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Saved by the Sound

By Darkflash

Chapter Seven

Rei of the Mist, Samui of Kumo, and Arashi Kazama of the Sound V.S. Hinata Hyuuga, Tenten of the Leaf, and Akatsuchi of the Rock

Terrain: Water

Samui sighed in relief and rubbed her back, 'I am so glad I am on the same team as Naruto. It'll make life so much easier.'

All the contestants made their way down to the arena, which had altered into a pool like battlefield. The entire rectangular stage was transformed into large pool of water except for a two feet long border running along the outer edge of the water and rocks in the pool itself. Some stones were rigid and sharp while others were flat and perfectly circular, obviously man made.

The six ninja stood on of the flat rocks in the middle of the arena separated by Lee.

"Yosh! It is time for the final battle of the second round of the jonin exams to begin. Are all youthful competitors ready?" After a nod from all the shinobi, Lee began the match.

Hinata called dibs on Samui. Predictable knowing the history between Kumo and the Hyuuga clan.

Naruto surprisingly requested to fight Tenten. The weapons mistress thought it might have been because they met early, but little did she know. Naruto actually wanted her because he wanted to see how well one of his former companions would fair against him.

This left Naruto's teammate from the mist, Rei, to take on Akatsuchi of the rock. Neither of them were complaining though, because both ninja were quite famous. Rei is the student of the current Mizukage and Akatsuchi is the grandson of the Tsuchikage. He along with his sister Kurotsuchi was trained by him.

Samui was planning her fight. She knew fighting a Hyuuga in close combat could be dangerous, but knew that she counter with her sword. Whereas, she could stick to long range nin jutsu, a good idea, because Hyuuga's were rarely known for their jutsu skills. She expected Hinata to be the same and only be skilled in her family fighting style since she was the heir to the Hyuuga throne.

Hinata activated her byakugan. The veins near her eyes bulged out and she gained a 360 degree vision with the ability to see chakra points. The young Hyuuga heiress charged forward with her family taijutsu, juuken ready.

Samui, realizing it would a close range fight drew her sword. It was a beautiful short sword, similar to her sensei, Killer Bee's. It was made of a special metal allowing you to channel chakra through it.

The two engaged in a fierce close range battle.

Akatsuchi stood on the largest stone platform in the arena and fought from a distance. Though his childish face may give him a silly impression and his body size makes him seem like a dumb brute, Akatsuchi was very smart. His opponent Rei was a water type user and in a terrain like this it gave him an advantage in close range.

At a distance, on the rock, he could not only use earth jutsu to defend himself, but gave his opponent a less opportunity to hit him.

Rei, realizing what Akatsuchi was trying, tried to overpower the Iwa nin's jutsu, but it didn't work. Water element's weakness was earth which made it harder for him to break his opponent's jutsu.

"Water Style: Water Dragon!"

Rei sent another large dragon made of water flying at Akatsuchi, only for the Earth nin to counter his technique with a earth wall. The outcome: nothing. Both jutsu cancelled each other out perfectly, so Rei's water dragon didn't harm Akatsuchi, but Akatsuchi's earth wall wasn't left standing after Rei's attack.

The mist nin was in desperate need for a plan because this fight was going nowhere.

'God dammit!' Tenten thought, 'Even if that sick bastard, Orochimaru is a traitorous son of a bitch, I have to hand it to him. He sure has some strong ninja.'

The ninja she was fighting, Arashi, was insanely strong. She wondered how a ninja so powerful wasn't famous. This was the first time she's ever heard of him.

Tenten leaped up into the air and threw a dozen or so kunai at Naruto. But the blond nin didn't even blink. In one fluid motion he raised his hand, palm towards the incoming projectiles, and moved his hands around as if he were blocking pebbles. Much to Tenten's surprise the kunai just disappeared when he touched them. She wondered if it was some kind of bloodline. Little did she know, Naruto had storage seals on his hands that he used not only to store his kunai, but to catch and store the kunai his enemies threw at him.

"What the?" Tenten wondered. She sent another barrage of kunai at Naruto, but yet again, the blond just made the knives disappear by raising his hands.

"What the hell? How did you do that?" Tenten asked.

"Only an idiot reveals his secrets to his enemies." Naruto said coldly.

That pissed Tenten off. She jumped in to the air and pulled out a single large red scroll.

"Rising Dragon!"

She unrolled the scroll and it flew up and took the shape of a dragon. She unsealed all sorts of weapons from inside the dragon and threw them at Naruto.

Not only kunai and shuriken, but daggers, spears, sickles, swords, nun-chucks, maces, fuma shuriken, and a bunch of other weapons flew at Naruto at high speeds.

This time Naruto didn't raise his hands, he jumped away. When he Tenten started to throw the weapons at him while he was in mid air he called out,

"Wind Style: Spiraling Shield of Wind!"

An orb of wind, similar to the Hyuuga Kaiten, spiraled around Naruto protecting him from all the incoming projectiles.

Tenten smirked, though she didn't harm her opponent, she got him to move and defend himself. 'Now maybe that bastard will start taking me seriously.'

Samui and Hinata were at a standstill. Neither was currently making any progress at beating the other. They were fighting at close range. Hinata was using the Hyuuga clan's deadly juuken. Samui was using her short sword and her grandfather, the Raikage's, own technique Lightning Armor. It coated her body in lightning chakra and acted as armor, but that's not all. It also enhanced her speed, strength, and weapons so her sword was also encases in lightning chakra.

Hinata's juuken was useless against Samui because her lightning armor cancelled it out and even shocked her. Samui wasn't doing so well because Hinata's byakugan anticipated and allowed her to easily block all of her attacks. Plus the Hyuuga Empty Palm made sure when necessary that Samui couldn't get close enough to land a hit.

Fed up with making no progress, the Kumo kunochi jumped back to make some distance.

"Lightning Ball!"

An orb of electricity formed in Samui's hands and she threw it at Hinata. The Hyuuga heiress countered with a Kaiten sending sparks flying everywhere.

"Lightning Beam!"

Samui shot a bolt of lightning at Hinata from each of her index and middle fingers. Once again Hinata used Kaiten to cancel her opponent's jutsu.

'Dammit this fight is going nowhere!' Samui complained. 'Ahh… well I can't just stop now.' Frustrated the two kunoichis continued to fight.

Akatsuchi was fed up with only defending and decided it was his turn to attack.

"Earth Style: Earth Golem!"

Akatsuchi opened his mouth wide and spit out a large, humanoid creature made of rock. The golem was at least a foot taller than the Iwa ninja so he was about two and a half feet taller than Rei. Then, the large ninja used another jutsu to form a bridge made of rock connecting a few of the stones where he and Rei were fighting. This way his golem could move around.

Rei braced himself as the seven foot earth creature charged at him. He went through a series of hand signs before calling out,

"Water Style: Great Shark Bullet!"

A large shark composed of water rushed in the direction of the earth golem. The two beasts readied themselves. The shark swam at it with its jaw open wide, bearing its sharp teeth. The golem formed a fist with its large hand and cocked it back ready to punch.

The golem charged into the shark's mouth and punched as the shark bit down on the golem causing a small explosion that destroyed both creature and part of the bridge.

Even with all the commotion, Akatsuchi wasted no time for his next attack. He jumped into the air calling out,

"Earth Style: Weighted Boulder!"

This jutsu didn't make any physical changes to Akatsuchi, but made him heavy like a large boulder. "BODY SLAM!" The giant stone ninja smashed into Rei while the mist ninja was standing on the water. Therefore, the collision created a giant impact creating a huge tidal wave on all sides.

The attack rendered Rei unconscious as well as breaking a few bones. Akatsuchi wasn't much better. Though he was the one attacking, the impact with the water had hurt him too. He definitely wasn't able to continue fighting so their match ended in a tie.

"You have a nice sword there. Why don't you use it?" Tenten asked.

"No thanks," Naruto declined plainly.

"What's the matter, can't use it? Is it just for show." she mocked.

"You don't want me to use my sword because if I do the battle will be over.''

"Humph! Well, maybe I'll make you use it." Tenten took out a scroll and unsealed a bostaff made of a study looking, red wood. She spun it around and raced to Naruto. She swung the staff at the sound ninja. He easily defended with his forearm guard and countered with a quick jab. This pattern continued for a couple hits before Tenten finally jumped back.

"Striking Thunder Staff!"

Her bostaff turned an electric yellow color as it charged up with lightning. Then, she ran forward and struck Naruto in the chest. A bolt of lightning knocked him back once the staff made contact with his body.

"How are you still standing? That attack should have fried you." Tenten inquired.

Naruto laughed, "You're going to have to do better than that to defeat me." he then burst into a splash of water.

"A water clone… When did he-" she was cut off in the middle of her thought when Naruto flew out of the water from underneath her and uppercut her in the jaw. Tenten was sent flying up in the air. Once she reached maximum altitude Naruto jumped up and elbowed her in the stomach. But, before she could hit the ground he appeared underneath her a landed a kick sending her back up. Then, he punched her up even further, kicked her to the left, and kneed her. The barrage of hits continued for a good thirty seconds before Naruto stopped. By this time, poor Tenten was already out cold so she crashed into the ground.

'Pathetic,' Naruto thought as he stared at Tenten's unconscious body. 'I'm actually glad Kakashi left me to die. If he didn't, I would still be a weakling like her.' He then grabbed her by the collar of her shirt and threw her to the stands with enough force to send her crashing through the wall.

However, before this could happen, a blob of dark blue appeared and caught the poor kunoichi.

'Sasuke,' Naruto saw it was his old teammate who saved Tenten. He also noticed the last Uchiha starring him down with eyes were clearly saying, "You will pay." This made Naruto smirk, 'Maybe he really did change.'

The blond jinchiriki's thoughts were cut off when he heard Hinata call out,

"8 Trigrams, 64 Palm!"

Naruto turned around and watched as Hinata pummeled Samui with a barrage of quick, jab like strikes.

"Now to end it!" Hinata called out. "This is my original technique. You should consider yourself lucky. You will be the first person I use it on." Hinata pulled her right hand back and formed the position to use the Hyuuga Empty Palm. A lion's head made of chakra formed around the Hyuuga heiress's hand.

"Secret Hyuuga Arts: Roaring Lion Palm!"

In one fluid movement she thrust her hand forward and the lion flew off. The lion roared loudly as it flew at Samui. The lightning kunoichi braced herself for the worst because she knew she couldn't move to avoid the attack. Hinata's previous attack had rendered her weak and useless.

But before the lion could hit her, a typhoon rose from the water and knocked the lion into a wall. Naruto jumped in front of Samui. "Don't worry," he said, "I'll handle this."

"Good luck," Hinata said. "My lion can't be destroyed that easily. It feeds off my opponents' chakra and jutsu and grows larger and larger." Right on queue the lion head charged from the wall to which it was knocked into. It was at least 10 times bigger than before, about the height of an average adult. "You won't be able to stop it." Hinata explained, "Your chakra will only make it more powerful."

Naruto laughed, no it was more like an evil chuckle. "We'll see." He closed his eyes for a moment and when opened them a powerful surge of vile, red chakra thrashed around. The chakra slowly clamed and enveloped Naruto in a flame like bubble. "Can your lion handle this?" He raises his hands and sends the red chakra flooding into the lion. As he did the lion started to change from a brilliant blue color to a jet black. Once it had completely changed color the lion blew up, creating a massive explosion.

Naruto grabbed Samui and jumped back while Hinata dove into the water.

"I'll admit it that was actually a pretty decent jutsu." Naruto stated in a voice that made Hinata wonder if he was being sarcastic or not. "But it definitely wasn't necessary to use on Samui, who was already incapacitated by your previous attack. It could have killed her."

"Humph," Hinata snorted. "You're one to talk. Even after Tenten was unconscious, you threw her so hard she could have been seriously injured."

"Well I didn't see you do anything to stop me or even help your teammate. Oh wait, that's because you, like all leaf ninja, are selfish and good for nothing."

"That is not true!" the Hyuuga heiress tried to counter

"Yeah, well I didn't see anything to make me believe otherwise. As far as I'm concerned, you just stood there and watched as your friend got hurt." Naruto was practically yelling now. "But unlike you, I didn't just watch as you hurt Samui because I will never let anyone I hurt people I care about."

"Gasp…" Hinata stood there shocked. "I knew I recognized that red chakra… At first I was unsure, but now, after hearing you say those words… Could it be…? Naruto is that you?"

Everyone was shocked. How could that ninja be Naruto? Naruto is supposed to be dead. Even if he was alive, why would he be working for Orochimaru or why would he say such bad things about the hidden leaf village.

Sasuke in particular was extremely shocked. He was holding the guard rail super tight and was leaning forward as if he needed an even better view. 'Naruto... What happened to you?' The Uchiha had thought it over and he believed that the mysterious ninja could be Naruto. He had the same wild, spiky, blond hair, blue eyes, a similar face, and he protects his loved ones.

"Do you think it's really him?" Sakura asked, "Because Hinata is right. I remember Naruto used red chakra like the one he just used in his fight against Neji during the chunin exams."

Sasuke let go of the railing. His grip had been so strong before that it had left eight indents from his fingers in the metal. He turned and faced his pink haired teammate. "Yeah Naruto used the same red chakra to summon Gamabunta during his fight with Gaara when the invasion happened."

"I want to believe it is him, but I also don't want to." Shikamaru now joined their conversation.

"What do you mean?" asked Ino

Shikamaru scratched his chin, "I really wish Naruto was still with us and the idea of him being alive sounds great. But this guy... If he is Naruto, which I am almost positive he is, he's not the same person we used to know. I mean look at what he did to Tenten and how he trashed Konoha. If he's a sound ninja we have to assume Orochimaru's got to him and if he did..."

"I get your point." Sakura said

A sudden feeling of guilt washed over Sasuke. 'This is all my fault." he realized. Memories of him and Naruto fighting at the Valley of the End played through his head. He realized that at the end of their fight Naruto was almost dead. He remembered the hole in his best friend's chest. The hole he put there with his chidori. He remembered that by the time Kakashi arrived it was too late. The sound ninja were right around the corner and both he and Naruto were in no condition to move.

Kakashi knew he could only save one of them and he picked Sasuke, leaving Naruto there to die. 'The sound ninja that were supposed to pick me up must have found Naruto and taken him to Orochimaru instead of taking me.'

'Dammit,' Naruto thought. "I guess I said too much." He exhaled, "Let's end this."
Naruto used Kyuubi's chakra and formed chakra scalpels.

"Wow," Sakura exclaimed. "Not only is good at ninjutsu and taijutsu, but he can also use medical jutsu. Naruto has really become a great ninja."

Hinata got in her gentle fist stance and braced herself as Naruto charged with his red chakra scalpels.

They engaged themselves in a fierce taijutsu battle. Hinata moved as fast as she possibly could in hopes to not give Naruto the chance to hit because she knew a few hits from chakra scalpels would be enough to make her useless. Unfortunately, Hinata's plan wasn't working because Naruto was faster than her. Every time she tried to strike him, he would block with his forearm guards.

Hinata spun around and aimed a quick jab towards Naruto's stomach. Right when it was about to hit, Naruto gracefully pivoted to the side and elbowed her wrist down. Then, he spun again. This time he did a 360 and elbowed her jaw. Hard. While she was caught off guard, he slashed her right wrist with his chakra scalpel.

"Ahh!" Hinata jumped back in pain. She looked down at her hand and saw that it was a sickly, blackish purple. 'This burns!' she thought. She felt as if the inside of her hand was on fire. 'That isn't a normal chakra scalpel that he used.' She gasped, 'I can't get hit by that again and I need to heal this.'

Hinata was about to preform her mystical healing palm, but was shocked when her now black hand wouldn't respond. In fact, her right hand wouldn't even move. She had no control over it.
"What's wrong? Having a bit of trouble with your hand? Don't worry it is an effect of my chakra scalpels." Naruto said, "You just give up. You don't stand a chance against me, especially when you can't use one of your hands."

Hinata glared at him with her byakugan. "Never," she stated firmly. "I don't back down and I will never give up because that is my nindo."

'These damned Leaf ninja are so unoriginal.' Naruto sighed, "Whatever, it's your funeral." He zipped through a series of hand seals.

"Lightning Style: Electromagnetic Murder!"

Lightning danced around the young jinchuriki's hands before he slammed them onto the water. A violent stream of electricity erupted onto the surface of the water. The water on which a certain Hyuuga heiress was standing on. The hundreds of small lightning bolts continuously zapped Hinata all over her body, electrocuting her.

Naruto's attack finally ended and Hinata dropped face first into the water. "I'm not done with you yet!" Naruto called out.

"Water Style: Geyser to the Heavens."

A gush of water shot up from underneath Hinata, blasting her high up into the air.

"Now to finish it!" a spiral of chakra began to form in Naruto's hand.

In the crowd- "He is going to use the Rasengan." Sasuke said in alarm."

"Rasengan... You mean the A ranked technique invented by the Fourth Hokage himself?" Shikamaru asked.

"Yeah, but it looks different from the last time I saw it." the Uchiha replied.

Naruto's Rasengan began to change color from a bright blue to a silvery white.

Lee, overhearing Sasuke and Shikamaru, realized that Naruto's attack was too powerful and could kill Hinata especially because she was too weak to protect herself at the moment. He was about to call the match, but was interrupted by the sound of howling winds and moving water.

The blond Oto ninja was now holding a Rasengan that was surrounded by what appeared to be a giant fuma shuriken over his head. The jutsu was spinning at an insane speed creating a very loud screeching noise as well as causing the water underneath him to move.

Everyone was astonished at how strong Naruto's technique was. They could feel the power coming off of it all the way in the stands.

Lee also sensed the jutsu's power. He ran forward and shouted, "Sto-"

But was cut off yet again when Naruto shouted,


And threw it.

The crowd was once again awed. "He threw it," Sasuke stated dumbly.

"How can he throw such a dense, quick spinning chakra?" Sakura asked out loud.

Lee stopped and watched as there was nothing to do to save Hinata.

The Rasenshuriken flew at the Hyuuga Princess and then expanded engulfing Hinata in a giant explosion.

Sasuke saw Hinata just floating there in the middle of the huge orb of wind chakra. He wondered if the attack was actually hurting her, but then he noticed the tiny dots appearing on his friend's body. He took a closer look and just barely made out many needle sized wind blades hitting Hinata. Sasuke wondered how many times the poor girl was hit. He assumed millions based on the size of the explosion and the speed and size of the wind needles.

Slowly the sphere of wind began to fade and Hinata dropped from the air landing on one of the rocks.

Silence. There was complete silence. All the Leaf ninja were so surprised that the happy, ball of energy they once knew could do something like this to a friend. Hinata's body was still intact, but it was severely damaged.

Growing tired of waiting Naruto called the match himself, "This battle is over." he stated coldly.

Lee nodded, "Yes," he spoke with no enthusiasm what so ever. "This battle is over. The winners are Rei of the Mist, Samui of the Lightning, and..." Lee paused and looked at Naruto, not knowing what to call him.

Naruto, sensing Lee's dilemma, finished for him. "Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

For making you wait so long I decided to give you a little character profile.

Naruto Uzumaki

Village: Hidden in the Sound

Ninja Rank: Chunin

Rank: SS

Bloodline: Black Lightning

Special Skills: Kenjutsu, Sealing, Almost Limitless Chakra, Curse Seal, Kyuubi, Lightning, Wind, and Water Jutsu, Summoning

Overall Skills: 86

Ninjutsu -10

Taijutsu -9

Genjutsu -4 (Canceling only)

Weapons -10

Intelligence -8

Power -9

Speed -9

Stamina -10

Chakra -10

Hand seals -7

Sasuke Uchiha

Village: Hidden in the Leaves

Ninja Rank: Chunin

Rank: High B

Bloodline: Sharingan

Special Skills: Fire Jutsu, Kenjutsu, Genjutsu, Summoning

Overall Skills: 67

Ninjutsu -8

Taijutsu -6

Genjutsu -7

Weapons -7

Intelligence -8

Power -6

Speed -7

Stamina -6

Chakra -6

Hand seals -6

Sakura Haruno

Village: Hidden in the Leaves

Ninja Rank: Chunin

Rank: B

Bloodline: None

Special Skills: Super Strength, Medical Ninjutsu

Overall Skills: 59

Ninjutsu -6

Taijutsu -7.5

Genjutsu -6

Weapons -3

Intelligence -8.5

Power -8

Speed -4

Stamina -5

Chakra -5

Hand seals -6

Kakashi Hatake

Village: Hidden in the Leaves

Ninja Rank: Jonin

Rank: A

Bloodline: None

Special Skills: Sharingan, Ninjutsu, Tracking, Summoning

Overall Skills: 72

Ninjutsu -10

Taijutsu -8

Genjutsu -8

Weapons -5

Intelligence -9

Power -8

Speed -8

Stamina -7

Chakra -7

Hand seals -10


Village: Hidden in the Sound

Ninja Rank: Sannin

Rank: S

Bloodline: None

Special Skills: Kinjutsu, Summoning, Kenjutsu

Overall Skills: 76 (*Low due to Injuries)

Ninjutsu -10

Taijutsu -7

Genjutsu -8

Weapons -8

Intelligence -9

*Power -6

*Speed -7

*Stamina -5

*Chakra -7

Hand seals -9


Village: Hidden in the Leaves

Ninja Rank: Sannin

Rank: S

Bloodline: None

Special Skills: Ninjutsu, Summoning, Sealing, Sage Mode, Stealth

Overall Skills: 86

Ninjutsu -10

Taijutsu -9

Genjutsu -8

Weapons -6

Intelligence -9

Power -9

Speed -9

Stamina -9

Chakra -8

Hand seals -9

Tsunade Senju

Village: Hidden in the Leaves

Ninja Rank: Sannin

Rank: S

Bloodline: None

Special Skills: Super Strength, Summoning, Medical Ninjutsu

Overall Skills: 78

Ninjutsu -9

Taijutsu -10

Genjutsu -7

Weapons -4

Intelligence -9

Power -10

Speed -7

Stamina -7

Chakra -7

Hand seals -8

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