oh my god I am so sorry you guys! School really takes up a lot of time but now that it's summer here I'll be updating more frequently! Oh my gosh I've waited for fanficts to update but I never thought I would make people wait! Oh just letting y'all know I've gotten better with my grammer and spelling, which is good 'cause I was really bad at it before. Any ways we will continue with our Hetalia host club right after these messages:

America: in a world! That needs Hetalia!

England: and host club

America: one person saw this and decided to help out!

England: lets just do the bloody disclaimer!

America: fine! Darkangels1112 does not own Hetalia or host club

England: SHE (as was directed by her) would be richer then rich if she did.



the girls where fondling over Francis as if he was some god. "oh Francis I heard that your keeping a little dog around as entertainment," said the platinum blonde sitting next to Francis.

"well I wouldn't say for entertainment, but he is our errand boy," said Francis with a seductive smile. "speak of the devil," Francis said as the wavy haired boy came through the door. "thank you for doing the shopping mon ami," Francis said. "did you get everything we asked for?" he asked.

"wha? Ami? Why would he think I was his friend?" Matthew asked himself. "yea… I did," Matthew said starting to set out everything he bought.

"wait what's this?" Francis asked picking up the jar of instant coffee.

"it's exactly what it looks like it's instant coffee," Matthew said.

"instant?" said the girls across from Francis.

"I've never seen this brand before," Francis said. "is this the kind that's already ground!" Francis asked in shock.

"uhhh," Matthew was starting to rethink this persons brains.

"wait I know what this is! It's poor people's coffee! You just add hot water!" Francis said the crowd of girls surrounding them growing. Other members of the host club came over.

"so it's true! They don't even have time to grind their own coffee beans!" said a girl on the couch across from Francis.

"commoner's are a lot smarter then you think," said Ludwig adjusting his glasses.

"wow one-hundred grams for three-hundred yen!" said Alfred.

"that's a lot less then what we're used too," Arthur said.

"well exscuse me if I didn't get the expencive coffee, I'll go out and get what you want," Matthew said about to leave.

"no I'll take it," Francis said. there where some girls that where surprised. "I'm going to try it!" the girls and twins where surprised. "I will drink this coffee!" Francis said holding the jar up in determination. Everyone but Matthew and Ludwig clapped. Matthew looked annoyed. "ok Matthew prepair it for me," Francis said. everyone but Matthew and the girl on the couch followed Francis. 'stupid rich people'

"oh Francis you don't have to drink it just because he bought it, you'd probably just puke it up afterwards anyway," said the girl. "oh exscuse me, I thought I was alone," said the girl. She turned and had a sadistic smile on her face.

"mattieu!" called a french voice. Matthew sighed.

"I'm coming," he said. we walked over and there where cups already set out. He set up the hot water and opened the jar and waited for the water to boil. The kettle whistled and he took it off the stove and set it down letting it cool for a bit. Matthew took a spoon and put a scoop of the coffee grinds into the cups and then took the kettle and poured water into them. "done," Matthew said apatheticaly.

"let us taste this mysterious drink," Francis said.

"what will happen if we drink this?" said one girl holding a cup.

"I'm afraid if I drink this my father will yell at me," said one girl.

"what if I let you drink it, from my mouth?" said Francis tipping the girl back.

"w-well then I would drink it," said the girl swooned. Matthew shook his head in shame.

At other places during host club

"so then he woke up screaming!" said Alfred with a laugh.

"Alfred! You said you wouldn't tell anyone!" Arthur said shocked that he would say anything. "you promised, why are you so cruel?" Arthur said closing his eyes and looking away trying to make the tears stop.

"a-Arthur, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," Alfred said. he held Arthur's face gently. "it was just too cute to resist not telling them, I'm sorry," he said their faces mear cetemeteres away from each other.

"I forgive you," Arthur said with a whisper back at Alfred; his eyes sparkling. The two girls across from them squeeiled and shouted at each other.

"omg! So cute!" they where red in the face and the two boys held their pose.

Again at other places during the host club

"sorry we're late," said felianciano. "I was waitng for kiku to finish his kendo meeting and fell asleep," feli said.

"it's ok fili~!" said a girl at the couch. Kiku had held filianciano's hand and lead him to the couches.

"I'm still not wake yet," fili said rubbing his eyes.

"omg! So cute!" said the girls over here. Matthew watched all this going on and cocked an eyebrow.

"what is up with these people?" Matthew asked. "is that kid really a third year?" Matthew asked.

"fili may look young but he'll surprise you, and kiku's strong suit is his strong and silent disposition," Ludwig said appearing beside Matthew.

Fili jumped up and tackled Matthew spinning him around.

"matt-chan~!" he said. "veeee~! Do you want to go eat pasta~!" he asked.

"sorry I'm more maple syrup kinda guy," Matthew said a bit dizzy.

"then how about holding little kitty here!" he asked next holding up the stuffed cat.

"I'm not into cats," Matthew said.

"are you saying you don't like kitty!" fili said surprised. He held up the cat and Matthew got a good look at the stuffed animal.

"w-well I guess he's cute," Matthew said. looking closely at the cat.

omg! Ok so! I guess what you guys are wondering by now is 'how is she going to do the whole finding out bit?' well… I wont… and some of you who are huge hunny fans are going to ask 'how will she do the cavity bit?' well… I wont… sorry guys! And I know I should do an episode but it's so tiring to watch a part then write about, watch a part then write about it. Over and over and over! It's like translating something it makes me tired… but yea I'm sorry I made you wait so long! If y'all can guess who that girl is then I give you osachan and hunny plushies! Until next time!