Collecting the Pieces pt.1 ch.2

Word from the Authors: We want you all to know they do not claim any ownership of Gundam Wing or any of their original characters or any piece of their franchise,...The creation of Thia, and Serene (who will arrive later) however are purely from our highly creative...albeit, twisted imagination...

"Da dada DA!" Thiana sang as she skipped down the hallway. "Ta-da" and with that she gave a small spin showing of her own unique sense of style. Glittering silver ballet flats tapped as she danced in a circle. Her cotton white dress spun out around her bright purple clad legs before stopping, striking a pose that caused Aiden to laugh and give wet claps as the porridge flew outwards with each slap.

"Like Aiden?" Thiana asked as she skipped over to her brother as he seemed to coo in agreement. Aio was walking back in behind her daughter having gotten dressed for going into town too, yet just stopped at the archway into the room, taking in the scene before her with a slight smile. She couldn't help laughing lightly as Thiana kept bouncing around Aiden and Odin as Aiden clapped porridge in the air and Odin looked like he was about to lose it.

"Like too Odin?" The question came from a suddenly shy Thiana as she looked up at Odin from beneath her eye lashes. The question gave everyone a pause even Aiden, who stopped clapping as if waiting to hear the answer. Odin didn't know how to respond, flashing a pleading look for help towards Aio. She had to suddenly cover her mouth to stop from laughing and shook her head no, mouthing 'your on your own.' He was Thiana's father and he need to start acting like one. Awkward questions and all.

"Looking sharp kid." He finally got out looking back at Thiana. However the look he received wasn't what he expected.

"I not Kid. Bucko…" Thiana stated as she put her hands on her hips, her feet spread apart looking like someone ready to fight.

"Thiana!" Aio called out in alarm. Realizing that the only time Thiana would have heard that word, was when she herself had stood up to a security cop who had ignored her when her kids needed help and treated her like a little kid.

"What?" She instantly shrunk knowing she had done wrong as she looked back at her mother. "He called me kid. I no kid." She gave her mother a small pouty face.

Bucko… she called him Bucko, all because he had called her kid even though she is just two years old. For the record still very much a kid. However, he remembered when a trainer had downgraded him once and used the term child. He was only 13, so still a child. Yet the fire that had burned in him had been so great that he almost got kicked out for starting a fight.

"Thiana…"She turned her head back to look up at Odin. "I'll promise not to call you kid if you don't call me Bucko any more, ok?" He bent down so they were looking at each other hard black-blue eyes to glittering black-blue eyes.

Thiana roughly nodded her head. "Deal" before running around the table and sitting down hoping her mother wouldn't say anything more.

Aio just shook her head and walked towards the stove starting blueberry pancakes for Thiana. "You are a bucko though." She whispered to Odin as she mixed the batter. Odin just gave her a glare before turning his attention back to Thiana and Aiden.

It wasn't long before the smell of pancakes filled the kitchen and a plate with a pile of the fluffy steaming pieces of goodness were placed in the middle of the table with blueberry syrup, butter, and a bowl of fresh fruit.

"Num nummies, mummy" Thiana mumbled out as she reached, grapping a pancake ready to just take a bite.

"Now pea-pod, wait for me to cut it." Aio reprimanded before turning back to get glasses down and fill them with apple juice and two coffee mugs.

"O-right." Thiana hung her head for just a moment before bouncing in her seat again. "Odin eating too mummy?"

"Yes he can if he wants to." Aio replied without turning around as she finished filling the glasses.

"Yeah," Thiana jumped down from her chair running over and grapping another plate from the cubby hole before rushing back to the table and setting it at an empty chair. "Here Odin, Sit by me." Thiana said as she patted the chair and hopped back into her own.

"Guess I can't say no." Odin asked but it was more of a statement then he intended as he moved to sit down. Thiana was chatting away again about nothing in particular but she had Aiden in on the noise this time. They were talking back and forth, understanding each other but the adults had no idea what was going on.

"They do this every morning, and it always seems Aiden knows more words after and Thiana will better say things in the correct order. I don't know why it happened but I've never really wanted to question it." Aio picked up Thiana's plate and cut her pancakes into little pieces while still talking to Odin. "Thiana even read last week at the library during one of the children reading sessions. Everyone was so proud of her."

Odin didn't know why but something about that statement didn't sit right with him. It didn't sit right with him so much that for the rest of breakfast he sat thinking about it and not eating.

"Odin not hungry?" Thiana asked as she patted his arm.

"What?" Odin snapped out of his daze at her touch. "No, not very much."

"Breakfast is most important meal of day. Mummy said so." Thiana stated beaming up at her mother as the plates were cleared away.

"Your right pea-pod but if Odin isn't hungry he's old enough to make his own decisions." Aio replied as she placed things in the dishwasher, and headed back to clean up Aiden.

"I old enough to make decisions." Thiana stated looking mighty pleased that she believed herself to be old enough.

"Thiana," Odin said softly making the little girl look at him. "Your not that old yet." Thiana's face fell at the thought. "Let your mother believe she has two more years before you start making your own decisions." He mocked whispered. He still didn't know why but something was making him draw closer to these two children. Just because he had fathered them shouldn't make him feel this way. It was like some supernatural force drawing him closer.

"Don't give her any more ideas Odin." Aio laughed. "Now Thiana go get your hat on we have to get going so we can be back quickly."

"Yeah birthday cake, birthday cake." Thiana started chanting as she ran to the door placing on a small straw hat that held a big white daisy on the brim.

"Aio, no. You can't go into town it's not safe. We all have to leave soon." Odin fought remember again why he was really here.

"Leave?" Thiana over heard and her small lip started to quiver. "I don't want to leave. Mummy tell no." Thiana cried out for once not liking this stranger.

"Odin I already told you. I'm as safe here as another place, and that I'm not leaving my children behind." She squared her shoulders at Odin standing up as she hadn't when he had wanted to go into hiding the first time. "I'm going to tell you what is going to happen. Right now I'm going into New Port to pick up the cake. Thiana was going with me, so was Aiden. You can leave."

The quivering lip of Thiana, Aio standing up against him and the suddenly suspicions look from the baby Aiden who shouldn't even be old enough to have that look made Odin feel like a school boy who had stolen a little girls doll.

"I'm not going to leave without you Aio." He finally stated knowing if he did he would regretted it the rest of his life.

"Well then." Aio gave a thought. "I'll be back quicker if Aiden didn't go. He'll stay here with you and Thiana will come with me because I promised her she could." It was at that Aio placed Aiden in Odin's arms and turned back to the door collecting her things and ushering Thiana out the door before anyone could say a word.

"Does she do this a lot?" Odin looked down at the boy in his arms and he could have sworn that Aiden nodded.

"Old McDonald had a farm Eli Eli O" The bursting out of giggles from the back seat soon followed.

"I shouldn't have let you sample the icing and it's not Eli it's Ei." Aio corrected her daughter while laughing too.

"Eli sounds better…" Thiana got out between giggles "and icing is good.

"Yes icing is good." Aio said still laughing glancing back at Thiana smiling.

All of a sudden Thiana was screaming from the back seat and Aio whirled around facing front again just in time to slam on her brakes. There was a huge SUV blocking the road and she was just able to stop before hitting it. Two men stepped from around the SUV heading towards their car.

"Mummy who dat?" Thiana asked her voice wobbling with some fear.

"I don't know pea-pod. Just stay quiet please." Aio was nervous and Odin's warning about the hit and her common sense that they wouldn't attack so close to the city, were warring in her mind. As the two men neared them she caught a glimpse of a gun in one's hand. She didn't even think before she reacted. She just dropped her car down into gear and slammed the gas.

"They're bad men Thiana, very bad men." Aio said as gun shots rang out, a back window shattered hardly covering up Thiana's screams. It was only about 7 second before they hit the back tire making it burst that threw the car out of control. Aio tried to get it back but it tipped as she couldn't stop it from going into a ditch.

A ringing was sounding in her ears as the cries of Thiana were unbearable to hear. "Shush pea-pod. Mummy's going to make it ok." Aio tried to turn to look at her daughter but she could hardly move. A shadow moved over her blocking the window and she knew it was one of the men.

"Please, just let my little girl live. Take me, let her go. I'll be able to help you get Odin back, not her." The pleas even sound pathetic to her ears. And the evil sickening laugh that followed turned her stomach.

"Who said we were after Odin and you?" He lightly ran a finger down her cheek. "She's such a pretty little girl, such a pretty smart little thing.~ Thiana was just whimpering now in the back seat and the smell of gas and icing was reaching Aio's nose when it all clicked. It was never about getting back at Odin for deserting after his hit on Heero Yuy. All these years they've been torturing themselves because of that mistake when they never cared. No, it was all about her daughter, and more than likely her son. The two smartest little children anyone had ever seen. A two year old that could already talk, count, and read. She could even put together highly troubling puzzle questions just for fun, and her son wasn't far behind his big sister.

"No…" It was a cry pulled from her depths as she cursed herself for never realizing that these people would be watching for children like her's. Odin had told her once some of the plans he had seen and it had made her sick, and now knowing that her precious little girl was to be a part of it had her finding the strength to finally break free from the trapping seat belt and move to attack.

She got one good hit it raking her nails across the man's face before a shot ran out and she fell back into the chair the seat belt just holding her twisted body at an angle to so she was facing her daughter.

"MUMMY!" Thiana cried as her mother fell back. Her mother was looking straight at her but the normal warmth that she could always find in her mother's eyes was fading.

"My little pea-pod, don't let them win. Never let them win." Aio closed her eyes as she passed out.

"No, mummy no" choking sobs racked the little girl's body as two arms reached down through the broken passenger window to pull her out.

"Come on brat." The guy said as he hoisted her out. However, she wasn't going without a fight. She was going to do what her mother had told her to do. She was never going to let them win. She kicked and screamed and what felt like an eternity to Thiana was only a few moments before the second guy who her mother had scared tranqed her, sending her into a deep sleep.