"Blaine…" Kurt whispered, suddenly feeling a lump in his throat, Blaine looked up at him


"I have to go…" he said, Blaine's eyes grew wide

"No." he shook his head "no, Kurt, please," the desperation in his voice was breaking Kurt's heart. "Kurt, please don't leave me again, please, please…" he was crying now, holding on to Kurt's arm like it was his life line.

"I'm sorry." Kurt choked as Blaine emitted a heart wrenching sob

"No!" he cried "I lost you before…you won't come back, I know it, Kurt, please, no…" Mercedes walked over, tears in her own eyes, and took hold of Blaine's shoulders, prying him away from Kurt.

"No!" Blaine screamed, and choked on his own breath, collapsing into Mercedes. Kurt couldn't watch. He turned to Quinn and nodded. She produced a vile from one of the folds in her dress and handed it to Kurt.

"This will take you home." She said softly, and leaned in to kiss his cheek. Kurt nodded a thanks and walked over to Blaine. He leaned in and kissed him quickly

"I'll always love you." He whispered, Blaine's only reply was a broken whimper as Kurt downed whatever was in the vile. His vision blurred and he had the strange sensation of falling.

Kurt opened his eyes as they focused on a figure before him. A young man was crouched in front of him, looking concerned.

"Are you Kurt Hummel?" he asked, and as Kurt's eyes finally focused, he almost screamed. But his eyes just widened and he nodded, the man smiled at him

"Thank god, your dad was going nuts," he stood up and offered Kurt a hand "I'm Blaine." Kurt swallowed, this wasn't Blaine…this couldn't be Blaine…where was the blazer? The top hat? But at the same time…it was, he had the same olive toned skin, the same bright hazel eyes and the same curly dark hair, only his was gelled into submission. Kurt took his hand and allowed Blaine to help him up, he didn't pull away, even after he was stable on his feet, and Blaine didn't make to move away, either. Instead, he just blinked at Kurt a few times with a curious look on his face

"I'm sorry," he said, finally pulling his hand away "but…you look really familiar."

"You too." Kurt breathed, Blaine smiled at him, and that smile nearly knocked the breath out of him.

"We'd better get back to your dad, but…would you like to go for a coffee later?" Kurt smiled and blushed

"I'd love to."

(AUTHORS NOTE: The only reason why this chapter isn't longer is because it really didn't need to be. Yes, this is the end, but I think I'll post another 'chapter' which will really be the alternate ending I had in mind, so look out for that! REVIEW please!)