Sam was lying in the beanbag chair in the iCarly studio with her head swung back looking up at the ceiling when Carly bounced in the room, "Hey Sam," she noticed the textbook, folded over notebook and pencil balancing on her knees, "Are you really doing homework?"

Sam sat up, catching the supplies before they fell. For a brief moment she thought Carly might have been being sarcastic, but no, she was genuinely shocked, "Yeah, so?" Sam's defenses were up.

"Well Samantha Puckett I never thought I'd see the day!"

Sam glared at her friend, "I've done homework before," she argued, "I've only done enough not to be held back, that's all," Sam explained in a 'matter of fact' tone. Senior year was in full swing now and Sam was concentrating on studying to keep her mind off… other things.

"Sup girlies?" Sam flinched at the sound of Freddie's voice, not expecting to see him here, although, she didn't know why; he was always at Carly's. A twinge of jealousy surged through her.

Freddie had his laptop tucked under his left arm as he walked in the room and made a bee-line for his cart. Sam quickly looked him up and down, admiring the way his muscles rippled under the snug blue polo he was wearing. "Nothing Fredwart," she blew off her momentary insanity. Sam scoffed at herself, she, Samantha Puckett, had been checking out Fredweird.

"Guess what Freddie! Sam was actually doing HOMEWORK," Carly chirped.

Freddie gripped his chest and stumbled back slightly, faking a heart attack, "NO," he gasped; eyes sarcastically wide.

"Will you two shut up about the homework?" Sam snarled.

"Fine, fine," Carly smiled. She was proud of her friend. Carly always worried about Sam with her abrasiveness, lack of effort, and trouble-making skills. She was always afraid Sam would end up in jail… or worse. Carly looked up at Freddie. Was he staring at Sam? Nah, Carly shook her head, she was just imagining things.

"So, Sam, we should work on that project soon," Freddie hadn't looked up from his laptop while addressing the blonde.

"Yeah," she shrugged, her eyes danced between her textbook and her notebook. Sam jiggled the pencil between her fingers subconsciously.

"When are you free?"


"You want to come over tonight and work on it?" Freddie looked up, "There's a large meat-lovers pizza in it."

Sam's head perked up and she cocked her head to the side, thinking, "You're paying?"


"I'll be there."

They both went back to their respective activities but Carly noticed slight anticipation swirling in the air. She glanced at her friends; they looked tense and were holding back smiles. She settled back into the beanbag chair she was sitting in and picked up her book for school, Catcher in the Rye.

"While we're all together we should talk about the next iCarly," Freddie broke the brief silence.

"That's a good idea," Carly agreed setting down her book.

Sam groaned and threw back her head dramatically.

"What were you thinking about doing first?" Freddie asked still looking at his computer screen; he was getting ready to take down notes for the show.

"Why don't we have Gibby play 'What Am I Licking?' again," Carly suggested, "Our audience still loves it."

"We haven't done 'Messin' With Lubert' in a while," Sam mumbled staring at the ceiling.

"That's a great idea Sam!" Carly praised. Sam just rolled her eyes.

"Ok, 'Messin' With Lubert'," Freddie spoke aloud as he typed it into his notes, "What should we do to him?" Freddie looked up at Carly and Sam.

"Why don't we find a kid to shoot him with paint balls?" Sam yawned.

"Sounds interesting but I think we could hurt him if we did that. We don't want that to happen again," Carly was referring to the exploding muffin basket a few years ago which left Lubert extremely injured and Freddie's mom started dating him after caring for him. Freddie shuddered at the thought.

"It doesn't hurt that bad," Sam argued, "It's not like he could break anything. Lubert would just end up with a few welts."

Carly and Freddie shrugged. "Alright," Carly agreed, "We'll put it on the list as a possibility but let's ask Gibby and Spencer if they have any ideas."

"Fine," Sam scowled.

Freddie looked at his watch, "I have to drive my mom to the airport soon. I should get going." He started to unhook his laptop.

"Where's your mom going Freddison?" Sam looked genuinely interested.

"Las Vegas," Freddie looked at Sam, "She has a nursing conference there. Then she and a few friends are staying for the rest of the week."

"Aww," Sam cooed, "Mommy's letting Baby stay in a big apartment by himself for a whole long scarwy week," she mocked.

"Shut up Sam." Freddie growled. He turned to leave but looked back, "Seven, Sam. Be at my place at seven." Sam grunted in agreement and Freddie continued out the door.

When she was sure Freddie wasn't coming back she turned to Carly who was back to reading her book, "Hey Carls?"

"Mhmm?" Carly hummed with her nose in her book.

"Can you, um, help me with something?" Sam fiddled with her shirt.

"Sure whatever you need," Carly put her book down.

"I wanna try changing my look again. You know try that girly thing we tried years ago but toned down, just a little more… feminine," Sam was looking down at her lap, slightly embarrassed.

Carly's eyes lit up, "Ohmigod Sam! Yes, of course I'll help you!" She got up and grabbed Sam's wrist, "Come on I'll let you borrow something."

Sam stopped her, "No, you're too girly. Let's go shopping."

"But you have to be back here at seven."

"We'll find something, I'm sure of it."