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Five Years Later

Christmas Dinner

3rd Person POV:

"Mom," Hayley shoved herself into her mother's arms, burrowing her face in her shoulder. They'd been in Memphis on vacation when it had happened.


Annabeth smiled. "He's fine. They both are. Just a little scuffed up."

Then, Percy, hobbling on crutches with an embarrassed smile on his face, and his youngest son with the same expression, came through the door. "You're both idiots," Hayley said. Then she smiled. "That's why I love you, isn't it?"

"Aw, c'mon, Hales. It was just a ski trip accident. You would've done the exact same thing!" Percy argued.

"Yes, of course I would've gone down the trail that specifically said "NO SKIERS"."

Luke grinned. "It could've been worse. Imagine if your poor little brother had gotten hurt worse than he has, hmm?"

Hayley rolled her eyes, and she would have shoved him playfully had he not been on crutches just like his dad.

"Lukas Jackson!" Hallie screamed, tsking as she stomped over towards them. She slapped him upside the head. "You are an idiot. You had me worried sick."

Luke smirked and brushed his hair back cooly. "You know it's just because you love me," he tried Percy's "smolder" look, and got nothing in return except a soft smile and a nudge of the elbow. As the only two same aged children – except for Maxine whom they rarely saw – in the family, Hallie and Luke had bonded as a brother and sister might.

"Mommy!" Kennedy yelled. "JoJo's gettin' in the mash potatoes!"

"Josephine!" Audrick laughed and picked up his youngest daughter, lifting Kennedy up as well. Audrick, Hayley only now realized, was even taller than their dad was. His blonde hair stood in little unintentional spikes on his head, and they almost touched the ceiling wherever he walked.

"Guess I can't call you short fry anymore, huh?" she asked, standing beside him. She had to look up to meet his eyes. He was a foot taller (Hayley had stopped growing at 5'5 when she thought she was 6'2) than she was. A laistrygonian giant they now called him.

"You can but that would be called irony my dear sister, and in all logical terms it wouldn't – " Audrick joked with a smirk.

"Oh, shut up," she tried to bite back her giggle, though she was forced to release it when a certain son of Travis Stoll ran a hand up her spine. "Car-Car-Carter!" she laughed, shoving him away. He smiled at her. The promotion had brought more to their family than just money. She had her old Carter back. She now saw that on those years in which he didn't have his medicine, he'd become run down and tired, almost never wanted to do anything that was even remotely close to "fun".

She was glad that was over.

"Ow! Oh, dear Lord…" Tommy hurriedly ran to his wife's aid and helped her up. At first, they thought Chelsea couldn't have children. They had in vitro fertilization done, at the same time that Chelsea found out that her period was about a week over due. They didn't know which one had produced "Monster" (the baby's nickname in which Kennedy had bestowed), but they didn't really care. They were having a baby, that's all that mattered.

"Ooh, careful," Tommy smiled. When she nodded her thanks and bent back down to pick everything up, he stopped her. "I've got this. Just go rest, okay?"

Chelsea, who was never one to obey anyone's orders, continued to pick things up, and Thomas, knowing he couldn't do anything about it, helped her with the box of items.

Jamie was happier than anyone it seemed. She'd gotten her wish for longer hair; it was now to her knee caps, even in only a few short years. She'd had two children, both beautiful girls, and now she was expecting a boy. Andrew Ronald Jackson, that's what his name was going to be.

Hayley smiled at all of them, remembering the good old times, looking at the last real family portrait they'd taken together. It was the one at the hospital. My, what good times laid back there. She missed that day, though she was thankful for the ones she now possessed.

Something struck her right then. "Carter, where are Percy and Annabeth?"

"We're here!" Percy shouted, running down the staircase. His full name was Perseus Carter Stoll, and his twin sister was Annabeth Elizabeth Stoll.

Annabeth came laughing behind him, though she decided to slide down the railing and jump into her father's arms.

"Um, right here," Carter said with a sheepish smile.

Many people called them A and P, as not to get confused with the other Percy and Annabeth. Some even called them by their middle names. Hayley liked their real names, though, and intended to call them as such.

"Alright everyone!" Annabeth Jackson made her voice known as the last of the plates were being set out on the table. "Come take your seats," she continued once she had everyone's attention. "It's almost time for dinner."

Everyone stopped what they were doing and made their way over at the thought of food. They placed Josephine in the only highchair, everyone else taking a seat in a normal chair (except for Kennedy, who gladly sat in a booster seat). Percy sat at the head, Annabeth to his right side and Luke to his left. Hayley was at the opposite head, Daddy and daughter together again, attached at a distance but closer than ever before.

They all joined hands, grace was spoken, and plates were passed around. Once every plate covered with annual Christmas delicacies, all glasses were to the brim with either apple juice, or, just for a laugh, sparkling grape juice that resembled wine, Hayley stood, raising her yellowish green glass.

"I'd like to make a toast," she said with a smile.

Everyone likewise lifted their glasses high, including little Josephine, with her bottle (she was about a year old) jutting up into the air.

"I can honestly say that our lives have thrown us a bit of surprises," she grinned, nodding towards her parents, her daughter, her twins, her siblings, her husband. "Whether it was an unexpected child or an incurable disease; heart attacks and car wrecks. We've suffered death, pain, joy and weddings. These things are all important. Without them, we would not be the people we are, here, today. Jamie, you might be dead had we not gone to that church that morning. Carter, if you hadn't have had that promotion, we might have ended up living with my parents." She gulped down her guilt of not telling about his transplants. He'd asked her not to, so what was her place in it? She'd keep it a secret until she couldn't any longer.

"Dad, if you can my incompetent brother" – even in her old age, now thirty one, she still managed to crack on her little brother – "hadn't gone on that ski trip, well, maybe we would've been able to afford a non-hunted turkey this Christmas."

There were a few chuckles, and she herself laughed. As all died down, though, she got to the true meaning of this increasingly long speech.

"My point is…I think it's all shaped us. I think in some ways fate brought us here. In other ways, though? I think we formed it ourselves. So, I propose a toast. To family." She smiled wide.

"To family," they all replied in unison.

"Gah-gee-gah!" Josephine exploded, which cause a merry train of laughter.

An hour or two later, everyone began tearing at the presents under their grandparents' and parents' tree.

We've survived life as their kids, Hayley thought, watching as Hallie and Luke argued over who would get to play their Xbox game first and P and A as they watched the others' gifts like hawks to see who got the better one. Kennedy helped her little sister JoJo in opening her presents, neglecting her own completely, her mother made over.

Chelsea, who was laughing, suddenly winced in pain and nearly dropped her hot cocoa on A's head. One glance at Tommy, and we all knew what it meant.

"I'll go with them," Annabeth hurriedly said.

"I'll go, too," Audrick chimed in. We nodded and they quickly scurried out, Chelsea calm and smiling while Tommy and Audrick were flipping out about lists and bags and car seats and timing.

Hayley laughed as the kids starting ranting off questions to one other, mostly the younger ones questioning the older ones about where babies came from, the older not spilling anything.

Now if only they can survive life as ours.

I'm not saying that there's going to be a sequel, but one could be possible. I do really love these characters.

Maybe. I might.

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