Chapter 1

One day after getting to thier new house closer to Camp Rock Mitchie comes back outside to get some more stuff from the moving truck to bring into the house when a guy on a motorcycle up the guy gets off taking off his helmet as Mitchie watches.

"Surprise!" he says

"Oh My God please tell me your not seriously standing there and that this is just my imagination playing a trick on me!" she says looking at him

"it's not. It's really me. I'm really here." he tells her

"Ahh!" she runs and jumps into his arms and kisses him

Shane holds her tight with a big smile on his face

Mitchie looks at him "what are you doing here?" she wonders

"we are back from the tour early." he tells her

"oh." she says

"yeah we cut it short and canceled a bunch of locations so that I could come back here to see and be with you again." he tells her

Mitchie looks at him "awe you are so sweet." she says running her hand thru his hair holding his cheek again kissing him

"Mmm." he moans and pulls away "so where's your mom and Brown?" he wonders

"inside trying to get the baby down to sleep." she tells him

"how is she?" he wonders holding her waist

"she is good." she says with a smile

"that's good." he says and smiles then looks up at the house "nice house." he says

"yeah it is pretty nice." she says

"it's huge!" he says

"yeah it is." she says "wait till you see the inside." she tells him

Shane just smiles "so do you guys need some help?" he motions to the open truck

"Mitchie smiles "yea that would be great thanks." she says

"okay." he says and laughs and starts walking over to the truck jumping in the back and starts grabbing some stuff to unload.

Mitchie just stands there and smiles and just watches him reaching upwards and wipes some sweat off his forehead with his sleeve.