I have decided to keep this journal so I can remember what happened up to the end.

Today Jack called me and told me Yusei was in the hospital. He said at first he thought Yusei had just over worked himself, but it turned out to be something serious. He said Yusei had been yelling for me in his delirious state, and calling out for me to save him. He must have been reliving the time in Team Satisfaction when I saved his life. Nevertheless, I agreed to go down there.

When I got there and checked into the hospital as a visitor, Crow was waiting for me. He said Jack was in the room with Yusei and that Yusei was throwing uncharacteristic tantrums and yelling for me. This began to worry me. Jack hadn't told me what was actually wrong with him.

Crow brought me to the room and before we entered, I heard Yusei crying, "Where's Kiryu? Where have they taken him, Jack? I want to see Kiryu!"

"He'll be here soon, Yusei, I promise!" Jack told him, annoyance and panic in his voice.

"I'm right here," I said as I entered the room. Before I could take in the state of Yusei, he yelled, "Kiryu!" and made to get out of the hospital bed. Jack immediately pushed him back down and hissed, "Stay!"

Yusei didn't even seem to notice. His eyes were positively glowing with happiness, and I felt such affection for him as I walked over to the bed. It was then that I notice the state he was in.

He was much skinnier than last I saw him, which was saying something because Yusei had already been a thin guy. His muscles seemed to be deteriorating. His eyes were bloodshot and his voice raspy. He was also unnaturally pale. Yusei had always been quite a few tones darker than I, but he was slowly catching up. He looked awful.

As soon as I made it over to him reached up his arms as though he were a child wanting to be picked up. I guessed he wanted a hug, so I bent down to hug him. He felt extremely frail.

"Oh Kiryu!" he said to me, "I thought I would never see you again! I thought Security got you!"

I looked at Jack, and Jack shook his head cautiously. Could Yusei be having memory problems?

When Yusei finally let go, I asked him, "How do you feel?"

"Not so good," he admitted, "My head feels fuzzy and my stomach hurts."

I noticed he had small bruises on his skin in various places and around his eyes.

"Yusei, Jack and I are going to have a little talk. We'll be right back, okay?" I said to him, and he nodded.

Jack and I left the room while Crow went to talk to Yusei.

"Jack, tell me everything," I told him sternly. He looked extremely grim.

"Well, I won't lie to you," he said to me, "So prepare yourself for the worst."
I gulped and my stomach dropped.

He told me that Yusei had been diagnosed with a brain disease, and his brain was slowly shutting down. They had noticed that Yusei had been forgetting things a lot lately, and last night he had collapsed while walking to the fridge. His health had been deteriorating too, as I could see by the way he looked.
And then I asked the question that I dreaded the answer to.

"Is...Is Yusei going die?"

Jack just looked at me and I knew the answer.

I rubbed my face with my hands and asked, " How long does he have?"

"A few months at the most," Jack breathed. "Kiryu, I know this is asking a lot, but would you stay with him? You're the only one he listens to. He trusts you the most. He loves you the most."

I was oddly happy to hear those words. I loved Yusei too, and wanted nothing more than to help him.

So I told Jack that Yusei could live with me once he was out of the hospital. I'd rather him die in a homely environment than in a hospital. He agreed.
Well, that's the story so far.

Now I just have to wait for him to get better so he can come live with me.