Bloody Umbrae

Chapter 1

This story picks up the morning "True Origins" left off.

Sorry I ended that story so abruptly, I was just really eager to get to this one, plus I wasn't about to write a sequal before finishing the first story.

Lastly: I've decided to start supporting SonicxTikal friendship and SonicxBlaze romance. Amy never was one of my favorite Sonic characters, but I feel she looks better with Silver

Sonic was still sleeping, warn out by his self-performed exorcism.

He slept soundly for half of the night, however, soon he started to hear what he thought he'd never hear again.

He heard that same voice, which was that of his dark form.

"You idiot, you thought exorcising me would help? Stupid! You didn't free yourself from me, you've freed me from yourself, which has only sealed the fate of your future even more!"

Suddenly he started he started to have bizarre dreams, horrifying dreams.

Sonic saw, in his dreams, his friends being brutally and graphically slaughtered by an unseen force.

In one of the more violent dreams he saw Shadow lying on the ground, brutally maimed. He heard a voice say "Sorry Shadow, but there's now room in my world for competition." what was scary was that the voice sounded similar to Sonic's own voice, but it was darker and fiercer. The unseen figure walked over to Shadow and pressed a strange looking firearm against fading black hedgehog's trachea, and pulled the triggers. The figure smiled as it watched the beaten hedgehog's dark red blood pool on the ground as it gushed out of his throat. Seeing no sign of life in Shadow, the figure started laughing manically. Then suddenly the figure became visible, Sonic now clearly saw...himself.

"No." Sonic muttered, seeing the horror in his dream, which seemed eerily realistic

He saw himself, but with a darker appearance, similar to that of his dark super form.

The last dream though was the worst.

Sonic saw himself in his darker form, battling someone he could not yet see, and he was fighting back hard. Soon he saw that the person he was fighting in his dream was Blaze, in her Burning Blaze super form.

"What!" he uttered

Blaze used her strongest fire-based attack against him, but somehow, Dark Sonic created a fierce energy sphere that violently slammed into her and dragged her down towards that ground at the rate as Sonic's superspeed, as Blaze fell, she lost all of the power she neede to maintain her superform, and hit the earth with a sickening cracking sound. when the dust cleared, Sonic saw, in his dream, Blaze laying in a steaming crater, critically wounded and bleeding heavily, with blood pouring out of her mouth.

Dark Sonic stared at the Cat's corpse in vain "We could have reformed this world perfectly to our liking," he muttered gravely "why did you have to resist?"

Then the dream ended.

Sonic woke up gasping for air, as while watching his dream, he had forgotten to breath for most of it.

He slowly stood up.

"Okay," he sighed "it was just a dream, just a dream."

Despite the sun not being out, there was still light coming in through the window.

Standing in the light, Sonic looked down at his feet, only to find that he was not casting a shadow of any kind.

"What the?" Sonic mumbled looking around

After investigating further, he found that nothing in his house was casting a shadow.

He wondered if it had anything to do with the dream he had just had.

Sonic walked to his front door.

However, before the hedgehog left his house, he heard a faint and familiar sinister laugh, but saw no one in the house with him.

" much a dream." Sonic shuddered

The first chapter was meant to be a little slow, mainly it was just to introduce the mystery.