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Once they entered the elevator and it started moving to their floor a very pissed-off Tony slammed the emergency stop button.

"ZIVA, WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS PROVOKE FIGHTS WITH GUARDS WHEREVER WE GO!" Tony shouted at Ziva, agitation clearly evident in his voice.

"What are you talking about Tony?" Ziva said, not wanting to have this conversation.

"You know damn right well what I'm talking about Ziva!" Tony yelled again.

"Oh, don't you dare try to blame me for what just happened! That was not my-"

"Don't you even think about saying this was not your fault, it most certainly was." Tony abruptly cut in.

"You ASSHOLE! That guard came after me with a fucking baton and you expected me not to defend myself! Are you kidding me! You know what, maybe next time I'll just let myself get beaten to a bloody pulp! How would you feel about that? Is that what you want Tony?" Ziva now is clearly pissed off.

Ziva, with her blood boiling, moved in front of Tony and started the elevator on its course again. Tony, obviously not finished what he was saying, immediately pushed the button again.

"Tony, what the hell is you problem!"

At that Tony pushed Ziva against the elevator wall and captured her lips with his. Ziva, reluctant at first, tried to push him off but gave in soon enough and greedily kissed him back. Their tongues battled one another for dominance, slipping past each other, back and forth-back and forth. Tony cupped Ziva's ass which caused a slight chuckle to escape from her lips.

He picked her up, grabbing her thighs to hold her in place, as he turned so his back was to the wall. Tony slowly slid to the floor and Ziva straddled him, resting right above his throbbing member. Ziva's hands rested on her partner's broad shoulders as he released her long wavy hair from it's clip. Of all the wonderful things about Ziva, Tony loved her hair the most. He entwined his fingers in her long locks which caused her to moan, thus making Tony even harder.

They broke apart when air was necessary and stared into each other's eyes. Tony proceeded to suck on Ziva's neck and place kisses on every inch. When Tony moved his head black to look at Ziva, she took the opportunity to repossess his mouth. Tony let his hands roam up and down Ziva's back. Getting a boost of confidence he stuck his hands under her shirt and into her bra and started to massage her full breasts, which caused a rough moan to escape from Ziva. His gun-calloused fingers rolled around her nipples making the soft numbs harden. As things began to escalate Tony's phone began ringing. Dammit, he thought.

"It's Gibbs." Tony stated. He answered the phone, trying not to sound aroused. "Yeah boss?"

"Where the hell are you two?" Gibbs demanded.

"On our way up. Be right there." With that Tony hung up the phone, gave Ziva one more kiss, and started up the elevator.

When they reached their floor and the doors opened Tony and Ziva were greeted by one very ticked off Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As Tony passed him he felt a sharp pain in the back of the skull. Ouch.

"Tony, what did I tell you about making out on the elevator!"

"Sorry boss."