Chapter 4: Arms Out

The room was silent for a few more minutes; the information settling in on everyone; including me. So that was Dally; my Dally. No other would storm out of the house by a random name and some information.

Hannah was the first to react; putting a tiny hand on my arm again. "I'm sorry," she whispered, "I didn't mean no harm. We all know where you come from, you know, parents and all"

My fists un-clenched, a small smile tugging up at the corner of my mouth at this girl's sweetness and innocence. She couldn't have been much younger than me, but she had a kind soul; a child's soul. Something I lost a long time ago.

Two-Bit still hadn't spoken, but I could feel his gaze on me. "Their's something else you're not telling us, pipsqueak."

I chuckled at the nickname; mind still processing that this boy was friend's with my Dally; my brother that I couldn't remember ever having met.

I scratched the back of my head; hands shaking. Dally was here, not the happiest, but still here. And I had nowhere to go; therefore I had to stay here also. I might as well settle down.

Slowly, facing in the direction I heard Two-Bit's voice from, I pulled off his glasses, opening my un-seeing eyes.

I heard a small gasp come from Hannah, but nothing from Two, almost like he'd already known.

"I wear sunglasses for protection from others, and Bao is my guide dog, also my saviour." I explained quietly, my fingers itching to put the glasses back on.

I waited for a bombard of questions to be flung at me; making me want to crawl into a dark hole and never come out. But they never came. Instead, Hannah leaned against my arm and pushed us back against the couch.

"He's handsome, yah know? Longish- short dark brown hair, thick eyebrows, and the dark brown eyes. Always wearing a leather jacket and jeans; but who around here isn't, mhmh? He acts tough and's been to the cell way too many times… but he's got a good heart."

I sucked the information in; trying to come up with a picture inside my head of what my sibling looked like. But I couldn't. Everything was just overwhelming me and I couldn't put a single dot on a single idea of how he was. I also felt extreme jealously towards this young girl beside me also. She seemed to know Dallas well, and had respect for him as a little sister would. That wasn't her job. It was mine; but she knew more about my brother than I did and was probably a younger sister to his eyes, not me.

Tears of frustration filled my blinded eyes; making me feel immature and childish. I leaned forward again to bury my face into my hands; shaking.

I could also feel Two-Bit signal Hannah to stop whatever she was about to do, and felt her get up and walk out of the room, her footsteps heavy and upset.

I looked up towards Two-Bit, catching tears on my palms.

"Let's talk" He grumbled.

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