Fett and Tairek, having assisted Conall and his troops in defeating the Republic, followed their brothers back to Mandalorian space. The war with the Republic had begun to grow dire, as the Jedi Revan and his followers had begun to turn the tables on their Mandalorian foes.

Under the leadership of its new governor, Gardoose prospered. Having dealt with the savagery of both Republic Intelligence and the Mandalorians, the people of Gardoose were well prepared when a certain Hutt crimelord attacked Rori. The savagery and ruthlessness with which Gardoose fought back and defeated the Hutt was echoed by the cunning and ferocious tactics of the Jedi Revan, who in turn had "fallen" far from the light, having adopted the merciless strategies of his foe – the Mandalorians.

Jaina and Strasser left Rori and headed for a frontier world to settle down and live peacefully. They wanted nothing to do with the Republic, or the Mandalorians.

As Revan and Malak fought the Mandalorians in battle after battle, they grew to despise weakness, just as the Mandalorians did. In the end, the Mandalorians had taught them through conflict. Shaped the Jedi. And turned them into a weapon…Many believed the Mandalorians were defeated at Malachor V. But the Mandalorians taught the Jedi much through battle. And so it was that Malak, Revan, and the Jedi that followed them discovered their true natures in the Mandalorian Crusade.

- Kreia