Cinthia Brady brushed out her golden hair impatiently. It took forever to make her long hair smooth and nice-looking.

"Cindy, hurry up," Jan said, the irritation clear in her voice.

"My .!" Cindy whined.

"You really ought to cut your hair," Jan said, running her hand through her own shoulder length hair.

"You had hair as long as me when you were my age," Cindy pointed out.

"Yeah, all of us have had long hair at one point," Jan agreed. "All of us" meant Marcia, Jan and Cindy, the three sisters. Marcia was already 19, and had been moved out and graduated from highschool already. Jan was 17, starting her senior year of high school, and Cindy was going into Sophomore year.
"Maybe I should get it cut soon, though, it's becoming unmanageable," Cindy contemplated.

"Whatever, let's just go we're gonna be late!" Jan complained.

"Okay," Cindy sighed, giving herself one more glance in the mirror, "Let's go."

"Bye mom, bye dad," Jan said as the girls pulled out of the house and into Jan's car. They buckled in and where off! The girls had a double date with their boyfriends, Jan with her boyfriend Steven, and Cindy with her boyfriend Michael. Jan and Steven had been going steady for a couple months now, but Cindy and Michael had been together less than a month. Things were never really too serious between boys and girls when they were 15.