Bloody Umbrae

Chapter 7

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Later on, Cinder and Caligo disappeared again to investigate the situation, and eventually the whole gang was at Sonic's house, watching the television as Celerity's message played over and over. It was almost like the Eclipse Cannon fiasco all over again.

"Okay," Shadow voiced, being the first one to speak in over an hour, "we've watched this several time, perhaps now we could start looking into a plan?"

"Well," Silver responded, "it's not that easy to think of a plan when you have little to no options at the moment."

"He's right," Tails said, "we don't even know where she is."

"Somewhere where she's able to broadcast all over the place." Knuckles said.

They watched Celerity's message play over again.

"From what I can see, she appears to be outside." Shadow said.

They glanced over at Sonic, who was completely silent, just staring at the screen in awe. On top of that, he was not blinking or breathing, which just did not look normal.

"Sonic," Silver spoke, trying to get the blur hedgehog to react, "Sonic. Breathe, blink, do something."

Sonic still did not respond.

"Observe." Shadow told Silver.

The red and black hedgehog brought his hand back and whacked Sonic so hard upside his head he nearly fell over.

"Nah!" Sonic responded, "Sorry, I'm still trying to adjust to this whole thing."

"Who is that woman?" Tails wondered.

"That's my...m-mom, Tails." Sonic answered.

"Wait, that's your mom?" Silver responded, "How can that be?"

"Trust me," Sonic said, "from what I've seen recently, I can't say nothing about it."

Silver looked back at the t.v. screen.

"Oh that's right," Amy uttered thoughtlessly, "you found out that your parents were genocidal, psycho masterminds."

Amy's utterance caused a painfully awkward silence.

"I think perhaps you shouldn't talk as much," Shadow advised the pink hedgehog, "and if you have to say something, word it carefully."

Amy looked around and sensed the tension.

"Okay." she said meekly.

She then sat down on the couch, while the rest continued to contemplate a plan.

"I didn't know she was still alive," Sonic said, "the bio I found on her listed her status as "Unknown"."

"Well," Shadow stated, ""Unknown" doesn't mean "Dead"."

"I know," Sonic sighed, "but, the fact that she's just made herself known so just feels too convenient to be a coincidence."

Just then, the dark voice returned to his head again.

"Not a coincident," the voice stated, "why else do you think I am here?"

Shadow noticed Sonic staring blankly off into space.

"Sonic?" Shadow said, trying to get the blue hedgehog's attention, "Sonic. Sonic!"

Sonic snapped back into reality.

"If y'all could just wait here for a sec," he said awkwardly, "I need to go...think."

The blue hero ran outside, leaving his team confused and curious.

Sonic sat down on the ground, absorbed in his thoughts.

"What's going on?" he thought, "Is she making me see and hear all this evil stuff? Ugh, I don't get it."

"Sonic." someone said.

Sonic got up and turned around, finding Lady Cinder standing behind him.

"Oh, you're back," he replied meekly, "what now?"

Cinder smirked proudly, the same way Shadow (occasionally) would.

"I found her." the hedgehog queen stated.

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