Chapter 1: Half of a Whole

It started as just a slow walk, but somehow it grew more intense the further I got. I felt a need growing inside of me. Something that I had to have right then and now. However; I wasn't entirely sure what is was that I wanted. All I knew was that I needed it then and now. My feet began moving on their own, running at such a pace that was unkown to man. I had to get this as quickly as I could. Suddenly, a dim light came into veiw. It grew brighter as I drew nearer. Then, I felt weightless. It was like I couldn't feel the ground underneath my feet. My stomach felt as if something was fluttering around inside of it as gravity took it's toll. It took a moment, but the scream finally escaped from my lips.

I fell to the ground with a thud. "Ow," I muttered. Suddenly there was a giggle to my right. I looked up. "Who's-" My sentence was cut of ; however, as I saw her.

She giggled again before extending her hand towards me. "Well, don't just lay there like a moron," she teased.

I grabbed her hand and allowed her to pull me up to my feet. "Sorry, I didn't realize anyone else was here. Wait- what were you doing in here? You weren't watching me sleep, were you?"

Rin smirked. "And if I was?"

A slight blush appeared on Len's cheeks. "Well-"

"RIN!" Miku burst through the door. She ran in and swung her arms around Rin.

"Miku, what's wrong?" Rin asked.

"Kaito!" Rin rolled her eyes as that ever so fimilar name filled the air. That deep yet annoying voice echoed throughout the house.

"Miku!" Kaito called as he came up to the door in nothing but pants and his scarf. He held out his arms to Miku waiting for her to come and embrace him. "Come to me my dear. You and I shall make some sweet mus-" BAAAAMMMMM! Kaito flew down the hallway with a huge thud and a loud grunt. Meiko now stood in the door way with her hand balled up into a tight fist.

"Miku," Meiko walked in and knelt down towards Miku, "Are you alright? He didn't molest you or anything did he?"

I didn't dare to speak afraid to draw Meiko's attention to me. She was scary when she was angry.

Miku pointed a trembling finger towards the door. "H-he tried to give me a lap dance! Once he started to take off his shirt I pushed him away and came running," she explained.

Meiko shook her head. "I would have run away a long time before then."

Rin rolled her eyes. "I would've run as soon as he started walking towards me."

I wanted to sit down but I was sure that if Meiko caught any sign of movement I'd be out of the door, much like Kaito. I watched for a moment before realizing I had to sneeze. I tried to pinch my nose in order to stop it from coming, but the tingling sensation was too much. "ACHOO!"

"ACHOO!" The sneeze echoed throughout the room. Making it seem even louder than it actually was. I rubbed my nose to get the rest of the tingling sensation to stop. I sighed as I layed back down and grabbed tightly to my pillow. "I had another dream about her." I mumbled to myself. My heart ached slightly. "Who is she? Where is she from? Why does my heart ache so much when i see her?" I sighed again as I sat up and looked around my room. My clothes from yesterday were still lying on the floor. "I need to pick those up..." I shook my head, "I'll do it after I eat." I got up and walked down stairs to the kitchen to find Miku and Meiko already there. "Good Morning!"

"Good Morning, Len!" Miku greeted. "Are you feeling alright? We could hear your sneeze all the way down here."

Len chuckled to himself as Miku starred at him with those adorable bright green eyes. "I'm fine." Miku sighed of releif. I looked over to Meiko who was slaving over the stove. "Morning, Meiko."

She nodded her head towards me as she was trying to concentrate on cooking. Miku walked over to her. "Meiko, will you please let me cook breakfast today?" she begged.

Meiko looked over her shoulder and glarred at Miku. "No..." Miku backed away trembling.

I hid my grimace at the thought of Miku cooking. I don't care for charred food very much.

Meiko went to back to preparing the food just as Kaito walked in.

I felt my face flush a bit and a hint of nausea when I saw Kaito's face. The memory of Kaito's shirtless and displeasing figure made me feel as if I were about to throw up. I shook my head to try and get the image out of my mind.

"Miku, my sweet," Kaito cried out. "We should go for a walk after breakfast."

Meiko turned with the spoon held threateningly over her head, and exclaimed, "You are NOT going out anywhere alone with Miku!"

"But Meiko-"

"No buts! I can't trust you alone with Miku."

Kaito pouted. "Meiko, you're no fun."

Meiko glared. "Excuse me for being the mature one." She then turned and went back to cooking.

I laughed. Kaito was never going to woo Miku at this rate!

Kaito sat at the table sulking. Miku giggled under her breath at she took her seat next to Kaito. She whispered something inside his ear, and they both smiled and laughed at each other. I ment just to glace over at Meiko to see how breakfast was coming along, but our eyes locked. She then quickly turned her head and hung it slightly. I looked back at Kaito and Miku who were both sitting next to each other giggling and smiling.

"Breakfast is ready." Meiko exclaimed shakely. She walked over to the already set table, and slowly began placeing the food on the plates. She set the pot in the sink and then took her seat at the table. Her head still looking down slightly. Her head quickly popped up with the fakest smile I had ever seen. "Let's eat!"

I sat down and began to eat. 'Is it good?' A voice echoed inside my head. 'Who are you?' I thought back. 'Do you not remember me?' The voice sounded like it was pouting. 'Should I?' I heard a slight sniffle. 'Are you ok?' The sniffled turned into what sound like crying. 'Hey, hey, h-,'

"Len!" Meiko called out. I could feel my back being shaked. I looked up at Meiko. "What?" I asked, confused. That voice had sounded so familiar, but where had I heard it before?

"Are you okay, Len? You were pretty spaced out," Meiko responded with a worried tone of voice.

I nodded. "I'm fine. I guess I'm still tired." I looked around the table at the worried glances from Kaito and Miku. "Really, I'm fine," I assured them.

Meiko looked skeptical. "Alright, if you say so. But maybe you should go lay down. You're looking pale."

I nodded and left for my room. What was going on? And who had that been just now?

'So you don't remember me, do you?' the voice asked sadly.

I looked around, alarmed. I caught sight of someone from the corner of my eye and turned to be faced with a mirror. Only it wasn't my reflection I saw. It was that girl from my dream. I gasped. "What's going on?" I wondered aloud.

The girl's expression went from sad to happy in a matter of moments. "You DO remember me!"

I nodded, a little stunned. This girl was talking to me through a mirror. How was this even possible?

Rin giggled. "I'm not sure, either. But it means we can talk! So I don't mind."

I looked around me, making sure that no one was around to witness me talking to a mirror. Would they even see the girl? Probably not with my luck. When I was sure no one was coming, I asked, "So where are you right now? In the mirror?"

Rin giggled again. "Silly, I'm right where you are!"

I blinked and tried to process this information. "Right... where I am?"

"Yes. Right were you are." She answered. I still stood there with my eyes about to pop out of my head. "I live in the same house you do. Miku, Kaito, Meiko, Haku, and Luka all live here with me just like where you are."

"Where I am?" I was confused. "What are you talking about?"

She smiled, "You and I are the same person in two differents worlds." Once again my eyes grew wide and the confusion grew heavier. "I am Rin and you are Len. We are the same person only different sex, different lives, and different personalities."

"So what are you trying to say? That we are the same but live in two different demensions," I chuckled as I stated that with the strongest hint of sarcasm in the history of sarcasm.

"Yes! That's exactly what I'm trying to tell you. I'm so glad that you understand. Now you and I can talk freely without you freaking out."

I sighed. "Oh. So-"

Rin interrupted me, "Someone's coming! Gotta go."

"Wait! Before I go to my room-"

"That's perfect!" Rin cried.

I was about to ask what was so perfect, when Meiko started down the hallway. I ran to my room and nearly slammed the door in my haste. 'Wait a minute. Why did I rush in here to talk to a mirror?' I thought as I made my way to the closet door where the mirror was located.

I looked in it to see Rin standing there, grinning. "That was a close one!"

I watched her a moment more before asking, "How do I know this is real? That I'm not just hallucinating?"

An annoyed look crossed Rin's face. "Why don't you try pinching yourself and see if I dissappear," she snapped.

I hesitated for a second as I stared down my arm. 'Should I do this? Will it actually work?' I decided to go for it. "OWW!" I shouted. The pain finally subsided as I looked eagerly into the mirror hoping that she would be gone. A sour look crossed my face as I saw her smirking back at me, trying to hold in her laughter.

I felt despair creep over me as I started to mutter, "I'm insane. I must be. They're gonna end up locking me in an institution and putting me in one of those padded rooms! I'll be strapped into a white coat and everything! What am I going to do?" I hung my head in sorrow.

"What's wrong? You know that you can always talk to me about it." Rin smiled.

I looked up and her and glared. "You're the problem!"