The Mandalorian Wars

One of the bloodiest conflicts of past decades, it wrought destruction and death on an unprecedented scale. Te Ani'la Mand'alor, better known as "Mandalore the Ultimate," was the mastermind of this massive conflict after being persuaded by the True Sith to attack the Republic.

Following 20 years of re-uniting and rebuilding the scattered Mandalorian Clans, Mandalore launched the renewed clans into the Outer Rim, in 3,976 BBY. This was a means to warm up his armies, for his forces were not strong enough – yet - to attack the Republic. As the Mandalorians carved out clan territories larger than the Hutt's, the Republic Senate, wary of conflict since the war with Exar Kun, decided not to aid the Outer Rim planets: Their only concern was the safety of the Republic itself, and the Mandalorians hadn't threatened them. The Republic stayed neutral for a whole decade as Mandalorian expansion in the Outer Rim continued, undefeated.

In 3,966, Mandalore provoked the Republic into action after converging on Taris and it's neighboring worlds of Vanquo, Tarnith, Suurja and Jebble. The Republic had a vested interest in these resource worlds, so it assembled a massive navy to protect them. The Mandalorians skirmished with the Republic forces in the sector, in a series of battles that ended in stalemate. Though Mandalore managed to take the minor planet of Flashpoint, the Mandalorians, to the Republic, seemed tired and weak after 10 years of war. Republic morale soared when it seemed their warlike foe had spent themselves. But it was a massive ruse that deceived the entire Republic command – Mandalore was merely preparing for a full-scale invasion behind the scenes, while gauging the Republic's strengths and weaknesses in proxy wars, skirmishes, and feigned retreats. The Republic had unwittingly thrown down their deck of cards and declared victory. Victory was far from over.

With his forces prepared for a massive three-pronged attack into the Republic, Mandalore invaded the Republic world of Onderon from their staging ground on Dxun. History echoed and reverberated…when once Onderon had fended off the Mandalorians leading to the death of Te Kandosii Mand'alor on Dxun, now the Mandalorians were striking back with a vengeance.

As part of a contingency plan, Mandalore had sent disguised task forces across the galaxy to set up hidden bases on remote worlds. One of these forces, led by General Heinrich, ended up in the Hoth system. However Heinrich and his Mandalorian forces weren't alone…they were caught by the Republic assault ship, The Panzershell. At first pursued by Republic forces, Heinrich's fleet divided itself in the face of their pursuers, and converged on the Republic ship. The Panzershell was surrounded, but it hadn't been defeated yet…

A Mandalorian Legionnaire, a Jedi Knight, and an ERCS Leader would meet in this long forgotten battle, in the remote Hoth System.

This is that story.

Dramatis Personae

Douglas Fett - Male Human Mandalorian; Legionnaire
Tairek MacBroek – Male Human Mandalorian; Senior Man-at-Arms
Major Hirohito – Female Human Mandalorian
General Heinrich – Male Taung Mandalorian
Major Philippe – Male Ubese Mandalorian
Kelroth - Male Taung Mandalorian; Neo-Crusader regular

Joanus Cree – Male Human Jedi Knight
Turris – Male Human ERCS Captain

Author's note: This is a major retcon/rewrite/remaster/restoration/re-kickass-make of an old, old RP Flash, Turris, and myself created years ago on Flash's Mando Wars RP site. It follows the same format, same plot line, but with certain scenes extended, along with extraneous posts and details removed. I merely cleaned the whole RP up and it took me a day and a half to do. So, consider this and my previously posted 'Betrayal' RP like "Director's cuts." What we meant to go for but were obviously too n00bish at the time to achieve. Enjoy.


Inner Rim - Dxun


The last few days were pretty quiet after the mission to Del Nor. Quiet was good, comfortable. I needed it.

Except when my mind sifted through my memories of Del Nor. My squadmates, Henrish, Begaro, Derryl, getting killed. By Darius. Darius, my brother. We fought. I defeated him. I killed him. No…I left him for dead. I stabbed my gladius right through his armour and into his gut, twisted the blade, left it in him, then threw him down the side of a mountain. In the end, he was ultimately a traitor and he had it coming. But…I did it to my blood brother. Sure, in our culture, bloodlines don't matter. It's who you fight alongside, who you have camaraderie with. Still…I had always been with my brother.

When the memories did come back, I wanted to get into a massive fire fight, rip a zakkeg's eyeballs out and force the beast to eat them. I needed chaos to ignore the pain of my memories.

"Douglas? You alright?" An older Mandalorian with a thick brogue asked. I shook my head of the thoughts. It was Tairek, my new partner.

"Yah. I…what's going on?"

"The Major wants us in the command center. Come on." Tairek said. I was sitting at one of the benches in the open mess hall, so I left and headed off with Tairek to see the Major. We entered the command center. Hirohito was an older woman, perhaps early forties, but she still looked tough enough to rip the ears off a gundark.

"Douglas, Tairek. Sit down." She said. We did, as she activated a holo. A map of the galaxy appeared, and the Hoth system was highlighted.

"As I've explained to you before, Mandalore has initiated a contingency plan to establish hidden bases on remote worlds across the galaxy. One of his top generals he sent to the far end of the galaxy, Heinrich, has made his way to the Hoth system. We received a report from personnel in his fleet, and it's revealed that though they were pursued by Republic forces, they managed to surround our foe. They've requested reinforcements. I'm sending you two to help their marines board the Republic assault ship, The Panzershell."

"What troops do they have onboard?" I asked.

"Besides the usual Republic troops and fleet personnel, we've confirmed the presence of not only Jedi Knights, but ERCS."

"ERCS Major?" I replied back.

"Yes. 'Elite Republic Commando Squad.' If there's one branch of the Republic military you should be wary of, it's them. Their the Republic equivalent of our Legionnaires." Hirohito said. I was a Legionnaire. This confrontation would be interesting.

"Any Jedi of note?" Tairek asked.

"Only one. A certain Jedi by the name of Joanus Cree is onboard The Panzershell. He's your age Doug and he's already ascended the rank of Knight."

"What does that mean to us?" I asked.

"From what we've gathered about the Jedi over the last 30 years, they have three distinct ranks. Apprentices, Knights, and Masters. Most apprentices pass the tests to be Knights in their late 20s. Joanus is 19." Hirohito said.

"We'll take him down like we would anyone else, Major." Tairek said.

"Good to hear. As you two will be paired together and sent to certain trouble spots behind the frontlines, we're lending you a ship of your own. A next-generation Basilisk War Droid. Like previous models it has room for only one, but we've modified its interior to hold the pilot, co-pilot, and two passengers. There is also a small cargo hold. It will be in one of the hangars when you go to leave." Hirohito said. Tairek and I left to gather our things. We met at the hangars with our equipment. We stared in awe at the Basilisk.

"I've never seen one like this before." Tairek said.

"Definitely a new model…let's check it out." I said. Tairek and I went inside the Basilisk, entering into the cargo hold which then split off into the cockpit. We put our equipment in the cargo hold, and went into the cockpit. Tairek went in the pilot's seat while I to the co-pilots. After getting used to the controls, Tairek took the ship up off Dxun, and into hyperspace.