He's the boy you used to hate and now you can't get enough of him.

Love is a funny thing. One moment, you're shouting and giving him a black eye and the next he makes your heart go all pitter-patter.

It makes you angry and confused so you call him a bastard and deny, deny, deny. Anything but to confess to yourself that you maybe (definitely) love this cruel little boy who has no idea about what he does to you.

He makes your head and heart hurt. Because he's venom, all his words are toxic and you're all fire. Together, you'll destroy the world and then each other.

You cruel little girl, you're in love with a cruel little boy. What a funny couple make.

Doesn't it hurt when he tells you…I love her…I love her…not you, not you, never you.

That poor ignorant little boy doesn't know that you ache from the inside out because he loves a girl that'll never love him back and most of all, he'll never love you.

Why can't he love you? You'll be good, you'll be nice. Be a nice sweet little girl just for him and he can still be that cruel little boy all he likes.

You can be together in your little perfectly imperfect little world. How happy you two will be. So happy, happy, happy...

What delusional dreams you have, little girl. Wake up now, wake up, please.

Your cruel little boy will never be yours.