new surroundings, marveling in awe. She stood upon the outskirts of a medieval village, waist deep in tall grass that brushed slowly against her as a gentle breeze swept through. In the distance, a massive mountain range spread as far as the eye could see, while heavily forested growth lined both sides. The faint sounds of a river drew her attention and she walked slowly through the grass field, following along the river's path that led directly to the town.

Emerging from the grass and into the village, she felt the coolness of the soil as she entered the town, brow furrowed as she looked down and realized she was bare foot and still in her pajamas. What an odd dream. She thought, as she slowly walked past a series of empty buildings. Looking around she could not sense or see any sign of life or activity. It was so quiet and so lonely that she shivered, a rising fear growing in her that she could not place. The hair on the back of her neck rose as she felt a sudden and unknown presence stalking her and she stopped, her bluish-gray eyes seeking out the source of her unease, her voice soft but determined as she called out, "Show yourself!"

A evil chuckle erupted behind Inoue and she whirled around, eyes widening at the creature before her. Towering over her, the figure was dressed in an armor of scales the same shade as the red eyes that peered down at her. His tanned skin shone in the sun while long silver hair was pulled back into a pony tail. Flashing his teeth at her, he spoke. "Here I am."

Orihime took a step back, trying to control her fear as she looked up at the strange man. "Who are you?"

"Kuroujigoku." The creature replied, still grinning at her as he gripped the hilt of his sheathed sword, pulling it out slowly, extending the weapon outward, the deadly silver flashing, reflecting the rays of the sun.

Orihime swallowed the lump in her throat, eyes focused on the tip of the sword, trying to find her courage. "What do you want with me?" She asked, shifting her body into a defensive position, eyes never leaving the odd looking figure who gripped the hilt with both hands, grinning manically as he rushed forward and leapt into the air.

"Your body and soul, pathetic human!" He snarled, slicing the blade downward towards Inoue, who raised her hands and called out, "Shiten Koshun."

A triangular shield materialized around her just as the blade struck, a massive explosion erupting upon contact, smoke filling the air making it impossible to see how much damage she had inflicted on her attacker. Her eyes widened and she felt a stinging pain across her cheek, the wet, thick feel of blood oozing down the side as her shield shattered. Cold fear smacked into her in waves, freezing her in place as the creature leaned down and whispered into her ear, hand poised to slice at her again with his sword. "Gotcha!"

Several miles away, in the Kurosaki household, Ichigo lay upon his bed, hands under his head, staring up at the ceiling, wondering about the feelings Orihime had brought out in him earlier. Why was he so confused again? She was his friend and also a girl. A girl he wanted to protect. But I want to protect everyone, not just girls. He replied to himself, brow furrowing as he thought, But I always protect Orihime. I promised I would always protect her. I answered her call when nothing else would work. I was dead and she brought me back to life. What did it mean? What did she mean to him? She was his friend. Yes, that she was. Was she beautiful? Of course! Every guy wanted her that he knew of. A sudden surge of jealousy struck and he blinked at the intensity of it and the realization of his feelings. He didn't want any man to have her. He wanted her. She was a part of his life and he could not, would not let her go. Growling in frustration at his troubled mind, he rolled over and closed his eyes, trying to go to sleep when he felt a sudden spike of that same dark reiatsu from earlier, his eyes snapping open as he sensed Orihime's rise entwined with naked fear. He bolted up, shifting out of his body, becoming a shinigami as he leapt from the window, strapping the zanpakuto onto his back as he used flash steps, his form disappearing and reappearing with each jump and charge forward, landing in front of Orihime's door, knocking on it hard, voice full of more emotion than he should have used. "Inoue! Inoue, open the door! It's Ichigo!" Desperation filled him as he sensed Orihime's fear and panic.

Fuck this! He snarled, lifting his leg and kicking forward, the door giving way as it flew off it's hinges. Racing in, Ichigo tore down the corridor, skidding to a stop when he got to the girl's bedroom. Entering, he came over to the side of her bed, studying the prone form of Orihime. At first, she appeared to be unharmed, but as he leaned over further, he spotted the cut to her face and his features became full of concern. Something odd is going on but what is it? Reaching out, he clasped her shoulder, gently shaking it. "Inoue? Inoue? You need to wake up. Inoue?" His voice could not reach her and he felt despair rise within him. His back stiffened at the sudden and unwelcome voice in his head.

Stupid boy, can't you see what's going on here?

"I don't have time to listen to you, so get lost!" He growled, shaking Orihime's shoulder again, gritting his teeth as his hollow self continued.

I can't believe you're the king. Ichigo's dark self snorted in disgust. If I were in control, this wouldn't have happened.

Ichigo let go of the girl's shoulder, teeth still gritted as he spoke. "If you were in control? You'd probably torment all my friends and my family! So if you know what's going on, why don't you fucking spit it out! Orihime's dying and I have to save her!"

A sigh echoed within the shinigami's mind. She's obviously been pulled into her inner world. Something you cannot help her to escape from. The girl's gonna have to do it herself.

"What? But.. that's.. I thought only Shinigamis had.."

Stupid! You are a terrible king! Ya don't deserve her at all! Hichigo snarled. You obviously don't know what the fuck you're doing! So step aside and let me do it for you!

"Like hell I will! You'll only hurt her!" Ichigo growled back, jealousy spiking in him again. What right did his hollow have to say he didn't deserve her? How the hell did he know what he felt?

Maybe.. maybe not.. Replied Hichigo with a second's pause, knowing the uncertainty would gnaw at his human half. But you know I'm the best chance to pull her out of it.. so put your fucking hand on her forehead and concentrate!

Ichigo looked down at Orihime, concern marring his features as he heard her cries in his head and felt her pain. "Alright! I'll do it!" He cried, kneeling down at her bed. Reaching out, he rested his palm upon her forehead and closed his eyes. He felt his hollow leave him and opened his eyes, studying the girl with troubled eyes. "Please be all right, Inoue." He whispered, remaining as he was, watching over her and hoping his hollow behaved.. for once.

Orihime cried out as the creature continued to attack her, dodging and creating barriers as fast as she could, each time having them broke by Kuroujigoku's sword. Soil and grass exploded as the weapon sliced into the ground. She couldn't keep running and dodging. If her barriers could be cut so easily, Tsubaki would be ineffective in battle. I need help. I need to stop him but I don't know how.. I don't.. I can't.. She turned, tears forming her eyes as Kuroujigoku leapt up, an evil gleam in his gaze as he brought the sword down again, barely missing her, the powerful explosion sending her up and rocketing her back towards a row of thick trees that upon impact would crush her frail human form.

She cried out, closing her eyes, bracing for blow only to feel a strong pair of arms wrap around her, cradling her into their solid body as they skidded to a stop, dust flying in their wake. The person holding her rose and she opened her eyes, gasping in shock at who held her. A white bankai outfit with dark purple fur around the cuffs and v-cut collar clothed his body. A black horned mask with two vertical white stripes was upon his face but Orihime knew who the wearer was. Only one creature had a mask like that. Ichigo's hollow. "What.. what are you doing here? Where's Ichigo?" She whispered, hoping he could hear her and not go berserk as he did the last time.

Hichigo looked down at her, noting her fear and her concern and he narrowed his eyes as he spoke. "Outside, waiting. You should really wake up. If you know what's good for you." He answered, setting her down as he stood in front of her. Pointing his white zanpakuto at Kuroujigoku he growled. "Oy! Scaly armored bastard! If you don't leave here right now, I'll kill you and enjoy every second of it!"

"Who the fuck are you?" Kuroujigoku countered, raising his blade as well. "I won't leave until my mission is complete. My master wants that girl and I'll take her and do what I please with her!"

Hichigo lowered his blade a bit. "Is that so?" He murmured then grinned, his mask hiding his glee. "Well my master already owns this woman and he's not big on sharing so it's time for you to get the fuck out!" Leaping forward, the hollow brought his blade down, laughing as the creature blocked the attack, his feet sinking into the ground from the impact. Flipping back, Hichigo charged again, precise and deadly accurate with his cuts, his blade cutting through the armor, scales flying off as he attacked relentlessly, flying back as Kuroujigoku managed a blow to the side of his mask, the hollow's waist length long hair fluttering in the wind as he slammed into the forest, trees snapping and breaking and collapsing in his wake, dust and debris erupting into the air from impact.

Orihime gasped, rising to her feet to help him only to duck and cover her head as a cero blast shot through the air, Kuroujigoku countered it, breathing out a wave of fire, canceling the cero out then jumping into the air to dodge the second flash of red energy that erupted from the darkness.

"Hah! Pathetic! Did you actually expect.." He started then gasped, blood erupting from his mouth as Hichigo's blade exploded through his chest.

"I expect you to die." The hollow countered from behind him, voice taunting as he withdrew the blade, blood spurting out as Kuroujigoku fell, his large body slamming into the ground with the force of a meteor.

Hichigo landed, his mask partially blown to bits from the earlier attack. His pale skin was scorched from the fire attack earlier and his clothing ripped, revealing cuts where the creature's blade has sliced home.

Orihime ran cautiously over, looking down at the crater made from the impact of Kuroujigoku's body. "Is he.." she started then stopped, unable to say the words.

Hichigo jumped down, giving the armored fiend a savage kick, which made Orihime wince. "Yeah.. the bastard's dead. No demonic reiatsu left."

"Demonic.. reiatsu?" She asked, looking from the hollow down to Kuroujigoku then back up to him again as he spoke and sat down, yanking the ruined mask off his face and tossing it over his shoulder.

"Are ya, deaf? That's what I said. What is it with human females, anyway?" He replied shortly, taking off his ruined bankai jacket, blood seeping through the wounds on his sides and chest.

"You're hurt.." Orihime whispered in concern.

"No shit." Hichigo replied, blinking as the girl held up her hands towards him, a oval light barrier covering his form. He felt his wounds heal and his energy return. He grinned as the light faded, leaning back on his elbows and laughed. "No wonder the king has survived so long!"

Orihime blinked, lowering her hands, brow furrowed at his words. "King?"

Hichigo's laughter died down, his grin falling as he grumbled. "Ichigo is the king and I am the horse in his inner world. Just like you are master of this.." He paused, waving a hand around. "craphole.."

"Hey.." Orihime protested. "That's not very nice.. wait.." She tilted her head, looking around. "Did you say inner world? What is an inner world."

The hollow groaned and fell onto his back. "Doesn't Ichigo talk to you at all?"

Biting her lip, Inoue replied. "I don't.. I don't like to bother him. He's

so busy and I don't want to…" She began then stopped as she felt the hollow's hand grab her chin, forcing her to look at him. His yellow eyes and black sclera were disturbing and mad but there was something else reflected in those yellow pools that made Inoue's body shiver with delight. Desire. Naked, open desire. Ichigo had never looked at her that way, had never said what he felt towards her. She was unsure how to act or what to do as the dark half of Kurosaki growled. "He doesn't fucking deserve you or your loyalty. If I were in control you would have been my queen by now."

She pulled back from his hand, voice soft. "You're not Ichigo."

The hollow grinned. "Damn straight I'm not... I'm a hollow with no name. But I am his pure base desires and what I desire… is you.." Reaching out, Hichigo grabbed Orihime by the shoulders, forcing her to straddle his lap, his lips crushed against her own, the kiss bruising and lustful. He bit her bottom lip, making her gasp and the hollow took advantage, delving his tongue into her mouth, claiming it, savoring the taste of her. She was innocent and ripe for the taking and the hollow was going to make her his queen.

Orihime was shocked. Having never been kissed, she didn't know what to do or what to say. All she could think and feel was this man that looked like Ichigo, smelled like Ichigo and felt like Ichigo. The possessive way he held her and kissed her made her head spin but she pushed at his shoulders, breaking off the kiss and reached up, smacking the hollow as hard as she could across the face.

Hichigo blinked, rubbing his face at the smack, quirking an eyebrow. "You're pretty strong for a girl. I like that." He grinned as Orihime jumped up and backed away.

"Stay away from me." She warned, holding up her hands in a defensive posture.

The hollow's features turned thoughtful for a moment before he flashed his teeth at her. "Nah.. I'd rather pin you down and have my way you." Stalking forward he watched as the girl backed up and away from him.

Orihime looked around for some place to hide, to escape but there was nowhere to go and no one to save her. Dropping her hands to the side, she lowered her head and started to cry. "Just.. do. what you have to do and leave me alone."

Hichigo stopped, frowning. "Oy! Woman.. what are you crying about? I'm not going to hurt you."

Orihime looked up at him, wiping her eyes. "But.. I thought you said.."

The hollow sighed, dropping down beside her. "It's no fun if you're going to cry. I want you as my queen. I want you, Inoue Orihime. I am Ichigo's desires.. his instincts.. Why do you think he's never really told you about me? He's afraid of me. He's afraid I'll take over and he'd be right. But what we both want, what we both need is you. I need you, Orihime. I want you. Do you know how maddening it is to sit this close to you? To be able to touch you after all the years I've yearned for you? I could take you against your will, but I'd rather take you when you're willing. Besides, Ichigo would kill me if I hurt you and since I like our arrangement, I am willing to go easy on you, just this once."

The healer looked at the dark half of Ichigo for a moment. He certainly was scary but he was a part of Ichigo and she loved Ichigo. Besides, this inner world was just a bad dream, right? The hollow came to save her and succeeded. What harm could it be to let him touch and kiss her as a reward? Especially if he smelled and looked so much like her Ichigo. Biting her lip, she reached out, hesitating at first then slid her fingers into his hair, voice soft. "You have nice hair. It is a good look for you."

Hichigo blinked, turning at her in surprise then snorted. "You women and hair. I have other things that are much nicer than my hair." He gave her a wolfish look, that manic gleam subdued and transferred into lust and Orihime felt her heart flutter and her body respond.

"Show me." She whispered, growing bolder as she leaned in to kiss him.

The hollow was shocked, if such a thing were possible for him. All he had to do to win her over and let him have his way with her was be nice? Fuck, I need to do this more often. He thought as he pulled her into his arms and rolled, pinning her to the ground, returning the gentle kiss, adding his passion to it, giving her the slow burn as he slid his hands under her pj top, her gasp at his touch making his member twitch and harden and he broke off the kiss and looked down, quirking an eyebrow at the design of the fabric. "Aren't you a little old for this kind of clothing?"

Orihime blushed at his words, her cheeks darkening as he unbuttoned and parted her top, gasping when she felt his hands then his mouth tease her breasts. She panted, arching and crying out as he suckled, her hands clutching the grass. She closed her eyes, imagining Ichigo and her body trembled, overcome with desire as she felt him tug her pants down and she whimpered, feeling an aching need in her. "Please.. I need.."

"Shh.." Hichigo whispered as he kissed his way down to her panties, nuzzling her sex and groaning at the scent of her. part of him wanted to just yank her panties off to have his way with her but he kept his cool, slowly tugging them off, groaning at the sight then leaned down, kissing along her inner thighs, smiling at her blush and her whimpers as he reached her sex, loving her with his mouth until she snapped, body arching as she cried out his king's name.

Outside, in the real world, Ichigo watched with growing concern. At first Orihime was prone, now she writhed and moaned. Her breathing was labored and he swore she gasped his name. He touched her forehead for signs of fever. She felt hot to the touch and he leaned closer, voice troubled as he spoke, "Inoue.." He felt arms wrap around him and pull him down for a kiss and he was shocked,. What in the world was going on? He thought, his body wanting to return the heated kiss but she was obviously out of it and in the throes of something unknown to him Dammit, what are you doing to her in there? He wondered, jealousy blooming in his heart. Just you wait til you get back! I'm going to kick your ass! Ichigo eyes widened as Orihime suddenly pulled him lower, forcing his face into her breasts and his hands flailed, voice muffled as his cry for help went unheard.

Back in the inner world, Hichigo let Orihime ride out her release, loving the way she smelled and tasted. When her legs loosened, he pulled up, wiping her essence from his mouth and face as he grinned down at her. "Fucking sexy is what you are, Inoue.. can't want to be inside you."

Orihime blushed, watching him yank his pants down, glancing at his member and she gasped. She'd never seen one hard before and she bit her lip, wondering how it would fit into her.

Hichigo moved down between the girl's legs, hovering over her, barely entering her, almost letting go at the way her lips made an "o" shape, her whimpers testing his limited patience. Leaning down to kiss her, he growled. "Open up for me, my queen." He slid in slowly, an inch at a time, her walls stretching around him with no resistance and he quirked an eyebrow at her.

Inoue gasped at the feel of him sliding painfully slow into her. It was a new and delicious sensation and she parted her legs for him, letting him fill her, her glazed eyes looking up at him as she leaned up and kissed him again and again, knowing he was wondering about her seal. " Lost it in a horse riding accident.." She murmured, moaning as Hichigo started to move in and out, slow motions at first that soon became deep, long, hard thrusts. They both panted and moaned, sweat glistening on their bodies, lost in time and each other.

Hichigo nipped and suckled on the girl's shoulder, growling as she met his thrust with her hips, her body seeming to beg for more of him inside her. You want more, little vixen, I'll give it to you. He pulled back, nearly leaving her only to plunge nearly all the way to her core. He gave her a frantic pace, her cries and babbling pushing him to the edge. "Yes.. mine now.. you're mine, Orihime.. my queen! Mine!" He growled, violent in his thrusts now, the girl writhing under him, her voice and body on fire for release. "Oh.. so good.. Oh god.. yes.. ! I'm gonna… Ahh!" She felt her body snap and she cried out, wrapping her arms around Hichigo, clinging as he pounded her.

She felt so good.. so tight.. and he about gasped as he felt her walls grip him and lock, he felt her gush around him and he rutted with her relentlessly, reaching his zenith nearly a minute after her. "In..oue! Yes! Mine!" His voice was hoarse, bestial and he crushed his mouth against hers as he filled her with his seed, tongues twining as they shuddered and slowed, the hollow collapsing on top of her, licking along her shoulder then to her neck, brushing his lips against her ear, his breath hot as he croaked out, "My queen.. Mine now.."