Fett and Tairek's working relationship started out dry, but over time Fett came to saw Tairek as not only a mentor, but a father figure. The two would go on to conduct covert operations behind enemy lines for the duration of the Mandalorian offensive.

General Heinrich and his fleet quickly left the Hoth system, in the hopes of finding another remote world to set up a hidden base. True to his mission and loyalty to Mandalore, Heinrich's army set up a base on a yet unknown world. However, small Republic patrol fleets discovered the base, and engaged Heinrich's fleet. Reports of the battle suggested Heinrich and his damaged fleet managed to escape, though they never returned to Dxun. It is believed that him and his fleet fled into the Unknown Regions, and have not been heard from to this day.

The Jedi Knight Revan and his followers, having just recently entered the war, didn't rise as a true threat to the Mandalorians until two years after their main three-sector offensive. Revan was, for that time, seen as a spark of hope to the Republic, but not viewed as a true saviour yet. He suffered his share of defeats along the way before finally coming into his own as a master strategist and tactician, beginning with the retaking of Taris in 3,961 BBY.

Joanus Cree returned to Coruscant for a time and then spent reprieve time on Dantooine. When it was time for him to return to the action, he came to the front lines and led a daring, though bloody and costly, assault on the planet Zolamis.

Captain Turris returned to Coruscant, where he recovered from his heavy wounds over the following weeks. Attending the funeral of his soldiers lost during the action, something broke inside of him. He decided to rebuild ERCS, but on a completely new level.