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Chapter 11 – Backbone

Jasper flinched at the sound of the shutter, whirring furiously as Alec captured the intimate moment. He heard Edward whimper and surged away from the wall. Whatever Alec and Edward had expected from the moment would remain unfulfilled. There would be no witty banter or triumphant gloating. Edward would not break down and beg for leniency. Jasper launched himself across the room just as Alec lowered his camera, the photographer's triumphant smirk firmly in place.

Half a second later, Alec was on the ground, clutching his broken jaw, camera and thoughts of money long forgotten. Jasper yanked the camera away and pulled the memory stick out, "You are trespassing. The police will be on their way momentarily. I suggest you forget what you just saw if you don't want to face serious legal charges for invasion of privacy, stalking, and assault. I know you've been hounding Edward for far too long, and frankly, I'd be only too happy to smash you to a pulp even if you were to evade any charges we might level against you." The scrawny brunet cowered as Jasper held up the chip of plastic and metal. Closing his hand around it, he squeezed, holding Alec's eye as he did so. When he opened his hand, a mangled lump of plastic tumbled to the floor where it quickly met an even more permanent fate under the heel of Jasper's boot.

"Joe, could you come down here?" Jasper called up to the carpenter. He flipped open his phone and dialed the local police station whose number he had stored for just such an event, "Hello, this is Jasper Whitlock at the construction site at 5399 Tennyson. I have a trespasser here against whom I will be pressing charges. I would appreciate it if you could send out an officer at your earliest convenience to pick him up. Thank you, ma'am." He flipped his phone shut just as Joe came into view, "As you see we have an uninvited guest. I was wondering if you could get one of our strapping volunteers to keep him company while I make sure that this grotesque piece of shit is alone on the lot." Jasper picked up what recognizable pieces of the memory stick remained and lay down the camera on the floor. He piled some sawdust on top, set the bits of plastic and metal on top of the sawdust, and took out a lighter, creating a miniature campfire on the very expensive piece of equipment.

"Now Alec, I want you to pay close attention, because this is what will happen to your camera every time you attempt to take a photograph of Edward in a compromising position, do you understand?" The blond spoke slowly, emphasizing every word as if talking to a small child. Alec nodded his head frantically as he registered the incredible rage boiling just beneath Jasper's carefully controlled icy exterior, "Good boy, now don't give anyone trouble. We'd hate to have to cause you any more discomfort." Jasper grabbed Alec's jaw, causing the small man to scream in pain, "That does look like it hurts…" Jasper's tone was sympathetic, but his actions were anything but, "I wonder if they'll let you get medical attention before they book you once I tell them what you were doing on the site, I'm betting no."

Edward watched the entire exchange in a daze. The scene was almost like an out of body experience, fulfilling his darkest deepest desires against Alec. Edward would never have thought to physically resolve the situation, and when he'd first become cognizant of what was happening, he'd almost resigned himself to being shoved unwillingly out of the closet. Jasper was like an avenging angel.

Edward was not naïve enough to believe that Alec wouldn't try again, or that he wouldn't just go to the press with the story regardless of lack of photographic evidence, but the fact that Alec's camera was currently an expensive campfire reassured the redhead.

The camera lay smoldering as Joe tromped down the stairs. Jasper looked up at him, "Hey, Joe. This guy was sneaking around the site, taking pictures of things he shouldn't have. Could you keep him company while he waits to be arrested?" Joe took in the scene and a knowing glint touched his eye. He nodded, concealing a smile with a fake cough and a discreet hand.

"Well now, young man. You have done yourself a mischief. What happened here? How did you get hurt so badly?" Alec gulped as Jasper kept him locked in a steady gaze.

"I er… fell."

Joe nodded sagely, "Yeah, I've seen this sort of thing before, it's a pity when people sneak places they aren't supposed to be and have accidents. It really makes you appreciate all the 'no trespassing' signs. We'll just go on over to the tent and make sure your fall hasn't addled your brain. We wouldn't want you coming up with any wild stories that could get innocent folk into trouble. That can of worms might not close painlessly, if you get my drift." Joe led the scrawny man away (if by led one can infer dragging by the scruff of the neck.) all the while the old man clucked like a mother hen about how unfortunate Alec's plight was.

Jasper turned to Edward, expecting the worst and ready to try and coax him out of another shutdown, "You know this won't stop him, right?" Edward said, "If he doesn't manage to get back on the lot, he'll just sell the story to some gossip rag and they'll use an old photo. It will get out in any event. You shouldn't have done the whole beat down. It could come back to bite you in the ass." He smiled a small smile at Jasper, not really angry, but still a little worried about the blond.

"I'd have done the same thing if any of my other volunteers were similarly harassed," Jasper said archly, "I can't have my construction sites turn into a circus… it's bad for business. Besides, if we ever want more celebrities volunteer, how would it look if we let a paparazzo sneak onto the site and leave with his camera and person intact?"

Edward snorted, "Please, I'm not freaked out so you can drop the Good Samaritan act, Whitlock. I know you're just trying to get into my pants."

Jasper pouted, "I would so have done the same thing for anyone," He snaked a hand down the back of Edward's pants and cupped his ass, "I might not have enjoyed it quite as much, but I still would do it. Besides, I've already been in your pants way too often for you to start complaining now, wouldn't you say, Cullen?" Edward bit back a groan and ground himself against Jasper firmly. Edward wrapped one hand loosely around Jasper's back and the other fisted in his messy blond curls. He pulled Jasper up to him and backed into the same wall Jasper had pinned him to earlier. Edward slid his own hands down Jasper's back and under the waistband of his jeans, pulling the blond's hips flush to his. They stood there for several minutes, kissing heatedly.

Edward pulled away finally, "Ungh, Jasper… I need to…" he trailed off as Jasper licked his pulse point and then bit down gently, "Fu-uck…" He scrabbled at Jasper's clothes, trying to pull the other man even closer.

"I think we can work something like that out," Jasper said with a smile as he continued to tease Edward's neck and bare shoulder. Edward succumbed to the seduction for a few more minutes, groping Jasper and sliding his hands up under the taller man's shirt. Jasper worked his way down Edward's bare chest, pausing every time Edward made a particularly delicious noise.

"I need to…" Edward gasped as Jasper bit one of his nipples. His voice grew even thicker and more strained, "Need to get back to… Oh God, right there!" He lost his train of thought for a moment as Jasper skimmed his side gently, feeling each individual rib as Edward's chest rose and fell with his labored breathing. Edward tried again, "Jasper, stop… work… don't want to get in trouble with the boss." Jasper captured Edward's lips once more, and then pulled away.

"It's okay, Darlin', I know the boss personally, and he said I could steal you away for a few minutes. Said something about us being ahead of schedule. Apparently, some hotshot businessman/celebrity decided to volunteer on this project, and since he turned out not to be completely useless, the extra days allotted to deal with his fuck ups are going to be unnecessary." Edward pulled away and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

"You're lucky the nail gun isn't handy, Whitlock, I'm a fucking awesome volunteer."

Jasper grinned, "I meant it as a compliment, Darlin', you should know that."

Edward growled deep within his chest, "Uh huh, a likely story." Unfortunately the growl went straight to Jasper's cock and any further conversation was lost in the flurry of hands, lips, and tongue that followed the heady exchange. By the time that the two men came back to their senses, another half hour was gone.

"Jasper, I really do need to get out there and finish my work for the day," Edward beseeched, the blond chuckled.

"Edward, I'm not going to let you go back out and work. That tool Jacob Black will probably corner you and molest you or something. We're getting out of here early. Besides, I meant what I said about being ahead of schedule, and after the entire Alec incident, I'm declaring that you need a break." The blond stood and brushed off his ass, and then he extended a hand to Edward and pulled the younger man up into a brief kiss. He brushed Edward's ass off as well, "Go clean up, Darlin', I'll be along in a minute once I've talked with Joe. I'm taking you back to the hotel as soon as I can get away."

Edward's eyes darkened at the unspoken promise and he licked his lips unconsciously as Jasper left him alone in the room. He picked himself up off the floor once more and pressed a hand to his swollen lips, still tingling from excessive use. He spotted the camera and a smile curled on his lips. For the first time since he could remember, he wasn't particularly concerned about the media. It just didn't seem as important anymore. His thoughts turned to Jasper and an involuntary shiver traveled down his body, gooseflesh appearing on his arms as his cock stirred in the confines of its cloth cage. Edward rubbed his arms briskly to dispel the residual tingle and then walked purposefully out of the room. His boots clicked as he clattered down the front steps, donning his hardhat as he went. Luckily, the other volunteers seemed to be occupied with their end of the week tasks, and nobody paid enough attention to him to notice the flush still covering his body or the dazed look on his face.

Edward pulled the flannel shirt out of his back pocket and slipped it on, buttoning it swiftly as the sun had sunk behind the neighboring building and the late afternoon air was no longer as heavy and oppressive as it had been only minutes before. Edward bent and picked up the can of stain he'd been using, tapping the lid with the back of his paintbrush to secure it. He made sure he hadn't left anything in his work area before heading to the shed to rinse his brush and stow his tools. Several of the men had started to gather the various pieces of lumber that had not been used so they could cover all the supplies with tarps for the weekend. Edward was looking forward to having two days off, as his muscles had only just stopped screaming at him every morning. He set the pail on a shelf in the shed and quickly cleaned his brush in a jar of turpentine, laying it out to dry while he exited the shed. Edward noticed how grimy his hands and forearms were and headed to the rest tent to wash up before he went to the truck to wait for Jasper.

Jasper finished with Joe, getting the account of Alec being taken away by the police and updates on construction progress. Feeling a little guilty about his slacking off over the past couple days, he tried to apologize, but Joe merely waved his attempt away, "Least I can do, Jasper. You deserve to have a little time away from prying eyes, and I know that's difficult with Edward. I can handle things here for as long as you need me to and you know it. This isn't my first time around the track, and it probably won't be my last." Jasper nodded his gratitude and excused himself, trying to avoid Joe's cheeky, knowing smirk.

The blond quickly descended the staircase and exited the building, hoping that Edward had managed to finish and was waiting for him. He saw Edward by the shed however, and drew up short. Edward was talking to the documentary crew, and though he looked a little restless and annoyed, he calmed himself as the camera came up and started rolling.

"Edward," Jake began. Embry and Quil shared a worried look and Embry cleared his throat significantly, causing Jake to turn in his direction. Embry's expression was a blatant threat and Jake quickly started over. Jasper grinned as the Native man fumbled a little in frustration, "Mr. Cullen, there was some drama on the site today." Jake left the question unspoken, since he wanted the full account of Alec from Edward's perspective. He felt like the whole thing was suspicious, and he was kind of pissed that the crew hadn't managed to get anything of the encounter, just random footage of Alec cussing and protesting as he was taken away. Fucking Jasper Whitlock had forced them to miss the most interesting encounter of the day.

Edward nodded, "Yeah, we had a pretty interesting day on the site. One of the workers was injured while he ran one of the larger pieces of equipment." Jake's eyes narrowed slightly, this was obviously not the drama he wanted, but Edward didn't care, "The injury was not too severe, and luckily one of the women who works with us on this project is a nurse. As soon as the injury was sustained, the crew all contributed whatever they could to make sure the situation was dealt with. The way it was dealt with really emphasizes how close all the volunteers have become, it's almost like a family here. It's also wonderful that we have such a spectrum of professions and walks of life. The fact that we could deal with this injury with a minimal amount of worry or discomfort was truly a godsend.

"Jamison is doing well and will be back to work sometime next week, from what I understand. It's really great that we've gone a whole week with people who are completely new to construction and have only had one minor accident. Construction sites are full of dangerous tools and all sorts of accidents waiting to happen, but the quality of professionals on this site has worked in our favor to minimize any danger. If you don't know about a job, then the professionals work with you to make sure you've got the entire process down and know what not to do.

"It also helps that there's a wide spectrum of tasks from simple and safe to more complex for people who have been long-time volunteers or want to learn more about the construction process. Every job is assigned on a volunteer basis, so nobody has to do anything they don't want to. Hopefully, this accident with Jamison will be the only setback we suffer, because the work we're doing here will help many people from this area to find safety in their time of need."

Jasper almost laughed at the expression on Jake's face. Edward had completely sidestepped the incident the documentarian wanted to emphasize, and had done so while answering the leading comment fully. If a viewer didn't know about the stalking issue, they would never have any clue that Jake was trying to point in that direction.

Jake didn't give up, "Wasn't there another incident, Mr. Cullen? One hitting closer to home?"

Edward frowned a little, "There was an incident later on, but I don't really think it has a great bearing on this project. It was a personal matter and was dealt with as such."

"If you don't want to talk about it, that's fine…" Jake trailed off with a whiny voice. Embry growled quietly and Edward sighed.

"There was a small problem with site security. A man somehow got into the building in the hope of finding me and getting some candid shots of me at work. He was injured in an accident and arrested for trespassing."

Jake quirked an eyebrow, "Is that all?"

Edward shook his head, "This guy didn't know when to quit. He had been warned of the dangers, and there are 'No Trespassing' signs all around the premises. Most people think that it's just a frivolous warning, but this man had no idea of the layout or construction status of our site. He wandered into a room that is currently occupied by a couple of dangerous tools and has no lights whatsoever. Since this building is under construction, the workers know not to go into any unlit areas because there is every chance that the floors might not be finished, the walls might be unsteady, there might be construction materials to trip on or tools that can seriously injure people who aren't careful.

"This photographer took his life in his hands in order to capture a meaningless photograph, and he's lucky that he only suffered a fall. While this job is rewarding and relatively simple when you're trained, it is still dangerous. When people ignore blatant warnings, they put their own lives and possibly the lives of others at risk. This photographer behaved in a reckless and unprofessional manner, and I'm frankly disappointed in the lengths the media goes to for a few pixels of my private life." He glared at Jake, and then added, "Besides, if he'd wanted my photo, all he had to do was ask. I would have gladly posed."

Jasper had to stuff a fist in his mouth to keep from laughing out loud at the lighthearted coda. He knew very well that Edward would never have posed for the type of picture Alec wanted to get.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have some important work to get to tomorrow, and I need to head out now. I'll see you on Monday." Jake began to protest, but Embry had already cut the video feed and shot him a warning look. Jake trailed off and Edward headed to the tent. Jasper came up to Embry and thanked him for respecting Edward's privacy. The two men launched into a quiet discussion of what Embry thought of the site and the film. Neither noticed when Jake slipped off after Edward.

Edward scrubbed his arms briskly in the chilly water. When he was finished, he turned to dry his hands and was surprised to see Jake holding a towel out for him, "Mr. Black," Edward greeted him, "Can I help you with something?"

Jake smile, "I was wondering if you wanted to get together for a drink… to discuss the film."

Edward raised his eyebrows, "Is there something wrong with the film? Some issue?"

Jake shook his head, "I just thought that if we discussed the work and got to know each other a little better, I would be able to make a film closer to what you want."

Edward frowned, "Are you suggesting that the film is going to disappoint? I was under the impression that the promotional material was going well. I understood that you had several testimonials and sufficient footage of the work being done to give people a genuine understanding of what the volunteer work entails. Should I be worried?"

Jake balked a little, the conversation going in a direction he hadn't anticipated, "O-of course not, Edward. I just… thought…" he wavered a moment before falling silent.

Edward gave him a penetrating look, and then he sighed, "I've had a long day, Mr. Black, and I meant what I said about the work that I have to attend to, if there's nothing else, then I'll see you on Monday with the rest of the workers." Without waiting for a reply from the other man, Edward tossed the towel on the table and headed off toward Jasper's truck.

He hopped into the vehicle as soon as he reached it, and then leaned against the window as the events of the day caught up with him. He felt more than a little used and abused after the incident with Alec and his irritating interview with Jake. He couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and have a long, hot shower to help him relax. Then maybe he'd have a quiet dinner with Jasper and later he'd get the blond so worked up that he'd have no choice but to surrender to the passion both men felt brewing.

Jasper was entirely unaware of the exchange that happened in the rest tent, but when Edward didn't return to the shed after washing up, he excused himself quickly and almost ran across the parking lot. Sure enough, Edward was in the truck. Jasper grinned as he hopped in, but Edward didn't look at him. He reached out a hand and laid it on Edward's shoulder, feeling tension radiating from the younger man.

"Edward?" Jasper felt a swell of anxiety, what if Edward was drawing back again? Was it all too much? "Edward, are you alright?" The redhead shook his head and Jasper saw a tear glistening on his cheek, "Shit. What did I do?"

Edward started and turned to Jasper, seeing the confusion and worry in the older man's face. He pushed away from the door and leaned over the middle seat to press a fierce kiss to Jasper's lips, "It's not you, Jasper. I'm just… it's been a long day."

Jasper sighed in relief before starting the truck. He caught Edward's hand in his own and held it firmly as he pulled out of the lot and onto the highway.

When they reached the hotel, Dmitri stepped out of the sedan he'd been occupying and informed the men that nothing had happened during the course of the day. Edward smiled and then towed Jasper into his room, chaining the door behind them. Before Jasper had adjusted to the relative darkness of the hotel room, Edward pressed himself up against the taller man, wrapping both arms around his torso and pressing his face into Jasper's neck.

Jasper sensed Edward's need for comfort and returned the embrace, holding the smaller man flush against his body. Jasper couldn't forestall the physical reaction to having Edward wrapped around him, and he tried to surreptitiously distance his hips from Edward's. Edward noticed what the blond was doing and pressed his own hips firmly against Jasper's burgeoning erection, "Why Mr. Whitlock, is that a screwdriver? Or are you happy to see me?"

Jasper laughed quietly at the incredibly cheesy joke, but his laugh turned to a gasp when Edward nipped at his neck. The younger man latched on to Jasper's neck and bit down harder, causing the older man to groan and thrust his hips against Edward's, grinding both men's now-straining erections together, "Fuuck," Jasper gasped as Edward continued to explore his neck and jaw. Edward growled and bit down again, causing Jasper to jerk against the smaller man once more.

"That's the general idea," Edward muttered as he clawed at Jasper's back and pulled the older man to the bed. When Edward felt his legs butt up against the mattress, he leaned back and pulled Jasper with him, falling onto the bed with a heavy, hard body on top of him. Edward's hands slid to the front of Jasper's shirt, pulling it slowly apart one button at a time.

Jasper captured Edward's mouth and thrust his tongue roughly into the slick cavern. He licked Edward's tongue and sucked it into his own mouth, dominating the kiss as he thrust his tongue deeply into Edward's mouth over and over. He began to grind his hips down against Edward's with the same rhythm as his tongue assaulted the redhead's mouth. Jasper's hands wrenched Edward's shirt apart at the front, not noticing the buttons as they were ripped from the fabric. He slipped his hands beneath Edward's back and pulled the younger man's chest until it collided with his shirt. The room filled with the passion of their shared need, gasps and moans teasing the corners of the dark room as clothes quickly dropped to the floor. Soon, both men were naked, and thrusting against each other, exalting in the sensations of their first encounter, weeks before. Jasper was vaguely aware that his plan to take things slowly had melted away in the heat of the moment, but as Edward clutched him closer still, he offered himself completely to the younger man.

Edward gripped Jasper tightly and hooked his legs around Jasper's thighs; as if afraid the older man would disappear if he gave up what little control he still retained. In the midst of their thrusting, Edward realized he was rapidly approaching release, "Need you, Jasper…" he managed to breath between kisses, "In… me."

Jasper let out a strangled 'yes' and started to work his way down to Edward's waist, worshipping each muscle and crease of his skin as he worked his way downward. He gave Edward one wet lick up the length of his cock and smiled at the responsive shudder. His next target made Edward's eyes pop wide open, "Wha—gah!" Jasper smiled as he licked the puckered entrance, holding Edward's legs down so that he wouldn't thrash about so much. Edward mewled in decadent delirium as Jasper laved the sensitive skin of his hole. Jasper felt Edward relax into his touch and suddenly thrust his tongue through the tight ring of his entrance, forcing another strangled yelp from Edward's lips. Edward bucked and jerked as Jasper worshiped his body, shuddering when a cool wet finger replaced the blazing heat of Jasper's tongue. Jasper thrust his finger in to the hilt and began small circling motions to loosen Edward's entrance while his mouth returned to the smaller man's weeping cock.

Edward sank into the swell of sensation overtaking his senses. He only maintained enough conscious thought to beg for more in broken and desperate tones. Jasper complied willfully as he added a second finger and then a third. When Jasper withdrew both his mouth and fingers, Edward cried out in a weak sob, "No, please! I…" Jasper lined up his sheathed length before Edward could fully form the request and pushed gently against Edward's stretched entrance, sliding easily past the muscle and continuing in one long, languorous thrust until he felt Edward's channel envelop his entire length.

Jasper paused just long enough for another whimper to drop from Edward's lips before beginning to thrust. He tortured the other man with irregular thrusts, alternating between swift and painfully slow, swiveling his hips every so often and varying the distance he withdrew. With nearly every thrust he grazed the bundle of nerves that made Edward's eyes cross and his hands clench against the bed sheets.

When Edward was about to cum, Jasper pulled all the way out, grabbing both of the younger man's ankles roughly. Edward started to protest, but Jasper flipped him over easily and thrust back in, grinding Edward's trembling form into the bedspread as he continued pounding roughly into the redhead. Jasper's strokes became frantic and erratic as Edward started chanting his name, with one last powerful thrust Edward yelled Jasper's name hoarsely and Jasper buried himself to the hilt once more as both lovers climaxed simultaneously. Edward panted into the covers as Jasper sank down beside him and pulled the smaller man up against his chest, softening cock still planted in Edward's tight heat.

Jasper barely managed to slip out and dispose of the condom before both men fell into a sated rest, wrapped in each other's arms.

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