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Percy's POV

The wedding was beautiful.

It was on a beach, my favorite place, and every one was there - even Annabeth's mom. She still hadn't come to full terms with all of this, but at least she was here. I knew that would make Annabeth happy, and that's all I wanted to do on that day. Make Annabeth happy.

When I first proposed, I was extremely nervous. Mom told me not to be, that Annabeth was a great girl and all, and that she would absoulutely say yes. I knew she probably would, but I was still nervous.

I mean, I'm not called Seaweed Brain for nothing.

I decided to do it really cheesy and classical - but with a demigod twist. I took her out on the beach at Camp Half-Blood. The water was just right, lapping the shore gently in a swaying breeze. It smelled of sweet salt and Annabeth's perfume.

Speaking of Annabeth...God, she was amazing. Her blonde hair, as usual, was pulled into a long, princess curled ponytail. She wore a white sun dress which hung just below her knees. She was bare foot, allowing her toes to sink deep into the sand.

"It's a beautiful night," she commented, sitting down and gazing up to the stars. There were no clouds in the sky that night.

I nodded my head fast-like. "Yeah," I mumbled. "It is." I sat beside her, looking at the picnic basket I had brought, filled with some of her favorite foods, and, of course, the thing that would engage us.

She looked at me, her grey eyes piercing. "You okay?" Annabeth asked, intertwining our fingers. I smiled and nodded.

"I'm fine," I said, looking up to the stars as well. "Look," I said, pointing as a falling star streaked by.

Annabeth was amazed. "That's breath taking," she said, sighing happily. I looked at her, smiling.

Do it, something told me. Do it and do it now.

"Uhm, Annabeth?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry. She turned to me, a huge smile on her face, her grey eyes light and happy.

"Yeah, Perce?" She questioned, still smiling.

"Will...will..." I gulped, trying to get whatever was blocking the words in my throat out of the way. I needed to do this.

"Will what?" Annabeth suddenly seemed worried. "Are you sure you're okay?"

"Just fine," I said. "But, Annabeth, what I really wanted to ask was...Will you...will you, please hand me the picnic basket." I said like a total idiot. She looked at me funny, but nodded, and handed me the basket. I mentally slapped myself.

I gulped again. No stopping this time. I placed the basket down beside me, reaching in and grabbing the box which held the ring in it. "Annabeth, sorry about that." I started, grabbing her hand again. "But what I really wanted to ask was, will you ma - "

She gasped, looking up at the sky. "Percy! Look at that! It's Hayley's comet!" She stood to get a better look at it, and I sighed.

I got beat by a comet. Go figure.

"Really?" I asked, trying to sound intrigued, but my only thought was on the ring in my hand. Tyson had worked a while to build it, just for me. It was a pearl, of course, made from scratch. I really hoped Annabeth would like it.

"Yes," she smiled. "It's amazing. It only comes around once every seventy-five years." She leaned her head on my shoulder. "Isn't it just amazing?"

"Yeah, Annabeth. It's magnificent." Her storm clouded eyes looked into my sea green ones.

"What was that you were asking me?" Annabeth said, grinning, her skin glowing in the moonlight.

I smiled again. "Annabeth, I was just wondering, would you ma - "

"Percy!" She shouted again, sitting back down in the sand to watch as some baby sea turtles scuddled to the water. "Did you know that turtles follow the moonlight when looking for the ocean?" She asked, gesturing me forward. "Oh, if only we had some flashlights, we could help them find it sooner."

I bent down beside her, watching them.

"You like sea turtles, huh?" I asked. She nodded happily.

"They're astonishing creatures, Percy," she breathed. "I just can't believe it! I've always wanted a chance to study them closely as they walked to the ocean."

"I'm glad you were able to see it, Annabeth," I said, smiling at her.

Annabeth blushed a little. "Me, too, Percy."

I took a deep breath. It was getting later than I had intended, and if we weren't careful the Harpies could catch us. I looked at Annabeth, how she was smiling, watching the turtles with great interest.

Now, idiot! Something screamed at me. I let the breath go, and tapped Annabeth on the back. "Annie?"

"Yeah, Perc - " she paused mid-sentence when she saw I was on one knee, the box held open, the pearl glinting even more so in the moonlight. "Percy?" She asked quietly. "Are you - ?"

"Annabeth, I've known you for a long time," I began. "Since we were twelve. That was twelve years ago. And I've been in love ever since, even if I was too much of a Seaweed Brain to realize it." She giggled at that, and tried to say something, but I shh'ed her. "But...I just can't stand the thought any more - of never being by your side, of never having you fighting beside me, and having my back when I make mistakes. Which can sometimes be a lot,"

Annabeth smiled, laughing quietly.

"So, Annie, I guess what I've been beating around the bush to get here was..." I paused, taking one more breath. "Annabeth Chase, my Wise Girl from forever on, will you marry me?"

The question hung in the air like a the fresh scent of freshly baked cookies - short lived.

Annabeth, surprisingly, threw her arms around me. "Yes!" She said happily. Annabeth backed away and I slipped the ring unto her finger. With a smile still plastered on her face she said, "And it's about time, anyway."

I rolled my eyes playfully. "It took me long enough to find the ring." I said.

Annabeth glanced at it, holding up to her face to see. "How'd you get this?" She finally asked after moments of staring at the shinning surface.

I smirked. "Dad...with a little help from Tyson of course."

She laughed at that, then hugged me again, crashing her pink lips upon mine.

And I had that feeling again - as if my brain were melting through my body.

It was the second best kiss of all time.

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