She's the supremely beautiful kind.

And you can take apart the words to really get what that means.

'Supremely' in like boom, boom, boom, you see her and its like electric twist and you just fall in love.

No logic, no build up, just a bullet to the heart and you're in love.

'Beautiful' because if she was gold then you're just the rust on faded silver because wow, wow, wow, she's like a diamond, glittering and pretty and she's platinum and you're the greedy boy who wants to touch.

But she's kind, you know, not cold and impersonal. She's sweet like ice cream during hot summer days and she's all smiles and bright eyes. Big magical eyes that really look into your soul and you want to be like her all sweet and nice.

And so you do everything really to make this supremely beautiful girl yours and then she is and it's magic. Pure, sweet magic that's real, not hocus pocus, and you remember when you were a child and a kiss from your mom made everything better – that kind of magic.

You're in love and she's still the supremely beautiful kind. But you're better now too.

You're no longer the rust on faded silver, you're more gold now but you're still greedy. You're still a greedy little boy but it doesn't matter. She's kind enough for the both of you.