CHAPTER 1: Alyssa

It was my 18th birthday, my parents were dead and I had no one to spend it with. I had no money for rent, and was about to be evicted from my apartment. I packed up the very few things I had in two rolling suitcases. I was going to be homeless, so I might as well go to a random state. Montana, its close by and I can get there in a few days. I put canned food, and water into a lunchbox and headed out. With no friends to say good-bye to, and the landlord wasnt exactly the kind of person you'd even want to say good-bye to, I headed out. I could go hitchhiking, I have enough food for now, I thought in my head. Well it was true, I could hike, or live in the woods with no rent to pay. I got on my bike, and put the suitcases in the compartment in back of me. (my bike had a pretty large compartment on the back big enough to fit a couple of suitcases.) Before I left, I stopped by a neighbor's apartment to use her printer for a map. Then I was on my way out the door. A couple hours later i'd made it. The streets hardly seemed safe, so I decided to go with the woods idea. Google map doesnt help with the woods, I thought to myself tired of petaling. I found a tree and settled myself on the ground. It was freezing outside, and i'd only packed one blanket. I quickly sat up and got it out of my suitcase, then made a little cocoon. I was so worn out, I fell asleep quickly. In the morning I was woke up by birds singing in my ear. I got on my bike for an early start at going to the no-where which would be my freedom from life. What have I gotten myself into? About 4 hours of riding later, I took a lunch break. I packed a protien bar which I ate quickly, chugged some water and got back to riding into the woods. About the same amount of time later, I came across a school-looking building. As I rode closer, I saw people patroling around it. I rode all the way to the gate and got off my bike. A couple of the "guards" ran up to the gate.

"Who are you?", They yelled at me.

"I'm uh.. Alyssa.", I said slowly.

"Species?", They demanded.

"Excuse me?", I said confused.

"Are you a moiri or dhampir, girl.", They demanded again.

"Is this a mental hospital? What are moiri's and dhampirs?", I said VERY confused and tired.

Now the guards exchanged glances and called someone over. I could barely hear their conversation:

"I think this girl may be human.", Said guard 1

"Thats impossible, what would a human girl be doing out here. Unless she was a feeder." Said the other male, he had emerald green eyes, and brown stylish-messy hair. He had on pretty expensive clothing from the looks of it.

"Look, i'll go call Vasilisa.", He said as he walked off.

"Queen Vasilisa, Adrian!", The guard yelled back.

"Above the rules.", Adrian yelled yet again barely.

The guard had a grimace as he turned to me. "Are you a feeder?", He asked still showing off his grimace.

"A what.", I said. None of this was clarifying anything.

"I'd better not say anything until the Queen gets here.", He said practically to himself.

They opened the gates, and put some weird, plastic handcuffs on me. They lead me over to a building and put me in a chair.

"Where am I?"

"No talking!", The new person snapped at me. Just then Adrian walked in the room.

"She's a human and we're all trained were the hancuffs really necessary?", He said as if I wasn't there.

"If you're going to question our protection, then you deal with it.", The other man said and walked out.

"I'd be happy to.", he said and winked at me. Really creepy..

"I'm Adrian.", He said and held a hand out to me.

"I cant shake your hand... hence the restraints these oh so kind gentleman put on me.", I said sarcastically and gave him a sweet smile. He somehow managed to get my handcuffs off, and I used the chance to run for the door. I was fast, but he caught me and a little too hard backed me into a wall.

"I'm not going to hurt you, but the kind gentlemen out there might when they see you've escaped.", He said casually. I slowly sat back down.

"Who are you?"

"Adrian Ivashkov. And you?"


"No last name?"

"Do you need to know?"

"How'd you get here?"

"I rode a bike."

"That's a pretty long bike ride."

"Yeah well I had no where to go.", I said making him silent for a few moments.

"Yet you ended up finding the vampire academy...", He said in a train of thought.

"Vampires? I really am in a mental hospital."

"Well some of us are insane, like me for instance, but this is no mental hospital."

"What is it then?", I said a bit weary of this conversation. He was starting to annoy me.

"The Queen will explain everything. Shes here now.", He said and opened the door to a girl about my age in a floor length gown with a crown on her head.