Hey, folks. So this is my 9th Story (That is if you count my RETALITAION ON DYLAN fanfic). This story is vertually my own plot, simliar but different to Maximum Ride at the same time.

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Fly On...

Heart of Diamond


It Takes Six To Save The World...

Chapter 1: Door Bell


I stepped out of the small taxi and my mouth dropped.

Well yeah, this is where I start. At the point where my jaw dropped to the road beneath my feet. I guess that's where I can say my life was headed done the 'changing forever' path. Or should I say that was when my life had finally caught up to my destiny... and my fate.

Of course, I had no idea at the time that I was going down a path that I could never turn back to. When I had finally learnt that my path was coming to a dead end, did I realise that there was no turning back.

The first thing I thought of when I saw the house, aka Massive, 2 story, 5 bedroom, 3 garaged, brilliant viewed, beautiful gardened, mansion, was. Oh. My. God.

I knew I was staying with a scientist. The scientist's name was Jeb. Just Jeb. I was never told about his last name. Maybe I would have to ask him.

The house was one I would of least expected from a scientist.

It was on a hill. The view overlooked LA from a fair distance away. There were only a couple of other houses that lived on the hill, so the 4 ache land would have to be worth a fortune. Like, a triple gazillion dollars. It was old victoria style with slight modern touches to it and completely white. The garden was smothered in a neat, organised roses and flowers. Even the grass looked like it was heavily watered.

The look of me staring at the house must have been hilarious. It wasn't until I heard my suitcase being dumped onto the ground beside me did I jump out of my fixed state.

The taxi driver gave me a death glare. He was a rude man and I hated him at first sight. The guy went on and on about how teenage girls were selfish and ignorant. He looked up at me from my suit case. "That suit case doesn't have much in it... for a girl."


I glared at him and snatched my suitcase handle out of his hand. "I carry light," I gestured to his bulging belly. "Unlike yourself."

I felt his death glare as I walked towards the door. I heard the door of the taxi slam and I grinned to myself. Ha! Shut down.

As I stepped solely up the stairs and approached the door, my stomach began to fill up with butterflies. Oh god. It was like this at every new house. But this was even more nerve racking. I was standing in front of a millionaire's house. The image of some fat old rich guy in a red velvet dressing gown and a tabby cat at his feet appeared in my mind. I shook it out quickly, but silently prayed I wasn't getting someone like that.

I reached towards the door bell. It was golden and antique. Even something so simple looked beautiful.

I hesitated.

It was at this moment that I now realise that I had the chance to take the step back. To walk away and demand the foster carers to give me a new home. Yes, I know, it seems strange that that door bell was the signal for the gates to lock behind me. But it was... if only I had thought about it before.

I pressed the door bell.

I heard it's 'ding dong' ring out through the house. I did have good hearing. The foster carers said I had brilliant hearing and fantastic eye sight. Well, above the average of any NORMAL human. They didn't even have the right equipment to test just how good my vision and hearing really was.

I tensed as I heard footsteps. My mind began to ring with the questions I tried so hard to keep down. Would he like me? What was he like? Was he nice? From what the carers told me, Jeb lived alone... oh no wait, he had a son didn't he? Couldn't remember his name.

I froze when the door opened. It revealed a man in his mid forties. To my greatest surprise, he wore such casual clothes. A pair of jeans and a button up navy cotton t-shirt that had its sleeves rolled up once. He wore a pair of glasses, plain narrow-ish ones with a metal ring around them. His hair was dark brown, but small hairs near his ears were going grey slightly.

He looked at me for a few seconds. It was if he was studying me. I remained frozen and at each second my heart rate began to rise. Oh good, he hated my hair. Maybe I should have tied my brown curly hair up in the first place.

Eventually the man smiled, showing off his prefect set of pearl white teeth. "Hello, you must be Maxine. I'm Jeb."

I forced a smile as he held out his hand. I shock it firmly. Jeb seemed to nod for no reason. Odd.

"It's Max and nice to meet you sir," I said politely. Yes, I hated being polite, but it was something the carers insisted I work on since the last couple of homes I had been to threw me out 'cause I was being 'impolite'. Hey, it wasn't my fault that my foster father was treating me WAY too nicely.

Jeb smiled. "Please, just call me Jeb. Is that all you've got?"

I nodded blushing slightly. Oh god, he must think I'm some poor girl. Well I was, I didn't have much more than hand me downs I got from the older fosters.

Jeb opened the door. "Here let me take your suit case to your room while you have a look around."

Before I could argue, Jeb picked my suit case up by the handle easily and lifted it inside. I followed him.

Yes, it was time for another Oh My God session.

I had once looked up the Titanic for a school project. One of my main features for the project was the first-class grand stair case. In my eyes, this is exactly what it would of looked like.

The stair case was beautifully made. The rails were carved from wood giving it a unique and antique style. The statue in the centre, that divided the two stair cases was in fact an Angel holding a child.

It briefly crossed my mind that I didn't know if Jeb was religious or not.

The roof was also like from the Titanic picture. A glass dome, though it had a modern pattern to it. The balcony on the second floor had also a slight modern feel to it. The walls were cream with a red strip around the top. Modern, but classy and timeless.

Of course the furniture was beautiful. Even the couches that sat on the wall looked lonely as if they were only for show. The giant chandelier that hung down from the centre of the dome was ablaze with fake flickering flames. The whole scenery was amazing.

Jeb walked up the stairs with the bag. He briefly turned around and smiled at my astonished expression. "You can have a look around. The main room and dining room are on your right and the theatre room is on the left. Behind the stair case leads to the back garden and the indoor pool."


I smiled at him. "Thanks."

Jeb face became sad slightly as he sighed and continued to carry my suit case up the stairs. As soon as he was out of sight, I ran across the tiled floor to the main room.

I was excited, I had to admit. I opened the wooden double doors revealing a massive room. The room had three couches facing a large wide screen TV. One whole wall was glass looking over the beautiful view of LA. There was also a kitchen with a massive black marble bench matching the fireplace. There was also a massive oven and cook top. A small room lead off the kitchen which I guessed was the pantry.

I gapped at the view though. The sun was low in the sky, sending its ray through the window. It was comforting to have the heat on my face.

"The sky will be red in a few minutes."

I spun around. There... leaning against the door frame was a boy about my age. He was dressed in full black. Black jeans, black converses, a black button up cotton top. His hair was longish, black and messy. His skin was tanned, like a typical Californian. But it had a slight olive tone to it, giving me the feeling that it was natural.

His face was what shocked me the most. It was completely and utterly emotionless. His dark brown eyes held minimal emotion. I was able to pick up one emotion from his position of crossed arms. He was curious. Curious with me.

I looked at him properly. Why did I get the feeling I had seen him before? I frowned. He seemed familiar. Almost like one of those people you glance at for two seconds then turn away.

I suddenly realised I had been staring at him too long. "Um... yeah. It's amazing view."

The boy shrugged. "It's just a view."

Ok. I know that I shouldn't make first impressions, but there was one word for this boy and one word alone.


I narrowed my eyes. "I'm pretty sure you just offended it."

The boy raised his eyebrow slightly. "How?" he challenged.

Right. Yep, this guy was a snob. And ignorant. "Because you're taking it for granted. It's probably the best view in the whole of California and you're just brushing it away like a piece of dust."

The boy returned to his emotionless state with a slight narrowness in his eyes. "I see it every day of my life."

"That's no reason to take it for granted," I argued.

The boy rolled his eyes. "It's just a view."

I narrowed my eyes and placed my hands on my hips. "Snob."

The boy glared at me. He was about to say something else when Jeb walked in. "Oh, Max, I see you've met Nick. Nick, Max is the foster child I was talking about."

Nick walked out of the room, his face blank and without a word. I so badly wanted to throw him at a wall. I was capable of doing it. As well as having good hearing and sight, I had amazing strength. I was able to carry what I guessed was around 5 times the normal human.

Jeb sighed and took off his glasses rubbing them with his handkerchief. "Sorry Max, Nick isn't really a person who gets along well with people."

Ignorant Snob.

"But he'll warm to you," Jeb said on the up side. But judging by the sound of his voice I could tell that he wasn't too sure himself.

"That's ok Jeb," I said trying to be positive.

Jeb sighed again and slipped on his glasses again. "I'll show you to your room, shall I?"

I nodded and followed Jeb as he walked out of the main room. We walked up the Titanic stair case, which I couldn't help letting my hand drag along the beautiful rail. Once we had reached the top, Jeb lead me down a hall way.

The top and two sides of the hallway were glass, giving an almost 360 view of the surroundings. It was like walking across a bridge. The hall way was around 10 meters long, but was now my second favourite to the Titanic stairs in the house.

The walls became non-see through again. We passed two doors before Jeb stopped in front of a door. He pushed it open.

Oh My God no. 3.

The room was as big the kitchen. It was white with a white, pale blue and navy swirled carpet. On one wall was a beautiful wooden antique queen size bed. The bed spread was blue chequered and the pillows were navy. Two bedside tables with blue shade lamps were either side of the bed.

There was a closed door, which lead to somewhere. On one wall was a giant plasma TV and a double couch faced it. There were also two blue bean bags and a half a dozen different colour blue pillow shapes scattered here and there.

One wall was glass, showing the same view from the main room. There was a glass door on the side which lead out to a balcony. A set of Iron chairs and a table sat on one side.

"Wow!" I couldn't help but saying. "This is my room?"

Jeb chuckled. "Yep. I'll let you unpack. You'll have to share the bathroom with Nick I'm afraid. There's a walk in wardrobe through the door."

Walk in... WHAT?

Jeb exited the room closing it behind me.

The first thing I did was rush to the walk in wardrobe. I yanked open the door and gapped at the space. It was about 5 metres deep complete with shoe racks, draws, and coat racks. There was no way I was going to be able to ever fill up the whole closet with my small suit case.

But before I did anything I knew I had something more important to do.

I quickly ran back to the main door and locked it. I double checked there was no one outside before I took off my top.

Around my torso was my strap. I began to unwind it. This was why from the age of 11 I never swam. This was why from the age of 11 I never let any of the carers help me dress. This was why from the age of 11 I never let anyone see me with anything but t-shirts or long sleave tops.

As I unwound the last of my strap and I sighed with relief as I spread my cramped wings out to full length.


Good? Bad? Evil? Utterly disgusting? REVEIW PEOPLES!