That night before
"Pssst harry!" a sharp but low growl was uttered from Draco's lips. Without invitation the blonde climbed into his room and kicked the bed sharply.
"POTTER!" a slightly louder growl was uttered and surely enough the half naked body begun moving around under the sheets.
"Draco?" Harry yawned sitting up and squinting before sliding his glasses on.
"what are you doing here?" harry whispered scared he'd wake the Dursleys.
"I couldn't stop thinking about... That night in the prefect's bathroom ya know?" Draco whispered back crawling up Harry's bed before placing himself on the brunette's hips.
"so basically your horny so you walked all the way here expecting to get in my bed?" harry rolled his eyes laying back down.
"Walking is for muggles" Draco hissed softly.
"Yes, and it's not just that... I want to feel... Close to someone again... To you" The blonde bit his lip letting his fringe fall across his face as he leaned over harry, staring at him with lust filled eyes. Harry said nothing, simply pulling the sliverin lad down into a deep kiss. Harry knew he shouldn't of given in that quickly but the glint of harmless evil in Draco's eyes was quite a turn on for him. He loved the fights for dominants Draco gave him even though he always won. Soon enough he had unclothed the lad on top of him down to his boxers unlatching his lips and allowing Draco to suck and chew at his neck letting out soft groans of pleasure watching the pale blue light frame Draco's body perfectly
"mmm Draco" harry groaned lightly. He felt a cold hand trailing down his body aiming for his crotch. But before the blonde could dominate harry twisted around pinning him to his bed roughly.
"Fuck you potter!" he growled writhing around under him, hating his loss of dominance.
"Shut it Malfoy" harry whispered sharply smirking as his trailed a finger down his abs. Causing him to shiver.
Harry latched his lips back on the blondes kissing him roughly, letting Draco control the kiss as he slipped his boxers off quickly, lining his member up with his entrance.
"You have to be quite Draco" harry whispered panting softly.
"believe me you don't wanna wake my uncle"
The blonde said nothing, simply groaning in pleasure watching the lad on top of him stare at him with lust as he steadily thrusted into him.
"mmm f-fuck" Draco hissed softly.
"h-harder" he growled moaning into the griffindor's shoulder as his speed increased feeling his body rub against his and sharp hard jerks as harry pushed into his prostate. The blonde moaned, loud enough for anyone in the room to hear but quite enough not to echo in to the room next door.
"F-fuck mmm god" Draco franticly grabbed at Harry's shoulder trailing marks over them, gasping and panting as he came close. Harry continued to swings his forward slamming Draco's prostate dead on each time faster and harder than the last.
"FUCK!" Draco cried out hushed beneath Harry's hand as he cummed over his and Harry's stomach moments later harry planting his seed deep in Draco, pulling out and collapsing on the bed panting.
"fuck you potter" Draco snarled only half serious.
"you wish you could" harry smirked back watching Draco dressing himself quickly before planting a soft kiss on his head, on top of his scar.
"See you at Hogwarts" he hissed before slipping out the window. Harry laid down closing his eyes and dreamt about Draco malfoy.