~Ga Euls POV~

There she was the heart broken Chu Ga Eul at the airport alone waiting for her flight to be called. She was in deep thought thinking about what happend the night before.


Ga Eul was waiting for Yi Jung she needed to tal kto him about something inportant. Ga Eul just got accepted to a new school for the creative arts, she wanted to get his opinion before leaving to New Caledoina. He was late. Actually to be exact 3 hours late after 30 more minutes of waiting she decided to call him. When she called him there was someone else on the phone. She could tell it wasn't him because on the other line was a girl.


Ga Eul-"Hello may I speak to Yi Jung?"

Girl-"Exactly who is this?" she said with a snobby voice noticing its was another girl on the other line

Ga Eul-"Tell him its his girlfriend" getting kinda annoyed by the girls attitude

there was a slight pause then she heard Yi Jungs Voice

Yi Jung-"Hello?"

Ga Eul-"Yi Jung Oppa your 4 hours late where are you and who was that just on the phone?" Ga Eul asked


Ga Eul-"bu-"she was cut off by Yi Jung

Yi Jung-"Maybe we should think over this relationship?'

Ga Eul's heart broke at those words " if thats what you want then ill leave you alone. Goodbye Yi Jung" she said in a whisper. With that she hung up, there was nothing left to be said he said it all.

Her thoughts were interupted when she heard the intercom said "Flight to New Caledoina now boarding" she got up and went to the plane with 3 luggages filled with her belongings. While on the plane she couldnt help but wonder about her new life and what it would be like.

~Guam Jan Dis POV~

I was half asleep when got a text at 12:50 p.m "Aish Who The HELL SENDS TEXT MESSAGES AT THIS TIME OF THE NIGHT!" I Cursed

When I looked at my phone I was suprised it was a text message from my bestfriend Ga Eul. WHen I Read the text message I dropped my phone. I picked up my phone and quicly dialed my bestfriends phone sadly she changed her number ,I thought for a second then quickly started dialing my boyfriends number. I told him that i had a urgent meeting and that I needed to talk to all the members of the F4. Then I rememberd something it was nearly 1:00 in the morning so I Decided to have the mmeting tomorrow at 10:00 a.m and they all better come. I couldnt get any sleep that night I was too woried about my friend. All night I kept on Reading the text she sent me

-"My dear best friend Guam Jan Di I am sorry for not telling you sooner but I am leaving korea and from all this drama thats driving me crazy. I hoe you can forgive me later on if we ever meet again. I might come back to korea in 1 year. Sadly I can't tell you where i will be staying at

Your Friend-Ga Eul

"I hope your okay Ga Eul" I whispered to myself and then fell asleep into a deep sleep.