A/N: To be honest, I really can't remember where this was spawned from. I just began writing it one night, and it turned into this. I'm leaving it as is, for now, since I hardly write for Light. Actually, I never write something Light-centric O.O. Ha. Well, enjoy!

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The world doesn't need any more crime, the auburn-haired male thought to himself as he slowly drew out the characters of his tenth victim's name. The world needs safety, peace. The given name was finished, and all that was left was the four characters for the family name. Only I can give the world what it needs. Only I…With the full name complete, Yagami Raito set his pen down and stared blankly at his watch on his left wrist. His internal monologue continued.

This is the right thing to do, the only way that the people of this world will ever feel any sort of comfort. But…Raito was second-guessing himself, and a small, unrecognizable feeling tickled his sub-conscious deep down; guilt. The shinigami had mentioned that word once, and Raito had forgotten it completely until that moment. Yet, a grueling satisfaction of killing off the scum of the earth made its way to the surface, blocking the feelings of remorse, of shame. Yagami Raito took far more pleasure in the instant gratification undergoing the writing of a name in the Death Note. Criminals needed to be punished, in order for the world to thrive better. They needed to be punished for their sins. Rape for the rapist, stolen dignity for the thief; murder for a murderer.

But, who was Raito? What would be his punishment? Surely, he himself was a murderer.

No! Of course not! I am God, and God can't be punished. Raito sat in his desk chair and hung his head, his arms dangling by his sides. This is the right thing to do, the only reasonable solution. What other way could there be? Placing his head in his hands he stared at his Death Note for several long moments, thinking of answers to his question. He found none, and was quite content with that information. There was no other way to cleanse the world of malicious people. The justice system was fucked, and criminals would just be granted freedom after sentences that would have no effect.

And so Raito continued, no remorse, no shame.