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Chapter Three: Revelation and Copulation

The hours rolled on for Inoue, her gray eyes distant as groups of people walked by the bread shop. Thoughts of last night kept replaying in her head. Sex with Ichigo's hollow had felt so very real, the sensations and the physical desire and release were wickedly wonderful and she felt her body ache in longing for more. She had always loved Ichigo and she always would but he really wasn't very observant of her feelings for him. The healer wanted to show him what he meant to her and though she was shy and hesitant, Orihime could no longer hold back her attraction for him. Tonight, if he doesn't make the first move, then I will. Images formed in her mind, crimson staining her cheeks Ichigo lay above her, then below her, hands roaming, moaning and writhing, breath hitching as he drove into her faster, deeper, harder.. her name on his lips.. Oh, Inoue.. I'm..

"Hey, Inoue!" Ichigo's voice pierced her dirty thoughts, making her jump.

"Ack!" She cried, whirling around, features flushed as she studied him with slightly glazed eyes. "Ichigo! You scared me half to death!"

"Hey, you just called me by my first name." The boy said with a grin. "I like the way you say my name, Inoue." He added, voice a bit huskier than usual. Just being around her now, with the desire he felt, was becoming harder to deal with. Literally. He leaned into the counter, hoping to hide the growing tent in his jeans. He'd have to do something and soon or else go mad from the sexual tension.

The tone of his voice made her insides flutter and her body react. If he keeps talking to me like that, I'm going to need a new set of panties. "I like to say your name, Ichigo." She whispered demurely, though her mind was going off again on very naughty little tangents that included her crying out his name. "Ahem.. so, what brings you here to the bread shop? Do you need something for tonight?"

Just you, preferably under me. He thought then frowned. I really need to behave. He growled inwardly, wondering if his hollow was influencing him in some way. "No, Inoue. I just thought I'd walk home with you before we headed to my place for dinner. You get off work soon, right?"

"Yes." Inoue replied with a nod, looking over at the clock on the wall. "In about 10 minutes."

"Sweet! I'll just wait for you outside, okay?"

"Okay." Inoue answered, watching him walk out, her gaze traveling to his butt. It looked solid, just like the rest of him and her fingers itched to touch him. The sudden spike of desire that filled her was becoming harder to control. God, need to stop this before I get into trouble. Shaking her head, she focused on her off work, excited for tonight.

Ichigo paced outside the shop, trying to calm his body down. Something was going to happen tonight, he just knew it. The thought of being more than just the girl's friend both thrilled and frightened him. He had absolutely no experience with women and he wanted it to be special. The boy didn't want to hurt her or screw it up in some way that she didn't want to be around him anymore. God, please let me make it through this night without ruining it. He pleaded as he turned around, nearly bumping into Orihime as she left the store. "Sorry, Inoue.." He said hastily, focusing his will power to stop from reaching out to pull her to him and crush his lips against hers at the sight of her in her cute uniform. Yeah, I've definitely got it bad.

Inoue chuckled at his flustered look from nearly running into her. He's so cute when he blushes. "It's okay, Ichigo." She surprised them both by reaching out to take his hand, pulling her with him as they headed back to her apartment.

They fell into an easy conversation, still holding hands, both hearts fluttering and bodies awake to the desire. Both fighting the urge to fall into each others arms and become one. They reached the apartment, reluctantly letting go of each other's hand.

Orihime studied the door before her, looking back at Ichigo who nodded. "Go ahead and open it, Inoue."

Biting her lip, she turned the knob and pushed the door open, smiling as it swung open and remained on it's hinges. "You really fixed it."

"Damn right I did!" Ichigo replied with a grin. "Well.. with a little help from Chad of course, but it's good as new now. "

"So it is." Orihime murmured then turned back to him. "You can come in Ichigo, if you want. It'll only take me a few minutes to change my clothes."

Ichigo followed her in, looking nonchalantly around, his sensitive ears picking up the sound of rustling fabric and he visualized Orihime in nothing but her bra and panties and he groaned, nearly banging his head against the wall in frustration. This was all happening so quickly now. He wanted her and he loved her and he was scared to show it physically. Yet, his body was betraying his noble thoughts and he couldn't ignore the need much longer. His groaned in a bloom of lust at the sight of her in jeans and pale blue turtleneck that hugged her in all the right places. I'm doomed.

"How do I look?" Orihime asked shyly, blushing at the intensity of his gaze. He seemed to approve and she wondered if he was as affected as she was.

"Beautiful, Inoue." He whispered in a husky tone then cleared his throat, leaving no doubt how he felt about the sight of her. "Um.. shall we go?" He asked, holding out his hand to her.

Orihime nodded, taking his hand, feeling it's warmth as they walked back out and down the steps. When they arrived at the Kurosaki residence, the pair blinked as the door swung forward, a formally attired Isshin holding it open for them.

"Good evening and welcome to Chez Kurosaki." Isshin greeted with a fake French accent, motioning them inside.

Ichigo rolled his eyes at his dad and his cheesy behavior but stepped forward, Orihime holding his right arm.

Orihime smiled at Isshin, charmed by his accent and effort to please the pair. "Thank you so much, Mr. Kurosaki. I am so happy to be having dinner with your family tonight."

"Pardon mademoiselle, but the only patrons this evening are you and your date." He replied, leading them into a candlelit dining room. A wonderful spread of food covered the table and Ichigo couldn't help but gawk at the fanciful dining choices. "What the hell, dad?" He growled at his father who flashed him a look of annoyance.

"It is a special occasion for the two lovers and we here at chez Kurosaki want only the best for zem."

Ichigo blushed at his father's frankness and sighed, blinking in surprise when Orihime squeezed his hand.

"It's wonderful, isn't it, Ichigo?"

The girl's enthusiasm quickly placated the nervous soul reaper and he nodded, pulling out a chair for her and helping to slide her in before sitting opposite of her.

"Go ahead and enjoy zee food, si vous plait. Bon appetit!" Isshin said with a flourish, disappearing in the kitchen.

Ichigo and Inoue stared at each other for a moment, silence reigning before the girl giggled and smiled.

"Your father is so funny and creative. No wonder your mother fell in love with him."

Ichigo snorted. "Yeah, well, I suppose he's charming to the ladies." He replied but gave a smile. "I have to admit though, he really outdid himself this time." Crazy bastard. He thought with an inward growl. He didn't want this night to end badly. So far so good.

Inoue studied the boy she loved and gave him a shy smile. "Shall we dig in?"

"Sounds good to me." Ichigo answered and the two ate dinner, occasionally talking between bites, reminiscing on past events and thoughts of the future.

"So what do you want to do with your life, Ichigo?" Inoue asked, sliding a forkful of chocolate cheesecake into her mouth.

"Well.. let's see. I have always been good at fighting so it wouldn't be much of a stretch to join some kind of mixed martial arts league. I hear they make some good money." He replied then asked. "What about you, Inoue?"

She smiled, laying her fork down. "There are so many things I'd like to do, Ichigo, I couldn't name them all right now. I know I want a family at some point. I want someone that will understand my needs and loves me for me. Someone like you, Ichigo." She whispered in a voice so light he had to strain to hear it.

But heard it he did and it made his heart and body act up. "Someone.. like me?" He croaked out, wincing at how scared his voice sounded. "I mean, do you like me, Inoue?"

The girl bit her lip. It was pointless to deny it. She had loved him forever and always would. "I do, Ichigo. I like you a lot. I like you so much I fear my heart will burst."

Ohh boy… she was really affecting him now. He had to respond to her but how? Verbally? What if he fucked it up? Scared her away? Physically? What if he got too rough with her or not rough enough with her? How did she like it? Would she like it? Would he? "Inoue.." He whispered, about to say something when Isshin burst through the door.

"Alright, my friends, tiz time to head into the living room to watch a movie I have picked especially for zis night. Do not worry about the mess. Zee girls and I will clean it up then head out to the movies and some ice cream afterwards." He shooed the pair out, Ichigo glaring daggers at him, wanting to smack his forehead at his father's continued bad French accent but the older man paid no heed.

"Now then, children, have fun and do not do anything I wouldn't do!" He said with a wink, hitting the remote, turning the tv on as a movie began to play then exited quickly, leaving the two of them alone in the darkened room.

"Sorry about that." Ichigo said, motioning after his now absent father.

Orihime smiled, shaking her head. "He means well, Ichigo, don't be too hard on him."

The boy scowled, still keeping his gaze in the direction of where his father retreated to. "I suppose so." He grumbled then plopped down onto the couch, Orihime to his left. Studying the tv screen he rolled his eyes at the selection. "The Vistor. Great dad, nice movie to pick out." He muttered under his breath. The film was rife with sexual tension that culminated in a passionate sex scene that always made him feel awkward. But now, how would he react? Why had his father picked this movie for them to watch? A thought came to him then and his eyes narrowed. Damn you, dad, you did this on purpose. He cursed, realizing it was a set up, and started to rise when Orihime's voice broke his train of thought.

"What is The Visitor about?"

Ichigo paused, turning his gaze back to her. If he answered the truth, would she be shocked or upset? "Er.. well.. it's about a stranger who is found on the outskirts of town by a young woman. She takes him back to her home and helps him to heal and they fall in love."

"Well.. what's so wrong about that?" Inoue asked, looking from the tv to Ichigo. "Men and women fall in love all the time."

Ichigo blushed at her look but didn't avert his gaze as he replied. "Yeah, well, there's more than that going on in this film. There's a reason why the stranger was found nearly dead outside of town and why the girl keeps him around."

"Ohh! Is it like a mystery then? I love mysteries!" She replied excitedly.

Ichigo couldn't help but smile at her reaction, though his voice was a bit more gruff than he intended. "Sort of. But I think we should watch something else." He rose, making to go over to the tv when he suddenly felt the girl's hand grab his arm. Blinking, he looked down and asked, "Inoue?"

Orihime bit her lip as she met his gaze. She had never seen the film and wondered what was so bad that the boy would want to change it. It must be something that we shouldn't be watching. She thought for a moment, torn between being proper or letting the thrill of watching something she shouldn't see or wasn't ready for dictate her words. Finally, she spoke, flashing him a demure smile. "I think we should watch the film, Ichigo."

"But.. Inoue.. it's.. it's got.." He started then stopped, frowning at his stammering. Why the fuck can't I just spit it out?

"Please?" Inoue, whispered, looking at him from under her eyelashes.

The soul reaper lost his will at that look, blushing as he nodded and sat back down. "Alright, Inoue."

They settled in, Orihime watching the movie even as Ichigo watched her. She really was lovely. Smart, funny, beautiful, fearless. He kicked himself in the butt mentally for not noticing sooner. He saw her features flush suddenly and he frowned, turning to the screen. Oh yeah, that part is coming up now. He thought, shifting a bit as he watched the couple on screen embrace and kiss, hands roaming, the sounds they made inescapable as cries of pleasure. He felt Orihime's hand clasp his upper thigh, her breathing a bit more rapid as she watched the screen intently. He could literally fill the waves of lust rolling off her and it made him suddenly want her more than he ever had before.

Inoue for her part couldn't help but be transfixed by the images on screen. The passion was well done and her heart reacted along with her body. She imagined Ichigo and her doing the same thing. Kissing, touching, moaning, undressing each other. She squirmed a bit as the man bore the woman down onto the bed, bodies naked, becoming one, quite obvious what was going on and she turned her gaze to Ichigo, wondering what he was thinking, surprised to find him studying her with very dark eyes.

"Inoue.." He whispered, the tone very deep, full of a want and a desire that made her moan inwardly.

"Yes, Ichigo?" She asked, her own voice huskier than usual.

His member twitched at the way she said his name, his body becoming alive with each passing second. Now or never. He thought, unable to take much more. "Maybe.. maybe we should.." He started then stopped, brow furrowed at how unsure he sounded.

"Maybe we should.. what?" She asked, moving closer to him. She hesitated from making the first move, wondering where his mind was at the moment. If she started, he might not like it or push her away. She had to know for sure he wanted this as much as she did.

Ichigo gazed into her eyes, his own body slowly moving towards hers. Spurned on by his desire and the sexual energy in the room and on the movie he leaned in, brushing his lips against hers, surprised when the girl moaned and wrapped her arms around him, returning the kiss. A spike of pleasure surged in the boy's blood at the contact, racing straight down into his member, causing it to harden. The shinigami was so new at this that he had little control of his body's reactions and he broke off the kiss when the need to breathe kicked in, eyes dark as he croaked out. "Inoue…"

Orihime studied him with slightly glazed eyes. The kiss had been better than she thought it would be. It was not as lustful as the hollow's had been but it was just as eager as Hichigo's and she reached up, touching her own lips, voice soft as she spoke. "Wow.." The way he said her name made her heart race and the look of desire in his eyes mirrored her own. They were both so new to this, so unsure that the girl wondered if they would go any farther tonight. "Ichigo.. I.." she stopped, surprised when the soul reaper reached out and caressed her cheek with his fingertips.

"It's okay, Inoue. I shouldn't have.. kissed you like that. But.. I don't regret it. Please don't hate me for wanting you so." He looked away, dropping his hand, angry at himself for being too forward. His body was on fire, his jeans painfully restrictive and he was glad the lights were low so his arousal wouldn't be so obvious.

The healer shook her head, reaching out to cup his face, making him turn to look at her. "Ichigo, you silly boy. I wanted you to kiss me."

He blinked, brow furrowed. "You.. You did?"

Orihime smiled, meeting his gaze, nodding as she stroked both sides of his face. "Yes." She whispered, features loving as she added, "I love you.. I have always loved you and I will always love you no matter who you become or what you do. My heart loves and desires only you." Inoue shook as she revealed the truth of her heart. The fear welled up in her that he would not understand or would reject her. Still, it was a relief to finally confess her feelings. Slowly, she let go of his face, lowering her hands to rest over his. She kept her gaze down as she spoke, unable to meet his eyes. "I know you might not feel the same but I had to tell you. Forgive me."

Ichigo blinked at her confession, his heart racing at her words. She loves me. Is in love with me. He thought with a mixture of pride and anxiety. He had to respond, to make her understand his feelings for her. "Inoue.." The shinigami whispered and when she wouldn't look up at him, the boy moved his right hand and reached out, crooking his index finger under the girl's jaw, gently motioning her to lift her gaze. "Look at me, Inoue…"

Orihime complied at his request, lifting her eyes to meet his, startled at the intensity the emanated from his brown eyes as she waited for him to continue.

Ichigo met her gaze, his voice warm and features softened as he spoke. "I know I'm.. out of my depth when it comes to love, but don't think for a moment I don't love you or don't want you because I do.. I'm just.. I've never been with a girl before.." He paused, brow furrowed as he tried to figure out what to say without sounding stupid. "I mean.. I don't know.. what to do.. but I want to do it.. I want you, Inoue… I love you.. you mean so much to me that I fear my heart will burst." He blushed darkly at his own confession but didn't look away from her, his voice cracking a bit as he continued. "You're so beautiful and I'm.. I'm just a dumb boy. I don't know why you would pick me.. why you would want me, Inoue. I've had my head up my ass for so long, I can only say sorry for not showing you the love and attention you deserve."

Orihime listened, her heart fluttering like the butterflies in her stomach at his words. He wanted and loved her. His confession eased her mind, the anticipation of rejection lifting from her shoulders and she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. "Ichigo, you have my love because you are.. you.. strong and brave and loyal. What's not to love?"

The soul reaper blinked at the hug then relaxed into it, returning the attention, smiling softly. "Inoue..." He murmured, feeling her pull back and he looked down at her, brow furrowed at the tears falling from her eyes and he reached out, wiping them from her skin, concern in his voice. "What's wrong?"

Inoue tilted her head into his hands, smiling at him. "Nothing, silly. I'm just so happy that you feel the same."

The boy flashed her a grin. "Of course I do. Like you said, what's not to love, eh?"

The girl gave him a demure smile, growing bold enough to nuzzle his wrist as he held her cheek. "Ichigo.."

Orihime's husky tone sparked a fire in his veins, fueling the need to taste her and his grin fell. Ichigo leaned in with aching slowness, voice a mere whisper against the girl's lips, "May I kiss you, Inoue?"

The healer's eyes fluttered, her body alive with a sudden, aching need for his touch and his kiss. "Yes.." She whispered, returning the slow, burning kiss. His lips were like heaven, his taste made her crave more and she opened her mouth, letting his tongue invade, sucking on it, pride and desire filling her as he moaned into her mouth.

Ichigo's hands tentatively wandered up along her back, instinct telling him to twine his fingers into her hair and he did so, deepening the kiss, moaning when she sucked on his tongue. His body was quickly overruling his restraint and at the moment, he didn't care. All he felt, wanted, needed in this moment was her. The taste of her, the smell of her, like vanilla and sugar, was intoxicating and he loosened his hold on Inoue's hair, baring her down onto the couch. His blood was on fire, his member painfully hard as he pressed against her, eliciting moans from both of them. Breaking off the kiss, Ichigo looked down at her, breathing labored, his eyes roaming the girl's flushed features and swollen lips. "Inoue.." He panted, no longer hiding his need from her.

Orihime looked up at him, reaching out to drag her fingertips over the boy's lips. She could feel his arousal pressed against her covered sex and she grew wet from the contact. "Ichigo.." She moaned softly, pulling him down for another kiss.

The shinigami went as he was pulled, the kiss more bruising, needy and Ichigo returned it with the building desire he felt, rocking against her as his instinct began to take over.

Inoue gasped as he moved against her, breaking off the kiss, gasping. "Oh.. Ichigo.. we.. we should.." She paused, still with enough sense to realize where they were. "What if.. your father comes back.. and.. catches us.."

Ichigo groaned at her words, stilling himself though he kissed along her neck. "Probably throw us a party.." He murmured, lifting his head, features suddenly unsure. "Do you.. do you want to stop?"

Do I look like I want to stop? She thought inwardly as she shook her head. "No.. but maybe we should.. go.. upstairs?"

Ichigo grinned, looking upward then back down to her. He said nothing, instead, pushing off her and rising, pulling her to him and lifted her up, carrying her bridal style up the stairs.

Orihime giggled, wrapping her arms around his neck as he carried her up to his room.

Ichigo smiled, entering his room and closing the door with the back of his foot, nearly running to his bed as he lay her down, following seconds later. Their kisses grew feverish, hands roaming as the heat built up between them. His blood was racing, his manhood throbbing with need and it was becoming harder to control himself. Leaning back, he sat upright, unbuttoning his shirt as he looked down at the girl he loved, smirking as her eyes widened when he rolled the shirt off his shoulders before tossing it off.

Orihime watched him strip out of his shirt, biting her lip at the sight of his bare torso. His muscles were defined, lean and toned and she reached out to trace along his skin. She felt a quivering ache inside her that only he could fill but she marveled at his physique and felt pride when he shivered at her touch and moaned. Her gaze drifted to the bulge in his jeans and she blushed darkly, wondering if he was as big as his hollow.

Ichigo followed her gaze and smiled at her blush, his own eyes heated as he watched the girl tentatively tug her sweater off, revealing a lacy pink bra which she slowly removed making the boy groan. He drank in the sight of her glorious body, his member thicker and more painful then he ever thought possible.

Ichigo looked at her for permission and she gave it silently, moaning when he carefully traced patterns around each breast, blinking when she took his hands and motioned him to cup them, member twitching at the way she whimpered when he rubbed his thumbs against her nipples, her soft cry of "yes" making him grow bolder and he leaned down, kissing the top of each one.

Inoue's body was on fire from his touch, his exploration with her guidance making her panties soaked, she was so wet for him now. She reveled in his touch, moaning as he kissed her breasts, tossing her head back and whimpering when he rolled a tongue along one of her nipples. Her hand went into his hair, begging for more, parting her legs as he moved against her once more. She couldn't take much more teasing. "I.. Ichigo.. please.. need.. you.. please.."

The soul reaper lifted his head, noting the look of aroused pain in the girl's face and he swallowed the lump in his throat. "Inoue.." He groaned, eyes fluttering as the girl pushed against his stomach and started to unbutton her jeans. His eyes flashed as he watched, helping her out of them, eyes focused on the pink panties, breath catching in his throat as she shyly slid them down then reached for the button of his jeans. He caught her hands, a soft growl erupting from his throat that made both of them blink. Where did that come from? He wondered in a brief moment of clarity. Letting her hands go, he fumbled with but slid out of his jeans, the tent in his boxers very visible, his eyes on hers as he tugged them down, freeing his member, male pride filling him when Inoue gasped.

Orihime watched him strip, inwardly pouting a bit that she didn't get to help but rewarded with the sight of his arousal. He's just as big as Hichigo. She thought, gasping at the sight of his erect manhood. She felt her sex quiver in anticipation of his length and she panted as he bore her back onto the bed, body hovering over hers. "Please.." She pleaded with him again, peppering his face with kisses, wanting him in her but too shy to demand it.

Ichigo eyed her body with a greedy desire but was unsure how to proceed as he hovered over her. Her kisses were driving him mad and they both gasped as the tip of his member brushed against the girl's sex. Growling in frustration, Ichigo gripped himself, letting instinct take over, sliding into her with aching slowness, their cries of pleasure mingled. The first time was slow, awkward, exciting and over too quickly and the soul reaper shook from the intensity of his release. His strength left him and he collapsed onto her, panting deeply against her neck. "Inoue.." He croaked, closing his eyes as Orihime stroked his back.

"Ichigo..." She whispered, her own body shaking as she came down from her release. He was gentle, more loving than his hollow and she liked it as much as the rougher loving Hichigo have given her. "I love you..."

The soul reaper smiled, kissing her neck then lifted his head to look down at her, eyes twinkling. "Love you too, Inoue." Brushing his lips against hers, desire returned, still hard within her as he rolled, the healer on top.

Orihime adjusted to this new position, trailing her hands down his chest, spark of lust in her eyes and a blush upon her cheeks as they fumbled but soon found a rhythm, the girl's hair spilling over her shoulders as the slow riding became more frantic, cries of pleasure as they came together, hands roaming, kisses bruising, both moaning as they shuddered and grew still, holding onto each other with trembling arms, panting heavily.

"Inoue.." Ichigo groaned, missing the warmth of her around him as she shifted off and snuggled into his side.

"Ichigo.. my Ichigo.." The healer whispered, resting her head against his chest, she closed her eyes, listening to his heartbeat, finding it beating as wild as her own. "Ichigo?" She repeated in a whisper, nuzzling his skin as his hand caressed her hair.

"Hmm?" He asked, wore out but very content. The way she made him feel blew his mind and he kicked himself for not trying this sooner.

"Are you sure this is alright?"

His brow furrowed. "What? Sex?"

"No silly.." she started, swatting him playfully. "I mean being in your room like this. What if your sisters walk in on us like this?"

"I wouldn't worry about it." He murmured. My old man set this up to happen, plotting bastard that he is. He added silently, pulling her closer to him. "So tell me, Inoue, just how did you know.. What to do.. Um.. sexually?"

Orihime blushed fiercely, hiding her face in his neck as she drew idle patterns around his chest. "Well.. when your hollow came into my inner world.. he.. um.. did more.. than just save me."

Ichigo looked at her in shock. What? He snarled inwardly, frowning as the echoing sound of the hollow's laugh danced within his head.

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