Hello 'ello! Why am I talking like England? I really have no idea im an American I shouldn't be doing this but getting to the point of where I started. Guess what! Ohshc fan fret no more because I bring to you my very first and probably very bad OHSHC/HETALIA FANFICTION! Now to start off I need to get my self straight so were gunna introduse the characters first muwahahahaha! Don't hate me! This is a prolog remember! So here are our cast of criminals!

Need a lolita? No problem look who we've got here hes cuit hes a little funny and hes kinda annoying but we all love him any way. He's the guy playing honey. HERRRRREES Italy!

Italy: hi mom!

Now now Italy you'll have the spot light soon enough. Now whos going to be his right hand man you ask? Well he's the quiet one of the bunch. He has skills with a sword and he keep the honey in line. Hes doin mori's thang its! JAPAN!

Japan: konichiwa

Ok Japan let not get carried away you only get one line each chapter! Next he does the planning he trys so hard for the club and gets basicly no credit at all he's kinda scary hes playing the role of kyoia drumrole please! GERMANY!

Germany: hello

Oh you big lug! Now you may be asking at this point who in fact will be playing the twins? Hmmmmmmm? Well if you haven't guessed it will be the little devils they kinda always fight they are ex brothers it will be… AMERICA AND ENGLAND!

America: hey dudes whats up!

England: oh buger how did I end up with him?

Me: hey! Your twins who have never been separated from birth and kinda have a weird yoai thing going so start acting like it!

America: ok!

England: *mumble mumble mumble *

Me: what was that?


That's better! Now if you haven't noticed im going by the axis and alied powers hehe and now we have the king of love? The one who rules the club unfortunetly hes playing tamaki which I must have been drinking at the time so I shouldn't do it but I will anyway…. France.

France: hey why are you so upset about that! im the country of love! I diserve this role!

Me: I only picked you for this because tamikis half French you little snail eater.

France: ugh you have no taste in food do you.

Me: I can fire you, you know

France: oh im just joking! You have the best taste in food ive ever seen!

Me: that's better that's just the way I like it.

Oh deary me it looks like I over looked one crusial role!

France: more crusial than me?

Me: any one would be more crucial than you

France: your words wound me.

Me: good! And yes she is the main character with out here you all would be nothing!

She can be kind of obliviouse she is wanted by lobelia for her girlyness. She has a kind heart.

Hes kinda quiet not very much noticed even by his own brother.

America: who would not notice his own brother?

Me: you! You idiot! Let me finish!

He loves that damned polar bear named mr. Komijiro!

Canada: could it be?

He is the second largest land mass!

Canada: is it really true!

His name starts with a c!

Canada: I must!

His name is! CHINA!

Canada: aw man!

Oh im just joken! China's bears name is panda! Its Canada!


Oh by the way where is that little guy?

Canada: aw man!

Im just teasin kid! Way to go!

Canada: im not so sure I like you but who cares! I GOT THE LEAD!

Me: and the golden globe goes to Canada! For his outstanding patience with the other countrys!

Canada: um are you ok?

Me: yea I just need to post this and get hetalia host club outta my head so I can sleep.


Me: ow my ear drums. Well what they said bye!