As the Elders all sit around the table, eating dinner, Elder Price starts his favorite story yet again: the story of Orlando.

"When I was nine, I went to Orlando, Florida, and it was the most amazing place. Why couldn't I have been sent there, instead of getting stuck here?"

Okay, that wasn't exactly what he was saying, but that's what Elder McKinley was hearing. Why couldn't this guy just shut up? Everyone else accepted where they had been placed, but Elder Price refused to stop talking about Orlando.

Elder McKinley had managed to tolerate all the other days—after all, this place was kind of a shock at first, so it was understandable. But today, it just got to him. "Can't you just shut up about your precious Orlando for one minute? We've all had dreams, you know!" He runs out of the room, embarrassed by his outburst.

He hears a voice behind him. "Elder McKinley?"

"Go away." He has no desire to talk to anyone right now, especially not Elder Price.

"No, I just wanted to say that…you were right. I need to just live with this—there must have been some reason Heavenly Father sent me here and not Orlando. And I'd never even thought about where anyone else wanted to go—I mean, I guess it makes sense. Who would want to be sent here?"

Elder McKinley nods and whispers "New York City."


"New York City is my Orlando."

"New York City," Elder Price repeats, saying the worlds the same way he always says "Orlando."

Elder McKinley nods. "That's where I belong."

Elder Price sits down next to Elder McKinley as the older boy explains his experiences with New York City, and realizes that they have nearly the same story.

"You know what, Elder McKinley?" Elder Price says when he's done talking.

"What?" This is the first time Elder McKinley's told this to anyone, and he's scared of what Elder Price is going to say.

"We are going to make it to our favorite places. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day. I promise you."