Edward Cullen: Charity Case

A/N: In contrast to my other story, this will be more lemony, I have to get practice writing them somewhere, after all ;D

This story is rated M for language and lemons. Don't read if you're under 18

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Chapter 1 – Free

I doubt even my lucky rocketship underpants from first grade would have helped this day.

Edward Cullen was standing in front of the one person in the world he would pick as the most humiliating witness to the otherwise rotten day he'd had. Someone he had not seen in 10 years. Jasper Whitlock.

The day had started out ordinarily enough, Edward had left his apartment in a crisp suit, only to find – upon reaching the tiny coffee shop he surreptitiously frequented - that his pen had self destructed. He was putting together one of the largest charity events in the history of the Cullen Foundation (one of many branches of the Cullen-Masen construction empire) and his biggest donor was on the way to his office, so he had no time to change.

On top of the pen incident, he was harangued by Alec and Jane, the two most persistent of his paparazzi followers, and in the course of events, they tripped him, causing him to spill his coffee all over himself, and scrape up one of his palms.

By the time he arrived at his office at 8 am, he looked like he had been mugged by a caffeine addicted octopus.

He'd accidentally double-booked one of his afternoon meetings, meaning that he had to either cut lunch to 15 minutes or offend one of his donors. He cut lunch short, hoping to dash out to a bistro, but Alec and Jane were on the prowl again and caused such a commotion that he had to forgo his meal entirely.

He had frantically made it through the rest of his appointments when one of his clients accidentally unplugged his computer, wiping away the speech he had been working on for two weeks (though he could not really figure out why the copy he had saved had disappeared.)

Edward was contemplating shooting himself when his father called him and told him he could leave early, provided Edward did him a favor. Edward reluctantly agreed and was pleased to find out that he would be visiting Emmett, his older (but not exactly more mature) brother. He and Emmett got along for the most part, so Edward didn't really mind visiting, and the errand would take all of 2 seconds.

Unfortunately for Edward, this day would continue to decay. On his way to Emmett's estate, he got a flat tire, which took him almost a half hour to change (putting him later than he normally would leave work, and rendering his father's kindness moot). He finally arrived at Emmett's door looking like a homeless person, and the one man to whom Edward would love to say "look at me, my life is fan-fucking-tastic so suck it" to answered the door, smirking slightly as he took in Edward's state of dishevelment.

Jasper Whitlock was the self-made golden boy, the diamond in the rough. He had been friends with Emmett ever since junior year of high school, which meant Edward had known him since before puberty. Jasper was, without exception, the most devastatingly handsome man Edward had ever seen, and all the way through Edward's awkward teen years, Jasper was unattainable perfection. He was all hard muscle and southern charm. Edward had been and would likely always be the geeky little brother. Jasper had once held the power to frustrate Edward with a single glance, to send him scurrying with one smirk, and the fucker still had that power.

"Emmett isn't home, but I can take whatever it is," Jasper offered, looking Edward up and down with a bemused smile on his chiseled features.

"No," snapped Edward, virtually at the end of his rope, "If I just leave it, Emmett will 'forget to sign' or lose them or something, and Dad said he needed these to file today. You'd think Em would be happy to get an increase on his life insurance policy." He moved to shove past Jasper, but Jasper backed away quickly to give Edward space. Edward glanced at the lanky man in front of him. Jasper was dressed in sweats and a tank top, "I'll wait here, you do… whatever it is you were doing."

Jasper had undoubtedly been perfecting his flawless physique to deal with all the females that had constantly draped themselves over him since he had first discovered a hair on his balls. He shrugged affably and turned away from Edward, heading into the house and taking a door on the right. Edward immediately went left, determined to put as much distance between himself and Jasper Whitlock as possible.

Now, half an hour later, Edward had downed half a bottle of Bourbon and was considering shooting himself again, though this time it was a wistful 'what if I'd shot myself instead of changing the tire' scenario. At the very least he would have avoided the most mortifying encounter of his life. He liked to think that if he ever died under mysterious circumstances, flocks of admirers would have visited his grave. More than likely, nobody would notice beyond a tabloid blurb about him faking his death. He snorted into his 4th glass of Bourbon and reflected on the life he had built (not at all in reaction to Jasper's apparent distain for him in high school).

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen was doubly cursed to stand out, which was, he considered, his greatest flaw. His father had been the only son and heir to the Cullen Construction empire, and his mother had been the only daughter of the Masen steel magnate. By falling in love, Esme and Carlisle had predestined their children to a life dodging shady reporters and dealing with the infuriatingly persistent paparazzi.

Edward had gotten used to this, mainly relying on the fact that nobody could ever find anything interesting out about him, so his followers trickled down to the single digits. He wasn't a daredevil like Emmett, taking his life in his hands every time a certain blond, blue eyed god showed up from whatever corner of the globe he'd been trotting. He wasn't like Alice, afire in a whirlwind romance in Europe (the subject of these romances tended to change from one month to the next, but there was always someone, and it was always in Europe). Edward was simply the middle child. He was responsible, and professional. He had never been caught in a scandalous relationship (though if the paparazzi had ever succeeded in photographing any of Edward's conquests, scandal would have undoubtedly ensued over the gender of said gropes.) Edward was always careful not to drink, because he knew that impaired judgment would lead to the end of his relatively stable anonymous life.

Tonight he was drinking.

Tonight Jasper Whitlock had driven him to drink, something no other man on the planet had even a prayer of doing. Jasper had accomplished this simply by showing up in Edward's life after 10 years. Edward was determined to use whatever route to avoid Jasper, even that of being a pitiful, sloppy drunk whose day had gone from simply atrocious to truly apocalyptic.

"Ahem," Edward turned and stood as he heard Jasper's voice coming from behind him near the house. He dropped his hands to casually cover his crotch when he saw Jasper, because the physical reactions he was having were wildly inappropriate, especially in the face of his brother's straight best friend. Jasper was sweaty and flushed. His hair was sticking to his brow in stringy tendrils Edward wanted to play with. His arms were incredible, deeply tanned and shining in the fading daylight from the sheen of sweat, and his chest muscles rippled under the indecently damp tank top. Edward was careful not to let his gaze wander below chest level, lest his predicament become even harder to handle.

"Could you listen for the phone? Emmett might call, and I have to hit the shower," Jasper's voice was silky smooth with a bite of southern twang that sent chills down Edward's spine. Edward nodded dumbly.

"If he calls, tell him he doesn't have to worry about the contracts, I picked them up this afternoon. Also tell him that if he wants me to help with his boat repairs, he'll need to pick up …" Edward nodded along, trying to seem intent while not really listening as Jasper listed off a bunch of shit for Em's fucking boat. It was all he could do to keep from walking forward and licking the bead of sweat from the tip of one of the strands of Jasper's golden hair.

Edward recalled that Jasper had been working on a development contract with Cullen Enterprises. He hadn't seen the man in 10 years, but he did occasionally hear about Jasper's remarkable success in the construction business. His most recent major project had proven to Edward's father that Emmett could be trusted to handle more in the business, hence the policy change.

"I'll tell him," Edward promised as he turned away to try and distance himself from Jasper. He heard the door slide shut as Jasper retreated back into the house. Edward risked a glance over his shoulder, and nearly moaned when he saw Jasper pull his shirt off over his head as he walked toward the bathroom.

Edward felt the façade of the collected businessman crack after only 5 minutes around Jasper. He hated himself for being weak, he hated Jasper for being so beautiful, but mostly he hated the fact that nothing would ever change. Jasper was still unattainable perfection, the man by whom Edward judged all other men (though in fairness, there had only been 2 men, and neither of them had even known who Edward was.)

Edward thought back 10 years to the summer after he graduated. He remembered overhearing a conversation between his parents. They were discussing Jasper.

"He's a bad influence, dear," Esme said, clearly irritated.

"He's had a difficult life, Esme, give him time. Emmett may not be as responsible as I would like, but I think he will be a good influence on Jasper, and I think maybe Jasper will surprise you." Carlisle was soothing in his tone and his words.

"I don't want him around Edward or Alice, one hellion is enough." Esme said flatly.

"Alice has been talking about a trip abroad anyway, and Edward is leaving for the east coast in a week, until then, I'll ask Emmett if he wouldn't mind keeping Jasper away, though I don't know how I'm going to couch that conversation so that he doesn't figure out what I'm really asking." He kissed Esme on the forehead and she leaned into him.

"I hope you're right about Jasper, I hate to deny any of our children friends, but he just worries me. He's so… uninhibited."

Edward pounded his fist on the glass tabletop, knowing that Jasper wasn't so uninhibited as to take a second glance at Emmett's weird little brother. He tossed down his fifth shot and moved to pour another, but his vision was bad and he missed the bottle entirely. He sighed and leaned back in the chair, trying to decide if he should try for the bottle again. He looked at the pier and saw two yachts instead of one. Probably not.

Edward was trying desperately not to think of anything when he felt a presence close behind him. He jumped from the chair and knocked into the table, hitting his thigh hard against the iron frame. He swore loudly and turned to see Jasper standing a foot or so away from the chair and smirking infuriatingly. He was wearing a fresh pair of sweats and a dark blue t-shirt that did almost nothing to hide his perfect body. His hair was damp and hung loose to his chin.

"Emmett isn't going to be back tonight," Jasper said, "He apparently has a date with a woman." We both knew that date was polite code for quick fuck, though Em usually didn't bother unless it was with mom or dad. "He said her name is Rose, and if all goes well, he won't be back until after work tomorrow."

Edward started to move to the door, weaving slightly, "Well, I guess I'd better go then." Jasper looked at him askance. Edward was obviously hammered and would be in no condition to drive for hours. The night was deepening.

"You can't drive like that." Jasper said flatly, Edward glared at him, "I'm perfectly fine, thank you very much,"

"Edward, you are not fine, you've had almost an entire bottle of Bourbon, and you look like a bit of a lightweight as it is, now give me your keys." Jasper demanded, Edward reached into his pocket and took out his keys. Then on impulse, he shoved them down his pants into his underwear. Edward didn't actually intend to drive himself now, knowing that Jasper was right about his impairment, but he wasn't giving up his keys either, he would keep them and find an alternate way home.

"I'm not giving them to you." Jasper glanced at Edward's crotch and gulped, "If you want them, you'll have to take them.

Jasper dragged his eyes up to Edward's face, "That was… surprising." He said honestly, intrigued that Edward would go to such lengths.

"I'm sick of being predictable, maybe it's just the shitty day I've had."

"You do look rather.. unkempt, I'd heard you were a successful businessman, but I wasn't sure based on how you looked when you arrived, I thought maybe you'd gone hobo." Edward's eyes flashed, but Jasper's tone was patient, "In any event, I wasn't saying you had to stay here, I'll drive you."

"To Seattle?" Edward said, scathingly, the drive was over half an hour.

"You could always stay here." Edward met Jasper's gaze defiantly, then he looked away, seeing there were only dregs in the bottle, and figuring he wasn't going to drive anyway, he poured the last of the Bourbon into the glass and tossed it back. Jasper watched his adam's apple bob as the liquid burnt its way down to Edward's stomach.

"What happened to you anyway, was your day really that bad?" Jasper asked quietly. Edward eyed him, not really wanting to answer that question, but he sighed.

"The worst"

"Was it because Em ditched you?" Jasper asked, Edward laughed bitterly.

"That was one of the smaller nails in the coffin of this rotten day, and not entirely unexpected."

10 years ago, Jasper would have packed Edward away in a cab and let him leave without a second thought. Edward had always been quiet, especially around Jasper. He'd never gotten within ten feet of the younger man without Edward making some excuse to leave the room. He thought Edward simply hated him because of the "destructive" influence he apparently had on Emmett, but right now, Edward didn't seem to be shunning him as usual.

Edward had always seemed put together, self-assured, and perfect. He'd been the dutiful quiet child to Emmett's rambunctious rebellion, but seeing him with his hair all tugged out of place, his clothes rumpled and stained, he seemed more… human than Jasper had ever seen him. His face was sharp and angular, masculine and mature. His eyes were penetrating green and Jasper felt a tingle go down his spine when he gazed into the emerald depths.

"What made this day so much worse than the rest?"

Edward fidgeted uncomfortably before answering, "I'm weak," he said at last, "weak, predictable, boring, take your pick." Jasper was surprised by this admission, mainly because Edward always seemed like he'd gotten the life he wanted.


"I don't have the nerve to…"

"To?" prompted Jasper.

"I don't know, to do something unexpected," Edward sighed, Jasper smirked.

"Like sticking your car keys down your pants."

"That wasn't strong, it was childish." Edward leaned against the rail, examining the glass in his hand.

"So what would you use an overabundance of nerve for?" Jasper asked, more intrigued than ever.

"I don't know, sail off into the sunset by myself." Edward gazed at the boat.

"You sail?"

"No, I don't, but if I did…"

"That isn't outrageous, it's just evading the deeper question, what else would you do?"

Edward thought for a moment, "Throw a plate of food at the next waitress who asks me if I'm 'Carlisle and Esme Cullen's son.'" Jasper laughed.

"I'm sure that would go over well, anything else?"

"Go skinny dipping." Jasper felt his dick harden as his breath caught. He was eyeing Edward in a new light, taking in the obviously fit frame of the man in front of him, shit, am I attracted to Emmett's brother? He wondered.

"You would… do that?" Jasper tried desperately to sound casual and he was pretty sure he succeeded. He was glad Edward was facing away, and glad that he was in silhouette, because his face felt hot as he imagined Edward slipping into a pond, naked.

"No, but it sounded like something that would take nerve."

"Perhaps for some people." Jasper replied, Edward glanced over at him.

"Have you ever?" He asked, Jasper coughed slightly.

"The water is warm in Hawaii."

"What's it like to be free? To do whatever and not risk offending someone's expectations?"

"What makes you think that I would know?" Jasper asked.

"Don't you?" Edward challenged him.

Jasper smiled faintly, "That's not the point, and we aren't talking about me anyway. Is swimming with no cloths on really the most outrageously scary thing you can think of?"


"What is?"

Edward thought of crossing the distance between them and pulling Jasper into an embrace. He imagined how Jasper's mouth would feel moving on his. Kissing Jasper was infinitely more scary than skinny dipping, not that he'd admit that. He'd never pictured trying to seduce a man, and the few occasions where he'd had any sort of intimate contact, it had been initiated by the other party. If he were going to seduce a man, though, Jasper would be his perfect candidate.

"You can tell me, Edward, I know you've thought of something." Edward flushed.

"It's nothing," Edward said, pushing away from the rail, he made his way to the house, Jasper followed him.

"And he's off," Jasper commented quietly, irritated that Edward was once again seeking distance. Edward stiffened upon hearing the comment.

"Fuck you Whitlock," He said, he opened the front door and slammed it in Jasper's face as he stalked down the steps. Edward pulled out his keys, intending to make his way to his car to get the briefs for Emmett. Jasper opened the door and called after him, "I'm not letting you drive, Edward."

Edward ignored him, and Jasper chased after, easily closing the distance between them. He grabbed Edward's arm.

"I said you aren't driving," Jasper growled at him, not releasing his arm. Edward tugged, trying to free his limb.

"I'm not staying here with you, Whitlock." Edward said angrily, though he had no intention of driving, he didn't see why it was any of Jasper's business. Edward tore his arm away and took another step toward his car. Jasper grabbed his arm and pulled roughly. Edward felt himself spin around and press up against a solid sheet of muscle as Jasper took hold of his other arm, locking them in a virtual embrace, body to body. Edward made the mistake of inhaling and smelled soap and fresh air and Jasper. He grew instantly rock hard. His erection pressed right up against Jasper's thigh. He felt his face go hot and his eyes filled with tears of shame and embarrassment as he crumpled in Jasper's grip.

Jasper's eyes widened as he realized that Edward was aroused, he loosened his grip slightly and Edward started to slump to the ground looking totally dejected.

"I hate you, Whitlock!" he yelled, face now red and tear streaked, "Why couldn't you just have died on one of your fucking misadventures? Why did you have to be so fucking successful? Why do you have to be so goddamn fucking beautiful?" Jasper stared at Edward, agape. Whatever he had expected, it wasn't this.

Edward tried valiantly to collect himself, but the weight of the day was suddenly too much to bear and he sat there in his ruined suit and cried for the first time in years. Jasper took a step back. Edward glared up at him.

"You always treated me like dirt, so go ahead, gloat about how Emmett's queer brother has a thing for you." He spit out the words, "Go ahead, hit me, make yourself feel bigger and stronger, maybe then I can finally get fucking over you, you jackass." Jasper stepped up to Edward and Edward cringed, closing his eyes, fully expecting the blow that would crush his soul. Instead, Jasper picked him up off the ground tenderly.

"Edward… you… when were you ever… under me?" Jasper asked in a timid voice. Edward opened his eyes and saw Jasper looking down at him in confusion and … something else, "I always thought you hated me," Jasper continued, "You never looked at me, and every time I was in the room you would tense up and find some excuse to leave. You never gave any indication…"

Edward turned his head away from Jasper, "It didn't matter, you wouldn't have given me the time of—" his voice was cut short because a pair of warm lips had covered his own. Edward's eyes opened wide, staring into the sapphire pools in front of him and he let out a surprised squeak. Jasper crouched in front of Edward, his mouth moved languidly over Edward's, teasing out threads of tenderness and emotion that questioned, asking for a response. Edward suddenly came to his senses (as much as he could in his inebriated state) and clung to Jasper, responding with all the pent up frustration of a decade of virtual celibacy. He moaned, parting his lips, and Jasper's tongue plundered his mouth. Jasper rose and pulled Edward to his feet.

Jasper supported Edward's weight easily, reveling in the feel of the smaller man in his arms. Edward tasted of Bourbon, sharp and bittersweet, but there were also hints of something deeper, something personal and totally Edward. Jasper deepened the kiss, bruising Edward's lips under his furious assault. He had never wanted anyone as much as Edward. Since the first time he met Emmett's shy, intelligent younger brother, his interest had only grown.

When Edward had walked into Emmett's room one time at 16, shirtless and hair in disarray, Jasper had drunk in the sight of the maturing figure. Edward had a slim frame that was filling out with a little definition. In a few years he would be a heartbreaker. Jasper grew hard at the thought of the youth writhing underneath him. He was embarrassed at his reaction, and, not wanting Emmett to see, had quickly grabbed a book, opening it on his lap. Edward hadn't known Jasper would be there and as soon as he noticed the blond, he'd practically run out of the room.

After that day, every time Jasper thought of or encountered Edward, he had studied the younger man, trying to understand why he was so hostile. He never imagined it was because Edward wanted him, the underprivileged orphan who had invaded their perfect life.

When Edward had finished high school, Jasper had almost worked up the courage to make a move, but Emmett stopped inviting him over. Jasper almost visited the day before Edward left for college, but Emmett met a girl. Edward was on the wrong coast, and Jasper turned his attention to his business.

Edward whimpered into the kiss, pulling back for air, "What are we doing, Jasper?" he gasped.

"Whatever you want, Edward," Jasper responded truthfully. He was willing to take whatever Edward was willing to give.

"Oh, god, Jasper, fuck me," Edward begged, Jasper chuckled and picked up the younger man, carrying him toward the house before he had a chance to change his mind. Edward did not protest, merely took the opportunity to explore Jasper with his lips. He kissed his way up the blonde's jaw and licked behind his ear. Jasper gasped and Edward filed it away for future use. They reached the door and Jasper put Edward down, opening the door and pulling the smaller man inside after him. As soon as the door was closed, he turned around and pressed Edward up against it firmly, sliding one thigh in between Edward's legs as he pinned Edward's arms above his head. Jasper kissed him hard on the lips, then moved to his neck and down toward his shirt.

"I need you, Jasper, don't tease," Edward pled, desire coursing through his body in a complex array of pleasure and torture, "can't wait, need you… take me now," he demanded as Jasper latched onto his collarbone. Jasper managed to pull away.

"Don't stop… oh, god, Jasper, don't stop," Edward pulled Jasper back to himself, devouring his mouth. Jasper pulled away, "Bedroom," he said breathless from the onslaught, "condoms… lube…" Edward nodded his understanding and Jasper pulled him away from the door, walking backwards. Then he turned and practically ran for the correct door, tearing it open and pulling Edward inside. He turned back to Edward and hooked his arms around the redhead's waist. He drew Edward into a kiss and slid his hand to Edward's ass, pulling him back toward the bed. Jasper bumped into the frame with his legs and fell backward, drawing the smaller man on top of himself. Their cocks rubbed together erotically, causing both to shudder and gasp. Edward arched away, tugging his suit jacket off. Jasper pulled at his tie, quickly loosening it and discarding the scrap of cloth.

Edward began fumbling with his buttons, only to cry in frustration as his lack of coordination thwarted him. Jasper rolled them both over so that he was on top of Edward, straddling him. He made quick work of the buttons and Edward shrugged the shirt off as Jasper resumed kissing him.

Edward's hands went to the waistband of Jasper's sweats and he groaned in approval as his fingers met naked flesh beneath. Jasper was going commando. Edward pushed the sweats downward, gripping the mounds of Jasper's ass in his hands and pulling the larger man toward him. Their cocks ground together more furiously as Edward thrust upward, then the redhead broke the kiss and looked Jasper in the eye.

"I need your cock in my ass, Whitlock, don't make me say it again," He commanded. Jasper gulped and nodded, quickly divesting himself of his shirt as Edward ripped his own undershirt off. Jasper's hands went to Edward's belt as Edward pushed at the sides of the blonde's sweats, dragging them down and pulling the fabric taut over Jasper's straining shaft. Jasper gasped as the waistband snapped down over his engorged cock and let it free to slap heavily against his abs. Edward bit his lower lip in his mouth to keep from gasping as he took in the fully naked form of Jasper Whitlock, it was so much better than his fantasies.

Edward's hands went to his trousers as Jasper pulled the belt free. He quickly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants before arching his lower half off of the bed. His cock ground into Jasper's, but the blonde realized what he was doing and pulled his pants and boxers down in one movement until they were bunched at his ankles.

Jasper was mesmerized by the naked form of Edward Cullen, such a contrast to the soft businessman he appeared to be. Edward's slim frame had filled out, and he was well defined, though not muscular to the extent that Jasper was. Jasper stared at Edward's long, thick cock. It was swaying gently and oozing precum. He could not resist the weeping head of Edward's cock and ducked his head to lick the thick cream from the tip. Edward's cock twitched and Jasper took the head into his mouth. He licked around the entire tip experimentally and Edward groaned loudly, then his hands fisted in Jasper's hair and he pulled him away, "No time, I want to come with you inside me, Jasper."

Edward kicked off his shoes and socks and pushed his pants the rest of the way off, now lying completely naked. Jasper drew away from the younger man's cock and began to lick his way down, bathing both balls before teasing Edward's perineum. Edward gasped at the warm touch, knowing where Jasper was headed. The blond lifted Edward's long legs and draped them over his shoulders, delving lower until he reached the puckered flesh that was his goal. He swept his tongue over the ring of muscle and Edward whimpered, pushing his ass toward Jasper's face. The blond swept his tongue across the puckered flesh again and again sending waves of pleasure through Edward's body. Jasper reached over as he continued his ministrations and retrieved a small bottle of lube and a condom from his bedside table. He flipped open the lid of the lube and drizzled some onto one hand, coating his fingers, then he spread Edward's ass cheeks and replaced his tongue with a finger, gently circling the entrance before dipping the tip of his digit into Edward's ass.

Edward strained against Jasper, silently entreating him to work faster, but Jasper continued to tease, wanting to draw out the pleasure for as long as possible. He knew once he was sheathed in the intense heat of Edward's body, he would not last for long. He kept thrusting in with one finger, going a little deeper each time. He felt the ring of muscle slowly relax.

He added a second finger, and brought his head up to Edward's cock once more, taking the tip in his mouth and sucking gently. Edward started moaning vocally, chanting Jasper's name along with a litany of curses. Jasper moved his fingers around, quickly finding a small bundle of nerves, he pressed into them and Edward shouted, "Fuck yes! RIGHT THERE, FUCK, GOD!" As soon as Jasper had fully sheathed his second finger, he drew out of Edward completely. Edward cursed as the digits left him, "Fucking tease, enough already, Jasper," he growled. Jasper smirked, eyes smoldering.

He plunged three fingers into Edward's body zeroing in on his prostate. Edward's eyes went wide as he stared into Jasper's intense stare, dark green meeting deep blue in a timeless connection.

"I'm ready," Edward breathed. Jasper swallowed a groan and nodded. He removed his fingers and tore the condom open with shaking fingers. He rolled the condom down his throbbing length and coated it with lube. He gazed back at Edward as he lined himself up with Edward's entrance.

Edward looked at him with such lust and desire that he fell into the depths of the younger man's eyes as he slowly pushed past the ring of muscle, sheathing himself partially in the smaller man's ass. Edward hissed at the sudden pressure and bit his lip. His cheeks flushed at the pain, but he moaned and strained toward Jasper, needing to feel the rest of his cock. Jasper inched his way in, seeing the expression in Edward's face turn from pain to pleasure at the feeling of fullness. He waited for a moment as Edward adjusted to his size.

"More," Edward demanded, and Jasper complied. He pulled out and thrust back in again smoothly grabbing Edward's thighs and repositioning to change the angle. He continued to pull out and thrust in at different angles until he found Edward's prostate. He kept the angle and started to thrust harder, hitting the gland with each stroke. Edward grabbed the sheets in his fists, holding them tightly as he felt the pressure in his cock mounting. He started his chant again, alternating Jasper's name with swears and gasps as the pleasure of each thrust broke over him in wave after wave. He had never felt so full, so complete. Jasper was perfect.

Jasper felt his climax approaching, and slowed his thrusts, wiggling his hips every time his cock brushed up against Edward's prostate. He grabbed hold of Edward's cock with his lubed hand and started stroking the redhead in rhythm with his thrusts. Edward's moans turned to cries as he felt himself rapidly approaching the end. He spilled over the edge as Jasper thrust into him once more and swiveled his hand around Edward's cock. His seed spilled out over his stomach and Jasper's hand as he keened out Jasper's name in an unbelievable high. Jasper felt Edward's climax before he saw it. Edward's ass clamped down on Jasper's cock, the unbelievable tightness pulling Jasper over the edge. He filled the condom as he came harder than he ever had. He breathed Edward's name, a prayer and a plea.

His orgasm seemed to last forever, but when it was over, he felt himself descend into a state of euphoric bliss. He slowly pulled out of Edward, holding onto the condom. He pulled it off and tied it before throwing it into a waste basket. Then he padded to the bathroom and returned with a warm, wet towel to clean Edward and himself. He threw the towel in the hamper and returned to find Edward asleep. He smoothed the damp locks out of Edward' eyes and cupped the younger man's cheek as he kissed him tenderly.

Jasper picked Edward up in one arm, reveling in the feel of the smaller man's naked body pressed to his side. He pulled back the covers and lay Edward gently down on the bed. Then Jasper climbed in the other side and lay facing Edward. He snaked an arm around Edward's waist and pulled him close until they were spooning, with Edward facing away.

"Thank you," Jasper whispered as he drifted off to sleep.