The hairs on the back of my neck stand up as he turns his gaze on me. When he realizes who I am, his amused gaze turns into an icy glare. "Well, if it isn't Alisha. I thought you 'ave more sense 'an to 'ang around wif' this lot." I glare at his scuffed combat boots, unwilling to meet his eyes; the eyes that are so like my own. "Did you say the Dark Lord's name," he asks, no, he demands. I give a slight shake of my head and he forces me to look into his eyes. "Did you," he asks again.

"No-" He slaps me, the force knocking me to the ground. "I swear I wouldn't ever say his name." His face softens when he sees the red, hand-shaped mark on my face but hardens soon after, no longer showing any of the previous emotion. A single tear slides down my face but he either doesn't notice or doesn't care. Most likely, it's the latter.

"'oo said it?" No answer. "Who said his name?" His tone suggests he's talking to a four year old instead of an eighteen year old. "Don't make me 'urt you Alisha. Just tell who said the Dark Lord's name and who your mates are." Once again, he receives no answer. "I don't want to hurt you." I scoff at that.

"You could care less if you hurt me or not! You'd probably enjoy it! You stopped caring about me a long time ago, Scabior." He growls and roughly shoves me against a tree, pinning me so I can't move.

"If I didn't care you'd be dead."

"That'd be better than seeing what your 'lord' is doing!" Another slap for my outburst.

"He's your lord too, don't forget that."

"He will never be my lord," I hiss. My tears flow freely down my cheeks now, like a dam burst inside me. "I hate you, I hate him, and I hate everyone who follows him!"

"You don't hate anything," he says, completely sure of himself. "I've known you all your life, remember? I know the things you're capable of and hate isn't one of them."

However, as he stared into her eyes, he saw it was true; she did hate him. Her eyes were an exact replica of his in every sense of the word; they would show her emotions when she wanted them to, they would show if she was telling the truth, and they could also show nothing. After her outburst they turned to stone.

"Hurry up and do whatever it is you're going to do Scabior, let's just get it over with because we both know that I'll tell you nothing," she sighs, holding out her arms and closing her eyes. Scabior leans forward and brushes his lips against her cheek gently, surprising both of us.

"You know I can't 'urt you." She chuckles darkly.

"You mean like you couldn't hurt Katrina? Or how about Nina?" Scabior backs away and goes to the other Snatchers, before apparating to Malfoy Manor, leaving behind his little sister in the woods. Once again sparing her life and also putting her in danger. The next time he sees her though, he'll have to take her with him—their parents miss her. He still can't believe that, after all these years, she's still his only weekness