Hi there. Just another random thought that floated into my brain last night. I figure this will be a five chapter story.

Dean really hates witches, and they ain't to fond of him either!

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"Yeah, It's me man."

"Did you gank that skeevy bitch?"

"Yup, consider her gankified dude. You okay, you've been out for a few minutes."

"Yeah m'good. Wait… gankified? Awesome, Sammy made a new word!"

"Uh-huh, you sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, just, I can still feel her wrinkly wrinkles on me. Gross. I hate friggin witches man."

"Really, why haven't you mentioned this before?"

"Funny. Let's get the hell out of here, it's gonna take a shitload of scalding hot water and soap to get rid of the ick factor."

"Yeah, I get it. Dean, hold up. Did you say she had her hands on you?"

"Well, let's see. Jumped me from behind, threw me up against the wall.. so yeah, I'm pretty sure these are the things that require hands. Creepy, wrinkly, disgusting, witchy hands. Gross."


"What? Stop with the look Sam. You should be nice to me, I've just been violated you know."

"Okay, listen Dean. Do you remember, did she… uh… whisper anything in your ear?"

"What? Come on dude, I'm trying my best not to puke over here."

"It's important."

"Fine, why don't I just relive it for you then? What do I remember. Oh right, she had her hand on my throat and her ugly mug way too deep in my personal space. God Sam, she was just like one of those skanks in the movies, complete with all the clichés. Thinning hair, age spots, super creepy toothless smile. And dude, don't get me started on her breath."

"Dean, did she say anything to you?"

"Apart from 'I've got you now my pritty?'"

"Serious here Dean."

"Really? Why haven't you mentioned this before."

"Cute. Try to remember alright?"

"Okay, okay, chillax bro. Um… yeah, I guess she did."

"And? What did she say?"

"What does it matter now? Ding dong, the witch is dead so let's chalk this one up in the win column and call it a night."

"It matters. Now, talk."

"Fine, if it'll end this stupid conversation. I think she said… One, two, there's a curse on you. Or some bullshit like that. I mean really, a nursery rhyme? They sure don't make witches like they used to."



"Anything else?"

"No, I think I took a little siesta after that."

"Damn it Dean."

"What! Listen Sam, she's been 'gankified' right? So, end of story. She's dead, curse is dead."

"Not quite."

"Say again?"

"Powerful witch, powerful curse. If she finished reciting the whole thing then there's nothing we can do, you're just gonna have to ride it out."

"Ride what out?"

"Sorry dude but it's gonna be a bad trip."

"And just how do we know if she finished it or not?"

"We wait. And believe me, we'll know."

"Huh, anyone ever tell you that your pep talks aren't all that peppy?"

"Let's get back to the motel where I can keep an eye on you."

"Whatever, but I'm sure you killed her before she finished. Right?"

"Yeah, probably, but just in case we need to get out of here, don't want you jumping down the rabbit hole out here."


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