(DISCLAIMER: Glee and all of it's characters belong to Ryan Murphy! This fic is based off Through the Looking Glass and Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, so all rights reserved to that for the characters and some of the plot! )

"I don't want to do this." Kurt grumbled, sliding down further in his seat.

"I'm sorry, son, but you have to try." Burt said, and Kurt knew he meant it. Burt didn't want to just give his son off, either, but his boss's son had a real thing for Kurt, and he was afraid he'd be fired if he didn't at least try to get them together. Burt looked over his son, who was clad in a baby blue dress shirt, a white sweater vest with a white tie, white skinny jeans and brown dress shoes. His chestnut hair was perfectly parted to sweep gently across his forehead. Needless to say, Burt was glad his boy got his looks from his mother. Burt pulled up to a stop, and opened the door, climbing out, and waiting for his son to do the same. Kurt carefully climbed down and followed his father.

They came up to a picket fence, where a man and a woman were standing.

"Burt!" the man exclaimed taking Burt's hand and firmly shaking it in his own.

"Nice to see you, Emerson." Kurt smiled softly at the woman

"Hello, Mrs. Daley."

"You too, Kurt, I'll show you to the yard." Kurt didn't really need to be 'shown to the yard' it was huge (much like the house) it had white tables set up all over, and a sweet little gazebo positioned off to the left, by the entrance to some sort of hedge maze. Mrs. Daley led him through the party, earning him glanced from several guests. She led him right up to a boy, around his age

"This is my son, Jeremiah." Kurt smiled softly, despite how much he just wanted to drown and run away.

"Hello, Jeremiah." He greeted the taller boy "My name is Kurt Hummel."

"I'm aware of your name…dance with me?" he asked, and Kurt hesitantly put his hand in Jeremiah's outstretched one. Jeremiah pulled him close and began dancing. Kurt tried not to groan as Jeremiah whispered sweet nothing's to him, like how his hair looked, and how that particular shade of blue looked fantastic on him.

Kurt had managed to slip away from Jeremiah and was sitting, with his cheek resting in his hand, at a deserted table. Burt came over to him in no time, and sat down next to his son

"Not having a good time, I take it?" he asked, Kurt shook at his head

"I don't like Jeremiah, dad." He admitted, Burt smiled

"Then that's all you need to say. I won't make you do anything you don't want to…but at least we tried, right?" Kurt chuckled

"Right." Kurt stood up, completely prepared to leave with his father, when Jeremiah came sprinting over to him.

"Kurt!" he yelled "Come dance with me."

"no thank you, I've had a nice time, but I think I'm going to leave." Jeremiah frowned

"I insist" he said, tugging on Kurt's wrist.

"I said no." Kurt hissed and broke away from Jeremiah, instantly sprinting towards the maze. He ran until he couldn't anymore. So he sat down on a bench and caught his breath. As he stared forward into the hedges, something to his left caught his eye. He turned to see what it was and instantly relaxed, it was only a girl. She was short and heavy set , her skin was a beautiful, deep brown and her hair was nearly black. It was pulled up into two ponytails, which strangely reminded Kurt of rabbit ears, and she was clad from head to toe in white.

"Hello" he smiled at her "I'm Kurt." The girl stared at him

"I know who you are." Kurt lifted a brow "I was sent here to get you…so come on." She motioned for Kurt to follow her, and follow he did. She led him to the middle of the maze where a big tree stood. At the base was a large hole, which Kurt looked nervously down into.

"Well go on," the girl said, pointing to the hole, Kurt whipped his head around to look at her

"You don't seriously expect me to jump into a hole." The girl gave him a look that clearly said 'back sass me again, I dare you' when Kurt didn't move the girl frowned

"Boy, you getcho ass in that hole," she said and gave him a push, Kurt lost his footing and found himself diving head first into the hole. He expected to hit earth, but instead continued falling, down, down, down. Strange things seemed to be hanging in the air around him as he fell, a grandfather clock, a cage with a small yellow bird in it, and many other unexpected things.

Finally, Kurt hit the ground with an 'oof' and clambered to his feet, he looked down the long hallway, the floor was checkered black and white and the walls were a deep red. He walked down the hallway until he reached a circular room, with doors covering every inch of the walls. Aside from one part, where a great velvet curtain hung from ceiling to floor. As Kurt looked back to the centre of the room he noticed a table, it was small and made of glass. He walked over to it and saw a small bottle and a key. He took the key and went around the room, trying out every door, but nothing worked. In one final attempt, Kurt pushed back the curtain and was met with a door, the height of which only reaching to the middle of his shin. Despising what he had to do, Kurt knelt on the floor (surely messing up his white pants) and tried the lock, and it worked. The small door swung open and Kurt peeked through. The sight wasn't exactly a pretty one, there were wilted trees and dying plants everywhere, the world seemed to be made up of only several shades of brown.

Kurt decided, however unpleasant the world outside this small room looked, he'd rather be there than trapped in here. So he walked over to the bottle, and read the label, which stated simply

"Drink me." Kurt sighed, and came to the conclusion, why not drink it? It's not like it could hurt anything, and besides, this was only a dream…

(AUTHORS NOTE: okay, I've been wanting to do an Alice In Wonderland/ Glee fic for SO. LONG. I just think those two things could work really well together, and I really hope I'm right. I'd love to hear from you guys, anything you liked, you didn't like, and if you're interested in this and want me to continue! Reviews are always appreciated *heart*)