She enclosed her arms around herself, trying to pick the pieces of herself up before her next client. Tearless sobs shook her tiny body, as she tried to convince herself that there was nothing she could do.

She was a whore.

Not just a whore, according to her uncle, but the lowliest of all whores. An unwilling one. He said that prostitutes should always be like happy dolls. A smile on your face at all times and never struggle, but pretend that they are the best that you've ever had. And she made sure that she acted just like a doll.

But not a happy one.

With each client came the same tactical moves, lie still, let them have their fun, and wait till the waking nightmare is over. Repeat.

Her uncle always commented on how he couldn't understand why she had so many customers, because she was one of the top most-seen workers at the stew. He said that she ought to be proud of her many patrons, even though, to him, she was inadequate.

She placed a pale, fragile hand on the bed beneath her, and lifted herself off of it. The room itself wasn't too big, or special in any way. The floor was rough with over-used hardwood and a spot in the corner was damp all the time for some unknown reason. The walls were a dark green, and some places held holes from memories she would like to not remember, while the door was a dirty white, covered in stains. The bed spread was the same color as the walls, and even had tattered, ripped holes. Her uncle hadn't bothered getting her a new one.

She walked over to the dresser, and stared into the old dusty mirror that lay on top. Blue cerulean orbs, looked back at her, sadness and despair swimming in them, and dark lashes surrounded them, coated in black mascara. Small lips, with red lipstick, were opened slightly revealing perfectly even, white teeth. The same lips that pigs kissed, the same lips that never smiled.

And even though the other working girls here always complimented her smooth, pale skin, her uncle always made her wear tons of oily foundation, topped with red blush.

It was weird because, even though she knew that the girl in the mirror was her, she still couldn't recognize herself. Her uncle made sure that she was who he wanted her to be, not who she wanted to be.

Her eyes traveled down and landed on black silk that clung to her body and flowed till mid-thigh. She hated black. Hated it.

It was all she, and the other girls could wear, every moment of everyday was black. She couldn't stand the color, couldn't stand the place, couldn't stand the work, and couldn't stand her 'dearest' uncle.

And she could definitely take it no longer.

Her eyes roamed down to the top drawer of the dresser, lingering a moment before gently pulling it open. Inside were a few articles of clothing, ranging from underwear to fishnet stockings some of her clients liked, and as she pushed the objects away with her long fingers, she found a book at the bottom.

It was worn, with tears on the maroon red cover, and she bent the book sideways to reveal the title of the book. 'Wuthering Heights' was elegantly written in cursive, in big, gold letters. Namine read the book hundreds upon hundreds of times in the past, and she simply adored it and hated it at the same time.

You see she loved the book, but her mother was the one who gave it to her.

And she hated her mother.

She had left Namine. "She dumped you on my doorstep, forced me to take you in. You should be grateful to me for letting you live under my roof!" Her uncle shouted at her about a week after she started 'working', when she was just fifteen, "She didn't care about a stupid girl like you! If she did you would still be with her!" And she decided that he was right. If her mother really loved her, then she would be at home, being a normal twenty-year-old, and loving life. But now there were some days that she couldn't wait for it to end.

Her hand skimmed the cover of the old book, before gently probing it open to the middle of the book, where a small envelope lay inside. Scrawled in lead writing were the words, 'Escape Fund'.

Her and her best friend, Kairi, another 'worker' here, had decided on this fund months ago, stealing money from patrons who weren't looking. They had tried to escape once before, but they were caught, and got a brutal whipping from her uncle. Now they had it carefully planned out.

First: they need munny. Check, 1,082 munny to be precise; Second: They needed an escape route. They had mapping out the stew, and soon found that there was a huge air vent in the last stall in the bathrooms, so Check. Third: The will to leave. Triple Check.

Kairi used to be an energetic young girl, when she was first sold to the stew, and where she met Namine, and she fought off her customers until they had to tie her down (literally). Then she became like Namine, silent and weak. Broken. But the two were almost inseparable when they were together, sometimes saying nothing at all, never smiling, but enjoying each other's company nevertheless.

Their plan was to be put into action immediately after bed check, around 11:00 P.M.

She looked at the clock. Eight o'clock. Soon she would be out of here for good, never to come back. The thought almost made her smile. Almost.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by the closing of a door. She turned and saw her last client for the night.

And hopefully forever.

Her door creaked open and she saw the outline of her uncle's head stick into her room. She quickly closed her eyes, and pretended to be asleep. When he was satisfied, he silently closed her door, and she waited until he had checked all the rooms on her hall before leaping silently to her feet and pulling the worn book from its hiding place.

She opened her door, as quietly as she could manage, tip-toed out into the hall after making sure the coast was clear. She made her way to Kairi's room and before she could even turn the knob to her door, the red-haired girl was in front of her, staring at her with her deep, violet eyes clouded in excitement and fear.

She motioned the girl to follow her, and they silently made their way to the bathrooms, stopping immediately at any noise. As they entered the restrooms, Namine pointed to the end stall, and slowly opened the door, revealing a graffiti stained toilet and a stand where the toilet paper should go, but unfortunately it held none. Behind the toilet was a rusted cage, covering the opening to the air vents.

Namine turned to Kairi, "Please tell me you brought it."

Kairi nodded enthusiastically, before reaching into a small grey bag that hung on her shoulder, and pulled out the tab off the top of a soda can and handing it to her blonde companion.

Namine stuck the tab into one of the screws that held the cage in place and started to turn it, like one who does a screwdriver. The screw popped out and Namine worked on the rest until she could pry open the cage. She took the cage and placed it on the ground before climbing in the air vent, Kairi following close behind.

Her knees began to hurt as she crawled into the ventilation, but she ignored it. She passed over a small air vent, only to look down just in time to see her uncle direct his flashlight in her exact spot.

She jumped out of the way of the light before it hit her, and felt Kairi stop behind her. She waited until her uncle was a good distance away before beginning to crawl again. Around fifteen minutes later, she arrived at the end of the tunnel and found herself faced with another cage. She sat down and lifted her feet in front of her, and kicked it as hard as she could, then watched it fly out of its place, hitting the wall and crashing to the ground loudly.

She scooted out of the vent as quickly as she could, and helped Kairi out as well, before sprinting away, not wanting to stay there if one of her uncle's guards heard the noise.

She turned corners and ran down hallways, not even knowing where she was going, but knew that she had to find a way out. She turned one last corner, before sighing in relief at what lay at the other side of the room she was in.

She saw the doors that lead outside, and joy filled her heart, and all noise and objects seemed to have disappeared as she ran.

"NAMINE!" Kairi's scream broke through her barrier as she turned and stopped in her tracks at what she saw.

Her uncle's arm had Kairi in a tight hold refusing to let her go as the red-head sobbed, " No, go Namine! Save yourself! Do it for both of us!"

Tears poured down Namines face as she realized that she had to go, that Kairi couldn't be saved because her uncle's guards were fast approaching, and Kairi had no way of getting away from Namine's uncles death grip.

She was going to lose her only friend.

"I'll come back for you!" She shouted, though her voice broke in mid-sentence.

She saw Kairi do a quick nod, and she turned and bolted toward the door. She ran into it, and she repeatedly pushed the bar that was supposed to open the door, but to her dismay, it was locked.

"Oh, come on!" She sobbed. Her uncle's guards were drawing nearer.

She looked around, desperately seeking something to throw at the doors to shatter the glass. She felt her hand squeeze 'Withering Heights' , and hoped the glass was as weak as it looked.

With a deep breath, she wound her arm back and threw the book as hard as her weak self could manage…

And watched the glass shatter, just like her spirit did five years ago…

She jumped through the door, narrowly missing one the guard's arms, and breathed in chilly October air, running for her freedom.

Until a horrible thought struck her. She just lost her best friend.

What was she going to do about losing the only person she trusts?

Go back for her.

And that was exactly what she was going to do.

She stopped running when the splint in her side was threatening to kill her, and started walking in a quick pace along the sidewalk that bordered some stores and bars, with flashing lights highlighting the buildings' names.

She can't recall how far away she was from the stew, but she knew that she was at least five miles from it. Her stomach growled and she realized that the last thing she ate was half of a bagel that morning, so she decided to stop in a nearby convenience store for a candy bar, but first she really needed to use the bathroom.

She opened the door to the small store, and looked past the small shelves of various objects and spotted a flashing sign that read 'The Throne Room' which she guessed meant the bathroom, so she headed towards it.

She reached for the door handle and pulled it open, closing it soon afterwards and locking the door. The bathroom wasn't really any different from the one in the whorehouse except that it actually had toilet paper, for which she was grateful for.

After using it, she flushed the bowl and turned the sink on, only to be disgusted when brown liquid came pouring out of the faucet besides clean water. She turned it off and settled for the hand sanitizer lying on the sink instead. Her eyes drifted to her reflection in the mirror.

She looked dead.

Her mascara was running from all the crying she did, making her have panda-eyes, and her skin looked dull and, if possible, even more pale than before.

Her blush was still on and so was her blood colored lip stick. So she tore a few of the paper towels stationed to her right and dipped it in the only clean water available. The toilet.

She scrubbed her face, lips, and eyes, till there was no trace of any make-up left. Her skin was red and her lips were swollen, while her eyes were a combination of the two.

She waited about five minutes, until everything returned to normal to head back into the rest of the store. She picked up a high-fiber granola bar and a bottle of Vitamin Water, before placing it on the counter to be paid for. The cashier, a blonde haired, green eyed boy, smiled at her and rang her up.

"That will be twenty-five munny please."

She nodded and handed him the correct amount, before grabbing her stuff and exiting the store.

She continued walking down the sidewalk, and started trying to unscrew the top of the Vitamin Water, passing a few stores along the way. She looked up, frustrated about the lid not opening, and saw a sign about twenty yards away that read, "Radiant Sun Apartments, cheapest in town!" , and thanked whoever her guardian angel was for bringing her here.

She finally got the top to come off the bottle, and was about to take a sip when she saw out of the corner of her left eye, three figures approaching her. Two were unmistakably guys, while the other was a woman judging by her curves.

They stepped into the light of a nearby street lamp, and Namine could now see them clearly. The woman had short white-violet hair that hung over the left side of her face, masking one of her blood red eyes, while she wore a sleeveless dark blue zip-up hoodie, and khaki capris.

Standing beside her was a well-built man with dark brown hair and eyes, sporting an orange tank top and baggy, dark sweatpants, in which he could have easily been mistaken for a basketball player.

Standing in front of the two, was a man with a black beanie covering his light blond hair, and a long white over coat, almost completely covering his baggy purple pants and too-short blue shirt that was revealing his abs.

"Hey, there Little Lady, don't you know it's dangerous to travel alone at night?" Namine could just hear the smirk in the blonde boys voice.

"Yeah, come over here and me and Seifer will protect you, ya know?" The muscular boy added.

The man she figured was Seifer scowled, "No, she's mine find your own. I need some fun tonight."

He reached for her hand that was clutching her beverage, so she backed away and threw the bottle at him before sprinting in the opposite direction.

"You little whore!" Seifer growled.

She cringed at the name. He had no idea. Her heart racing from fear, she turned a corner, hearing the group's footsteps trailing behind her. She started feeling dizzy from the lack of food, and the running and she started to slow, Seifer's gang catching up to her quickly.

She turned another corner and ran into someone's chest, making her almost fall over before the person caught her arm, and she steadied herself. Her eyes traveled to the person whose hand was still enclosed around her arm.

He had deep blue eyes, ones that would rival her own, that were swimming in confusion. Spiky blonde hair, swayed mostly to his right, shadowing his tan skin. He was wearing long-sleeved black Under Armor top with a grey T-shirt over it, clinging to his torso, showing off his muscular body, while a black necklace was thrown around his neck with the number thirteen hanging on it. His black jeans, she noticed, had holes where the knees were.

He was gorgeous.

"Well, guys, look who we have here." Seifer's voice range behind her, causing Spiky-Hair to look past her, "Chickenwuss."

She let out a frightened squeak, and stood behind the unknown man.

"Go away, Seifer." Spiky-Hair growled, and she was surprised how his voice was husky and deep.

The other man with Seifer stepped forward, "We don't want any trouble with you Roxas, just give us the girl, ya know?"

"Right." The woman replied simply.

Roxas…That was his name…

"That's not going to happen." Roxas said, and her head began to spin even more from hunger.

"Hey, Chickenwuss, I saw her first, go find your own." Seifer's eyes narrowed.

Roxas' did the same, "She's not property, man. And you're not getting to her unless you go through me."

Her back hit one of the buildings behind her, as Roxas pushed her away from him and she saw Seifer charge at him. The hunger slowly consumed her spinning head and darkness swallowed her whole.

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